Mila Kunis ‘Do It Right’ Comment Draws Backlash

    May 10, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Mila Kunis is excited about her pregnancy as any mom would be. It’s a bit uncertain as to when she and Ashton Kutcher will become parents because she’s staying mum on that tidbit of information, but the mom-to-be is talking about her birthing plans. She spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about those plans earlier this week while she was a guest on her show, and the comments she made have drawn quite the backlash.

Kunis told Ellen that she plans to forgo an epidural when laboring and giving birth.

“The hospital that I’m going to be laboring in does a midwife, you know, doula type of thing. I’m going to do it as all natural as I possibly can unless that there’s an emergency or something that should go wrong,” she explained.

“I did this to myself,” she added. “I might as well just do it right. I wanted this!”

It’s the “do it right” part that has many women up in arms.

“Like Mila but just because you use an epidural during child birth doesn’t mean you are not ‘doing it right,'” one commenter remarked.

“What’s ‘right’ is doing whatever is safest for baby and mom, which depends on the labor situation. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to give birth. Hopefully she gets a tad less judgmental after she has kids and realizes that it’s not a competition,” another commenter wrote.

Author Kelly Oxford tweeted her feelings about Mila Kunis’s comment.

Oxford’s tweet was almost immediately retweeted by actress Lena Dunham.

Mila Kunis certainly didn’t mean to start a war between moms who “do it right” and those who don’t with regard to childbirth. The war typically includes those who breastfeed their babies and those who do not, with the latter clearly “doing it wrong.” The actress simply engaged in a conversation with Ellen DeGeneres and spoke what was on her heart and in her mind, with little thought to insulting those who give birth to their babies with the assistance of pain relief like epidurals.

Do you expect this backlash will continue or will Mila forevermore be known as the actress who plans to “do it right” when she gives birth to her and Ashton Kutcher’s baby? Do you think maybe the media should give Mila Kunis a break?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • justdonewithu

    People really need to get over themselves, it was an offhanded comment! Quit being offended by every little thing that is said. Maybe she ment what feels right for her jeeze

  • pffft

    this whole “controversy” is insipid and boring… it’s a non-issue… it’s obvious she meant right FOR HER, but people like to nitpick over stupid shit, especially people in the media, just for the attention…

  • pffft

    and “backlash” because one nitwit tweeted sarcasm and another twit retwitted it?? yup, definitely grabbing attention on a slow news day… desperation reeks

  • jeanie

    Sadly people tend to try to find something wrong with what a person says. All you women out there hating it was meant in sense of being what she considers right for her. I think all those haters need to get their big girl panties on and consider this. Mila is from Ukraine what is right to her could be due to the fact that she is from a different culture. NO ONE including myself can say specifically what she was calling right. I know my mother had 7 kids no epidurals and to her that is the right way! Despite her being an RN for over 50 years. But she is wrong??????? Come on girls pull those knickers up and dust your backside off and let it go…. I hope that Mila has the most awesome birthing experience.

  • http://semperdivina.com Semper Divina

    Mila was screwed no matter what she said – that is how society is today. If she would have said she preferred an epidural – women who believe in natural birth and drugs hurting the baby would have lashed out. If she (and she did) comment on her preference towards natural birth – women who used an epidural would lash out. I am a mother of two – first one epidural and second one natural (not by choice – he arrived before the anesthesiologist could get to me) so being 50/50 I could careless on her preference – it is her baby – SHE is bringing it into this world. If she feels she is doing right by herself doing it naturally – more power to her! If she feels using drugs is the wrong way to bring a baby into this world – THAT IS HER OPINION! When did society start punishing people for having an opinion? That is the definition of an opinion.

    O·pin·ion – noun – a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

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