Miley Cyrus Says She Likes Weed and Elvis

    February 1, 2014
    Alexandria Sardam
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This article contains some graphic content

Miley’s never been shy when it comes to speaking her mind and doing what she wants. The buzzed-blonde took to twitter announcing some of her favorite people and things from Elvis to marajuana.

“some days i wanna just lay in bed and google Elvis all day. but then i get realllllly depressed,” the twerking-diva said on Twitter. Accompanying the tweet was a black and white photograph of the late-singer.

Apparently the tweet hit home with her followers, receiving a whopping 11,432 retweets. Over 24-thousand followers clicked “favorite” on the Elvis-inspired message.

Another tweet that caught some attention happened to be an e-card she posted that read, “Everyone is in a relationship, getting married or having babies. And I’m just over here like, ‘I love weed.'”

In this video, Cyrus admits to smoking weed.

And while those tweets are a tad revealing, we aren’t one bit surprised. Just a month ago the pop diva tweeted a racy (almost topless) picture in support of a the film titled, Free the Nipple which supports a woman’s right to bare her breasts.

This picture was recently posted of Cyrus doing just that.

Image Via YouTube

  • Hmm

    Wow…. I can't believe this is news to anyone …. or that people are this naive.

    1. Most everyone in Hollywood is drinking or drugging.
    2. Most everyone in Hollywood is screwing — even the underage people.
    3. Most people in America are doing these things.

    America is the one country that totally ignores what is going on and then makes up a fantasy world where none of it is happening. No wonder, America believes a plane hit the Pentagon when not one photo exists of it even though the building literally has hundreds of cameras on it. Ever see the roof of the Pentagon? Covered in cameras and missile batteries. Plane? Please. More like a drone or a missile. But then again, American will believe anything they are told. Anything. The bigger the lie. The more they will believe.

    • eve

      You are a freaking douchebag what the hell does any of what happened on 9/11 have to do with miley cyrus? And go fuck your self my Dad was one of those nonexistent people on that nonexistent plane that never crashed. So I suppose he is really alive and enjoying his granchildren and retirement right now right? FUCK YOU

      • @eve

        No one said the planes didn't exist or people didn't die. They did. Sorry about your loss, but you should be mad at the real people who killed your father. Not the people trying to find out the truth about who killed your father.

        Honor your father by finding out the truth.

  • @Hmm

    America wants to be lied to. Fat, dumb, and oblivious. On 9/11, paper passports, photos, and an untouched bandanna survived the crash. Meanwhile, planes and titanium boxes disintegrated into thin air. In what bizarro world does that happen? Oh yeah — it happens in America.

    Go get a piece of paper, a photo, and a bandanna. Get a piece of aluminum, steel, and titanium. Stick them all on your common household grill. See what survives.

    Maybe that will knock some sense into people.

  • 911?

    Sit a person, who believes the official story, in a chair and watch a video like loose change. Then start asking simple logical questions. That person will get furious and will refuse to watch anymore. They won't answer any of your questions. They will just say — I can't believe our government would lie. Then play a video of Clapper lying.

    The reality is only a fool would believe the official story of 9/11. Call me anything you want. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want. I don't care.

    It is obvious we are being lied to. Obvious.

  • J Rikki

    OMG Miley says "I'm better than Katy Perry and she knows it" on TMZ