Mike Ditka Wants Matthew Stafford To Wear His Hat Correctly

    February 17, 2014
    Lindsay McCane
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Mike Ditka, former coach for the Bears and Saints, is an old-fashioned coach who believes that the leader of the football team should respect their game on and off of the field.

This is why Ditka has made his frustration known about the Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford consistently wearing his hat backwards.

“I think he can make all the throws. He’s a smart kid,” Ditka said, during an interview with the Detroit Free Press. “I wish he’d put the baseball cap on frontwards instead of backwards all the time.”

Ditka explains that he is not “knocking him”, but he believes he should be a leader, and that his appearance should reflect his leadership.

“If you’re the leader of the football team, I think you’ve got to stand up and be that leader, assume that role,” Ditka said. “A lot of it is what you do on the field, certainly. But I think a little of it has to do with appearance, too. You know, respect the game, respect your team. That’s all.

I’m not knocking him. I’m just saying that’s the first thing I would tell him if I inherited him. When you’re going to go do an interview, put it on like it’s supposed to be on, not backwards, sidewards, whatever way they put them on anymore.”

Luckily for Stafford, Ditka is not his coach. Of course the Lions’ coach could set rules regarding the appearance of his players, but so far, there are none. So, Stafford can, apparently, continue wearing his hat however he wants to.

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  • disqus_bax6apv5FZ

    Backwards will “pass” but if you loose,you look like a smartass that really failed.

    • Jake

      you look like an idiot cause you can’t spell, its lose not loose moron

      • Keith

        And…it is “it’s” not “its” Jake. Geez! Grammar Police!

        • Retea

          Punctuation Police jumping in to point out there needs to be a comma after Disqus’ “pass”, a semicolon after Jake’s “spell,” and another comma after Keith’s “its.” But who cares anymore?

          • ianchesterton

            LOL. I love it when someone goes to correct someone’s grammar but screw up there own in the process. Yup I know that I made mistakes on this post. :). I couldn’t care less. Have at it coppers.

          • Nicholas Gilman

            It is not “there post”, it is “their post.”

      • EMS07

        To further correct Jake, based on the sentence structure, the word because should be used instead of cause.

  • Jay Assunto

    If coach Ditka wants me to fix my cap I fix my cap!

    • Brett Burgundy

      what if he tells you jump off a bridge would your ” do what ditka says” philosophy apply . It is ditka telling you to do something that has nothing to do with anything.

      • G Money

        I wouldn’t do anything Ditka says after his stint in New Orleans. Anybody remember the names Heath Shuler, Danny Worseful and Billy Joe Hobert? Exactly because they all sucked balls as NFL quarterbacks. Ditka needs to keep his mouth shut because he is way out of his realm.

  • Dick’ta hater

    Dick’ta you are a Mook, this is what you bitch about?! Take your, what 25 catches a year tops, and sit in your rocker! Do something good warm a bedpan!

    • Jason A. Hoffman

      I bet Ditka could still kick your ass.

      • Dick’ta hater

        Kiss my what?!

      • chad

        People like to be “brave” in the anonymity of comments. I would place a large wager that he wouldn’t be as mouthy in person….that goes for most “comment tough-guys”.

    • bcrd500

      Actually, Ditka averaged 62 catches a year during his prime and this was an era when quarterbacks averaged 15-20 attempts a game.

      • Dick’ta hater

        I did check his stats and stand corrected

        • chad

          Glad to see you step-up and admit your error. Classy.

      • ianchesterton

        Patriots fan here. I can’t be hate’n on Ditka. The people that are calling him different names are just a bunch of ‘idiots. Damn spell check won’t let me call these guys what I really want to.

    • John H. Holliday

      @dicktahater:disqus, I bet you wear your pants upside down!

      • Dick’ta hater

        That is the best you got… you and Dick’ta deserve each other

    • Jerry

      He had 11 touchdowns in 1 season dude you have no idea what you are talking about. The guy is 74 and he would beat your ass. The guy is a HOF won superbowls i would take his advice. The lions coach is a punk has rules thats why with all the talent they have they still suck.

  • mike k

    I have been wearing my cap both ways going on for 60 years my decision

    • Terry

      Yeah,Mike, that’s because you’re not a leader and no one takes you seriously.

      • G Money

        Who takes you seriously Terry Tuff Mate?

      • chad

        Haha…good one.

  • mike

    No disrespect to Ditka, but I don’t think that’s the problem. The position of ones hat says nothing of their talent. And the simple fact is Stafford is mediocre at best and will never be anything better. The Lions should go after that kid from Alabama and send Stafford to Jacksonville.

  • Brett Burgundy

    the position of one’s hat does do not reflect his character. He is from the old generation where they still though the earth was flat. He probably still writes with a quill.

    • law-abiding citizen

      If it was up to me your butt would be flat and I bet U voted for Obama too and if U were living in the old generation U and the rest of your kind would B non-existence so shut your trap.

      • Joe Schmuckatelli

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      • Brian

        I suspect if your true name and address appeared next to your comment you would re-think it. But then again, racism and bigotry correlate with stupidity so maybe not.

        • law-abiding citizen

          I guess U would re-think it to,but it shows what butt-heads some of U are now I think its time for bed.

          • John H. Holliday

            My style isn’t quite like yours,Shipkicker, but I concur with your concepts.

          • Joe Schmuckatelli

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        • John H. Holliday

          @Brian, once again a fool yells racist when someone doesn’t approve of the job 0bama’s doing on this country. Fact is, it’s people like you who are the true racists.

          • Brett Burgundy

            WTF does OBAMA have to do with this guy with his hat backwards???????

          • Dick’ta hater

            Again Brett is spot on

          • law-abiding citizen

            Were under your butt????

          • Retea

            Agreed, Bret. I wondered how long it would take for the boys to bring Obama into this one.

          • law-abiding citizen

            Hey WTF In your case U wouldn’t know .

          • law-abiding citizen

            Remember Brett Liberalism is a disease so if you want to wear your hat backwards as your last wish as a Loser be my f888ing guest .

      • Brett Burgundy

        Lmmfao talking crazy for a reaction.

    • Dick’ta hater

      Love that one Brett! With a quill… LOL

      • Joe Schmuckatelli

        Dis wut happen when mongo gets smuart fone! Mongo joins worlds! Mongo shares opinions. Mongo smash!

  • bobono

    Da Coach is right. Players back in the day had more than talent they had class. Like Sinatra sang, you either got or you haven’t got class. Today’s athletes not so much.

  • Gerry Corbino

    Gotta agree with Coach Ditka. The bill on a cap is there for a reason & is supposed to be worn with the bill facing forward. Dick’ta Hater; The coach was a heck of a player during his career & could probably still kick you *ss today.

    • Brett Burgundy

      TIMES HAVE CHANGED there is no instruction manual that comes with a hat open your mind. progression

      • John H. Holliday

        Hey, wear your hat backwards, sideways, upside down…. guys who do that look like schmucks.

        • Brett Burgundy

          That is your opinion.

        • Dick’ta hater

          I agree the look is dumb, but Ditka should have better things to talk about. And I am so scared of him kicking my butt. Why do you need to go to violence…. Navy Seal here and he would not last a minute even with your ass behind him. I learned to kill, what do you do … take my order for fries? This post is at Gerry Corbino

          • Guest

            Sorry this is@ Gerry Corbino

        • EMS07

          which is exactly Coach Ditka’s point.

  • Dan Lewis

    whats he gonna do beat Stafford like he did his players when he was coach of the Bears? hahaha

    • Confucius Say

      How many rings does Stafford have?

    • John H. Holliday

      Did Ditka say he’d beat Stafford? Only fools will interject something like what you said. At least try to bring honesty into it instead of writing fiction.

      • Dan Lewis

        i could care less about that… i just remember in the 80’s when he’d beat his players.. and I guess you don’t have a sense of humor John H Holliday.

  • ralph Im a fan everhart

    put your hat on right pull your pants up and act like you are somebody. Ditka is no saint but he is a mans man and I believe.

  • Willie Patin

    Let’s get this straight. Only the Catcher (Baseball) wears his hat on backwards and that is only when he is on defense with his Catcher’s mask on!!!

    • Johnny

      Well put. I had a coach when I played baseball would get angry if we turned it backwards or even tilted it up to look “cool” I am not a big Ditka fan, ( he played for and coached the wrong teams.) He is however correct you don’t see Peyton, Tom, Drew, or Aaron looking like a non leader.

  • GS

    I love you, Coach. But, get on your fellow Bear Cutler before dogging Stafford. If Jay’s the face and leader or that franchise, yikes, look out. His appearance, body language, tone and expressions are scary to say the least, and he would be the last leader I would look up to.

    • John H. Holliday

      Wait to see what Ditka says about Cutler before you blast him. To my knowledge, Ditka is no longer a Bear.

  • Nick

    Ditka Da Bears Ditka Hats Ditka Da Bears Hats

  • obama

    this country is going to shit im glad i dont have kids,what a waste of a generation


    I think all caps should be worn correctly !!! And the bill should have a bend in it !!! Baseball especially !!! It should be a rule that the brim has to be bent !!! Personally I think that the long hair and dreadlocks should be banned from sports !!! As far as “Da Coach” I will ALWAYS consider Ditka as a selfish money grubbing prick for what he did to Walter Payton in the Super Bowl !!! He din’t let him score a MUCH deserved touch down in the big show just so he and the “fridge” could make some money on McDonalds commercials !!! How could you steal that away from one of the greatest players in the game and give it to a freakin’ fat ass slob !!! What a shame !!! Maybe Da Coach should worry more about getting some sleep ( besides on TV ) instead of joining the fashion police !!! I agree about the hat thing but NOT because of Ditka !!! If I met him in person, I’d crap in my hand and throw it in his face before I would shake hands with him !!!

    • jerry

      Dude my brother plays golf with him and he has told him thats one of the biggest regrets of his life not having Payton score a td. I agree I’m 49 never have i worn my hat backwards and never will I’m old school that way also. Ditka is a good guy does a lot of charity work also. Ditka is 74 this is to the green beret in his heyday he would of took anyone under the bleachers and had it out with them the guy was one tough dude. Ty for serving our country by the way.

  • Tom V

    Only catchers can wear their hats backwards. And STOP wearing your hats unless they are properly formed. You all look like fooken dorks wearing then straight with no shape.

  • hombre

    Ditka (and everybody else with half a brain!) wants to see the bill of the cap in the front–unless you are squatting behind home plate in a baseball stadium!!

  • jsmithcsa

    Ditka is right. Why look like a dope?

  • Douglas Green

    If Ditka was his coach, he’d win a Super Bowl.

  • academicjock

    Maybe he thinks his neck is going to get sunburned. Why else would someone where the bill of their baseball hat, which is there to block the sun, wear their hat like that unless they are a fashion idiot?

  • Lucian

    I used to wear my hat backwards when I was a kid. Then I realized how stupid I looked and quit doing it.

  • Brett Burgundy

    you know what ditka’s right turn that hat around where is your corn cob pipe? and your gentleman’s jacket????? and wear your nickers so tight when you yawn you sould like Elena Bolero. thats the ticket. too much damn hippity hop.

  • BassFreak

    Actually only the brothers can get away with this, if you’re a white dude (and I’m one), then you just look ridiculous a la Justin Beiber wearing your cap anyway but straight..

  • disqus_bax6apv5FZ

    You look like an idiot because you left out something just before moron and it looks like a loose moron.I just “hung” on the o too long and didn’t proof read.What’s your excuse.

  • Allen

    In other words, “stop trying to be like blacks from the hood.” Be a good little white kid that you are Matthew. You’re smart, and you are destined to be the leader just for being white. That’s the way I interpreted Mike Ditka’s statement. Matthew Stafford can and should wear his hat any which way he wants. That has absolutely nothing to with whether he is a good quarterback or a leader or not.

  • Eric Weeks

    While we’re piling on, Colin Kapernick does not provide a Rhodes Scholarly look the way his cap sits atop his head, either.

  • Professor_Bedlam

    Time For Dicka (I spelled it this way for a reason) to go now!!!

  • Ray

    Instead of worrying about his hat why not focus on something that affects a team’s ability to win? Like trading an entire draft for a pot-smoking running back LOL

  • Robert

    anyone care what Mike Ditka thinks? NO

  • srt-8

    The baseball cap was designed to shield the eyes from the sun. Now it seems that they shield the right or left ear or the back of the neck. A fad that started as a non-conformist fashion statement. When everyone does it, it’s no longer non-conformist. This too will pass.

  • Timothy

    Ditka , you should have given Walter a touchdown in the Superbowl , but you didn’t and now you care how a hat represents someone. Tell Jarred why you let refrigerator get a touchdown and not his dad. Staffords hat won’t be remembered 20 years from now unlike you not giving Walter a touchdown

  • joker721

    yea and I want you to stop drinking like a fish, who cares what you think. stop judging.