Miley Cyrus Tells Fans to Stop Calling Her Ugly


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You can call Miley Cyrus anything you want, but don't call her ugly, she says.

In a Twitter post, the "Bangerz" singer fought off trolls and mean folks who love calling her ugly, among other things, but Cyrus, who often times brushes off such negative feedback chose to speak out this time. "I get called an ugly lesbian a lot more than one would think," she wrote. "Or maybe not. Can u at least call me an interesting lesbian. I hate the U word." And apparently many of her followers supported the tweet, as it got 22,273 retweets as of today and 41,160 favorites.

Like many of today's stars, Twitter and Cyrus' level of celebrity go hand-in-hand, because if you think about it, she's almost just as famous for her tweets as she is for her songs, which is why her messages and personal mantras turn into instant news. There aren't too many celebrities who have that same kind of Twitter power. Possibly, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, but not too many more.

One of Cyrus' recent messages was about gay equal rights, as she posted a photo of herself wearing a t-shirt with the words "I pay my taxes. I want my rights." The words are accompanied by a drawing of a lesbian couple holding a small child.

Jacobs and Cyrus teamed up for another t-shirt as well. This one shows a naked Cyrus standing up, and the words read "Protect the skin you're in," which is a reference to skin cancer, as the proceeds for the shirt will be donated to the NYU Skin Cancer Institute.

Image via Twitter