Missing Jet: Black Box Feared Dead

    April 13, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Missing flight 370 has been at the center of an enormous search since March 8, when it disappeared from radar and broke communication with the ground during a trip from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing with 239 people on board. Last week, searchers were optimistic after discovering several pings that were consistent with black box signals deep in the Indian Ocean, but no new sounds have been heard since Tuesday, and now it’s feared that the batteries in the black box have died.

“We’re now into Day 37 of this tragedy,” said expert on aviation Geoffrey Thomas. “The battery life on the beacons is supposed to last 30 days. We’re hoping it might last 40 days. However, it’s been four or five days since the last strong pings. What they’re hoping for is to get one more, maybe two more pings so they can do a triangulation of the sounds and try and narrow the (search) area.”

Though the search had been narrowed down significantly due to the signals–about five were captured using high-tech listening devices–the area was still quite large, about the size of Los Angeles, and extremely deep. Searchers were given a boost of confidence after detecting the signals, but stressed to the media that there was still a lot to do.

“I’m now optimistic that we will find the aircraft, or what is left of the aircraft, in the not too distant future – but we haven’t found it yet, because this is a very challenging business,” search leader Angus Houston said. “I think that we’re looking in the right area, but I’m not prepared to say – to confirm – anything until such time as somebody lays eyes on the wreckage.”

Officials say that when they’re sure the signals are finished, they’ll send down a Bluefin 21 submersible to explore at depths of 15,000 feet, which is where the signals came from.

The Washington Post published a very informative infographic showing just how deep the plane may be here.

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  • Swami Joy

    What were the chances of finding this plane anyway? Worse than looking for a needle in a haystack. May GOD Bless these 239 souls and the friends and family they left behind, may they find a way to have closure.

    • Herekittiez

      It would be closure for everyone, to at least find the wreckage. I agree, RIP to all the 239 people that died.

      • jay

        i agree with you Herekittiez, at this point we all want to find whats left of the plane and hopefully find sum answers. i keep telling myself that they are going to find the plane in a forrest sumwhur and most of the people if not all of them will still be alive.

        • Herekittiez

          Yup, I was hoping the same it would be some place hidden maybe captured on land. Then at least all the people would be alive but at this point in time, I am fearing the worst. It’s at the bottom of the ocean. The black box only stays battery operated for about 30 days 40 at the most. Time is running out since the last ping.

  • Rob M

    I still don’t believe the Jet is in the Indian Ocean, something very underhanded going on here!

    • Herekittiez

      The ping frequencies were the same as the ping from the black boxes. My guess is, it is at the bottom of the ocean..;(

  • david pope

    i have wondered from the start as to what would stop them from hiding the people and the jet, then take the black boxes out and dump them in the indian ocean

    • emmavoberry

      I’m sorry. But WHY would THEY hide the people and the jet? WHO would hide them and to what purpose?

      • Herekittiez

        It’s pretty easy to figure that scenario out, hostages would be his guess.

        • emmavoberry

          I think we’d know by now. 239 hostages held in captivity this long!? BIG operation. After all that fuss, you’d think THEY would want a pay off.

          • Herekittiez

            Depends on what type of hostage situation. Terrorists don’t always come out right away. Besides, it was just a THEORY. At this point, it’s safe to say that the plane probably crashed SOMEWHERE in the ocean.

      • Rob M

        What purpose would crashing a jet in the Indian Ocean serve? Something smells here!

  • Jeff Deli Salovski

    So I can ping my phone and can see its last known location so I can go retrieve it but they can’t find a plane? Things that make you go hmmmm

    • Herekittiez

      Needle in a hay stack, is your key words here..;) Let’s see if you can find it yourself!! smdh

  • Gunter

    What were they doing for those first 30 days? They should have started looking for a under water search (for pings) for the black box after day 10 or so! :(

    • Kate Anderson

      I’m guessing that you have been in a coma somewhere for the last 31 days? If you knew the location then perhaps you could have shared it. They first had to locate the area, then narrow it down. There have been many false leads. Do some research before you start spending man hours and government money on searches that lead no where.

  • Will Ficek

    I am sure he pinged his little heart out.

  • trader-bob

    Let’s see, unless the pilot landed that plane softly on the water, ( like Sully did on the Hudson River) and it slowly sank, there has got to be floating wreckage from the plane breaking apart as it hit the water!! What about the eye witness sightings of the natives of the Maldives, of a low flying airliner with red striping, flying over their islands heading southeast, towards Diego Garcia, on the morning of March 8th??? What about the pilot having a flight plan to Diego Garcia, in his home flight simulator?? What about the requests from the Malaysian governments request for assistance from the countries of; Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, and countries in that area for search assistance, and then claim it is in the Indian Ocean???? There may be A black box in the Indian Ocean, but I sure think that plane is safe and sound on the ground, somewhere waiting for it’s next assignment!!!! BOOM over Jerusalem, maybe???? If it did go to Diego Garcia, our guvm’nt is involved!!!

    • emmavoberry

      Dream on.

  • BN

    It is not a black box morons it is red and is called a flight data recorder and voice recorder.

    • F.Kim

      People do not appreciate being called morons.

    • Herekittiez

      Hey Moron, blackbox is a term the airliners use and have used for a while now. Get over it!

      • BN

        I worked for the airlines for 30 years and they do not call them black boxes. They call them by their real name. And they call the other parts of an aircraft by their correct name also. If you are going to report on something find out what it is and call it by the correct term.

  • Mr Frijoles

    maybe if the dipstick Malaysian govt hadnt bs’d the first week they would have gotten the few more “pings” they needed. This has coverup written all over it. Makes you wonder what will come out over the next year.

  • cameron

    uhm Jay that’s some not sum..

  • Charlie Fardette

    I’ve had a thought that a terrorist group associated with the MH370 pilot had hijacked the thing. Until they DO find MH370, I’m still gonna believe the plane is sittin’ in the jungle somewhere, waitin’ for the NEXT terrorist attack over American soil.

  • Kate Anderson

    At this point I am praying for the souls of those aboard MH370, and hoping that by some remote chance, they are alive in a jungle somewhere but I’m not putting a lot of faith in that.

  • Rob M

    Before they find it, it will show up as a bomb over Afghanistan killing US troops .

  • Rob M

    I agree with the post saying that they can find an iPhone anywhere in the world, but not a black box??????