Milford Stabbing: Girl Murdered For Rejecting Prom Invite?

    April 26, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Is 16-year-old Maren Sanchez dead because she turned down a fellow junior’s prom invitation? There are early reports indicating that the teenage girl was murdered by an ex-boyfriend for this bizarre and upsetting reason.

An unnamed 16-year-old boy is being held for her murder. The teen allegedly stabbed Sanchez at Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Conn. on Friday. The knife used in the fatal attack is reported to have been recovered at the scene.

Milford Police Chief Keith Mello shared with the press that Sanchez received severe wounds to the head and neck area and was later pronounced dead at Bridgeport Hospital just after 7:15 am.

Only a month before her death, Sanchez had shared a photo of herself in a prom dress. Sadly, she will not get the chance to wear it to the event.

The attack occurred on the day of the school prom, which has since been postponed.

Investigators are looking into early reports as to a possible motive for the killing. Students and teachers apparently believe that the suspect had asked the victim to the prom and was turned down.

Some are claiming that Sanchez’s murder was a direct response to having a prom invitation rejected.

Though the suspect, whose identity has been withheld because of his age, was charged as a juvenile offender, it is very likely he will be tried as an adult.

The teen suspect’s defense attorney stated that his client is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. Despite being examined in a mental health facility, the teen reportedly remains in police custody.

According to Edward Gavin, one of the suspect’s defense lawyers, he could remain at the facility for a period of about two weeks.

The deceased Maren Sanchez was the president of the junior class, an honors student, and said to have been a popular school athlete.

The family of the suspect reportedly expressed “heartfelt condolences” to the family of the victim according to Gavin.

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  • Jennifer Lounsbury

    Its funny that the twitter comment, in the article, talks about being stupid if you say we should ban knives, but is it any more stupid to demand that we ban guns when someone is killed with one of them?

    • sasha

      the point was that saying we should ban knives to remind people of the alledged stupidity of people asking to ban guns, as a first reaction – like you did – is stupid.

      • Galicia

        It’s worse than stupid. It’s cruel and callous. A girl was killed. Shove your political agenda up your arse, at least for the time being.
        And let’s all be GLAD this imbecile boy DIDN’T have an oh-so-wonderful GUN or there’d probably be a lot MORE kids dead today.

        • JamesR123

          I was with you Galicia. Keep the inappropriate comments out of it and lets mourn this wonderful girl who lost her life. Then you did the same thing. You put a silly gun control opinion at the end of your sentence. So take your own advice and shove that up your own arse. Thank you. My condolences to the family.

          • Galicia

            But lots more people would have been killed. It’s not gun control. It’s FACT. Entire classes of kindergartners were killed. I won’t tell you to “shove it” since you aren’t that important and seem more interested in a chance for free hostility. The point is that guns are NOT sacrosanct. They are weapons. I’m sorry this young woman was killed but it’s a mercy that this boy didn’t have more firepower to kill 26 kids…for whatever reason. If you are so “gun-struck” you can’t see that fact but can only look for an opportunity to be insulting to someone who DOES see it…you are obviously a pretty hostile person who is hungry for a chance to be crappy to someone else. As are so many. Let’s hope they don’t have firepower to take out their emotional disturbances and rage on others.
            It’s not the worlds’ job to justify your or anyone else’s gun lust.
            I doubt the people who overpowered this kid could have done it had he been able to get his hands on a gun.

          • Foster Glorch

            I’m an NRA member and I’ve been in a lot of gun control arguments but this isn’t the story to grind your axe on . Go start fight on an article about guns . The fact that your using this girl’s death for a podium shows how obsessed you are . Get help .

          • JamesR123

            I’m an NRA member as well and a former 1st Responder. Also thinking about deleting most of my comment. It’s hard not to respond to these people. The ignorance is astounding and I so hope for the day fewer people are harmed because of this mentality.

          • Foster Glorch

            I’ve sworn 100 times I would just let it go and speak with my vote but your right , some one usually finds my buttons and I’m right back at it . Nothing like being vilified by people that never met you when you’ve never actually done anything wrong .

          • JamesR123

            The only thing you said that was true is that a gun is a weapon. Yes it is. The rest of your comment…

            I’m not a hostile person. You Galicia are the one who stated such comments are inappropriate while cursing at Jennifer. Then you violated your own rule. I didn’t make you do that.

            So lets look at your logic. A couple of weeks ago another mentally unbalanced kid stabbed 22 people at another school. That was his intent. This kid’s intent was to apparently stab and kill one person. But you know for a FACT that if he had a gun he would have targeted more than this one person. How? Did you interview this kid?

            Who said guns are sacrosanct? A gun is just an inanimate object. A tool that can be used for good or evil. The lack of understanding about that can get people killed. Sandy Hook happened because ignorant people believe in setting up killing zones for criminals called “gun free zones.” With Sandy Hook a mentally unstable kid entered the “gun free zone” and shot innocent kids who were bunched together. No one could stop him from killing those children because of people like you Galicia.

            Once these cowards enter the “gun free zone” the thing they need most to carry out their killings is no armed opposition. He’s counting on the first person who’s able to stop him being the first cop arriving in a few minutes. That gives him the time to kill. Last December in Colorado another sick kid walked into a school with a shotgun intending to kill as many innocent people as possible. He to murdered a young girl–who he had never met before. But on his way to a killing spree he was stopped 80 seconds after the shooting began. How? An armed school resource officer boxed him in the library. The kid killed himself. The only thing your mentality would do is disarm the school resource officer.

            Overpowering a person with a gun is easier than overpowering a person with a knife. Once you deflect the barrel away from a target, or clamp down on the trigger finger, bend the wrist back–there are many ways–the gun is useless. Try and do that with a knife and you will get cut. This kid could have stabbed more people. He didn’t–not because of opposition–but because he only had one target.

            I have no gun lust. Guns don’t make me do anything. The insulting comment you made was not forced on you by your computer–and inanimate object. You made that choice yourself. I just oppose people who don’t understand an issue to such a degree they are willing to see people die. Sandy Hook could have been stopped. There will be another one. Not because of people like me. Look in the mirror.

            Finally, the first part of your comment was correct. This isn’t the forum. A young girl is dead who should be planning her college years. This is a horrible tragedy. Goodbye.

          • sasha

            the problem is not just about the fact of expressing a gun-related opinion meant as a solution to violence (regulating guns). Its worse to use this as a reason to defend the fact there is NO solution to violence… dont know how to explain this exactly, will try again later haha

          • JamesR123

            I’m trying to understand you. There is no 100 percent solution to violent acts committed by deranged people or criminals. At best these incidents can be severely reduced–but never eliminated. With this kid for instance. He wanted to kill one person. Gun control never works. But the other side of the coin would not have worked either. Armed school resource officers can be incredible effective against people wanting to inflict mass casualties–but unless an armed school resource officer was standing next to this young girl–the killer was going to get to her.

            Unfortunately, the only person that could have saved this girl–at the moment of the attack, barring a friend or bystander immediately jumping in–was the girl herself. How many young girls get that type of training? Training on how to fight off an attacker? Not that many. And if a proposal was made to teach young children basic self defense strategies (yelling No!, immediately reporting suspicious activity to authorities, kicking or kneeing the attacker–then running and yelling for help, elbows, poke the person in the eyes, etc). But even suggesting such a thing would get someone like Galicia screaming “You want to teach innocent children to kill! To rob them of their childhood?! You Nazi!” These are the people that leave innocent children at the mercy of these psychos.

            The key to these solutions is to always confront the hysterical person screaming “Something must be done now! Don’t think! Implement our solution now!,” with a simple question. “If your solution would have been in place prior to this attack, would it have prevented the attack?” If the answer is “No,” then why is this person using this incident to promote this particular solution?

            We can reduce the numbers of innocent people getting killed. We can never eliminate the problem. We must always be on guard against someone’s political objective masquerading as a solution. A solution that often makes the problem worse.

  • Melissa Jones

    PARENTS….please watch every move they make as long as you can…watch your kids and their social lives…if it means you spy on them, then spy!!! Be aware of your kids’ lives at school and with friends outside of school…………..do it!!!! listen to them…….spend time with them as much as you can. Parents should be the first to pick up on abnormal behavior. This is horrible for both the parents involved and the kids that will live with this forever in heavy hearts. God be with them all.

  • debbi

    You cannot put a ban on everything from a rock that could crush one’s head, make people where handcuffs so they cannot choke someone to death. If there is a mind so messed up from whatever. . society interaction “does not play well with other” syndrome or perhaps the people that are off kilter are just born that way and we should accept that they must take matters into their own hands should things not go to their liking or their beliefs. People are going to kill other people – it cannot stop, it’s simply impossible. If it were true we could fix the gun, knife, hand-to-hand combat, then I think somewhere along the trail of life the government, higher brains (LOL) and the brighter and more reasoning people would have put an end to this WAR issues every time something happens to make one or the other become enemies. I can tell you the Viet Nam war, the Desert stuff and all the other cute titles, would cease to happen should the presidents of these warring countries have to spend a week or two on the front line like the true men and women they send over to make a statement just as soon as something moronic happens

  • AnonymouseIsAWoman

    There is something terribly wrong in our society; it seems that alienation has become a way of life.