Mike Ditka Regrets Not Challenging Obama For Senate

    October 12, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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Mike Ditka revealed recently that he thought about running against Obama in the race for Senate that Obama eventually won. Barack Obama, the former Illinois senator, obviously went on to become the president of the United States after serving for four years in the Senate. Just imagine how crazy it would be if Ditka were in the same situation and had become our president instead.

For those that do not know Ditka’s history, he is a former NFL player and coach. He was a tight end for the Chicago Bears, before coaching them to a Super Bowl, and also spent some time coaching the Dallas Cowboys. Mike Ditka is also one of only two people to win an NFL title as both a player and a coach.

He is an NFL legend, but it is hard to imagine him tackling the world of politics.This week, he admitted that his decision to not run against Barack Obama in the 2004 Senate was the biggest mistake that he has ever made.

Ditka was urged to run for the Senate seat by by republicans, but he denied the offer, claiming to have other commitments. Obama went on to win the election of course, defeating former ambassador Alan Keyes in a landslide. He was speaking at an oil company event in Watford City, ND, when he told the crowd about his biggest regret of not running. At the event he said, “Not that I would have won, but I probably would have and he wouldn’t be in the White House.”

He probably would have won huh? That is quite a statement for the former coach to make, but of course he can say that now. It seems like he indirectly blames himself for the fact that Obama is in the White House right now. After deciding not to run in 2004, he later went on to support John McCain in the 2008 election.

Can you imagine if Mike Ditka was president of the United States? Respond below with your thoughts.

Mike Ditka, as well as several Republican politicians were offered the unappealing opportunity to run against the popular Obama, but they all ultimately denied, and it seems that everyone knew that Obama was guaranteed the win and was too afraid to even take him on.

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  • Al Hartigan

    If Ditka had run and won against him for the Senate seat our country would not be in the condition it is now.

    • Jase

      Yeah it’d be WORSE

    • Wilfredo Cruz

      no..it would be worse off.

    • Greg

      You mean the Repubs wouldn’t be voting against their own policies like ACA just because they don’t like the person?

  • Susan P

    I would have definitely voted for Ditka over Obama. Too bad Mike did not run.

  • stu goldstein

    It’s a fact that some former athletes have gone into politics, like Bill Bradley of the Knicks and Steve Largent of the Seahawks. I don’t believe Mike Ditka his demeanor is suitable for politics. As far as winning the senate seat if he had ran is easy to say after the fact, but it’s consistent with his overall attitude. Personally I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

  • Joe

    O boy. Another Jesse Ventura. Just what the tea party needs.

    • @Joe

      Venture would do more for the people than those that are in government would. Don’t you get it yet? All the politicians we have are the exact same — the problem is the party system. It is divide an conquer.

      This whole shutdown could end today and nothing will really have changed. They will just try to shut it down again next March. Which is exactly what one of them said yesterday.

      You act like Ventura would lead the country to ruin — it is being ruined NOW.

    • @Joe

      Venture would do more for the people than those that are in government would. Don’t you get it yet? All the politicians we have are the exact same — the problem is the party system. It is divide an conquer.

      This whole shutdown could end today and nothing will really have changed. They will just try to shut it down again next March. Which is exactly what one of them said yesterday.

      You act like Ventura would lead the country to ruin — it is being ruined NOW.

  • http://recourse-loans.com Gary Anderson

    He has the disease of once living in Texas. I think it is in the water.

  • Mark Alpern

    Mike Ditka is a real man that would have been a much better Senator and president than that clown we have now. Obama simply sucks, is a racist, a bigot and an idealist that is destroying America – albeit with 51% of the population willing accomplices. May God have mercy on our poor dumb souls.

    • Ken

      The guy is deranged to begin with plus brain damaged with all the hits he took, and delusional to think that he would have eve come close to beating Obama. He doesn’t have 10% the brain capacity that Obama does. Shut the F… up Ditka, it’s bad enough that we have to watch you commenting on TV.

    • Ken

      Real man? Is that why he needs purple pills to get it up? What a dildo!

    • John

      Well, the “real man” sure did a good job in New Orleans, in his actual career field, didn’t he? What makes him a “real man”, the fact that he talks tough or is a right wingnut?

  • Jase

    Just what we need, another meathead who can barely string together a coherent sentence. We had that, Bush–no thx

    • Tony

      So having a guy who is a good speaker makes him an effective leader? You voted for the guy with the TelePrompter, didn’t you? What an informed voter you are.

      • Wilfredo Cruz

        And shrub (bush) never used one right? check youtube.

        • John

          Remember the Kerry debates when GWB used an earphone and radio-pack (and said inappropriate things) and his staff wouldn’t comment on it?
          Note to Tony: MANY public speakers use teleprompters; it’s nothing unusual. An earphone and radio-pack during a debate is unusual, and arguably cheating.

        • Tony

          Typical response, criticize your messiah and blame Bush. Never crossed your mind that I wasn’t defending Bush.

      • Greg

        Oh please get over the teleprompter comment. Every President uses them. I’m sure FOX news will make sure Repubs ar never seen with them, but everyone in todays world uses them so they don’t mess up and have people parsing every word they say.

        Don’t let facts get in the way though. That might spoil your talking points no matter what the question is.

  • larry jackson

    That’s all the world needs is an ultra right knuckle dragger that has answers before the question is posed.

    • Tony

      Better than a left-wing community organizers that has ALL the answers – the wrong ones.

    • Carlos Danger

      People like you need to be exterminated like rats

  • Rex

    When Bill Clinton was first elected in 1992, Ditka said it was going to set America back 50 years (much like Obamacare is somehow going to be worse than slavery, putting Japanese-Americans in concentration camps, prohibition, Jim Crow laws, the Great Depression, a trillion-dollar invasion for mythical WMD, and Native American genocide). Um, didn’t happen. But he’d make a great Republican candidate, what with his hyperbole over facts and all. Too bad we’ll never know.

  • Charles S. Dorn

    What a sick travesty. What has our world come to??? A drunk and an idiot. Only rednecks and trailer trash could conceive of such a thing as Mike Ditka in the Senate.

  • James

    He should have and would have. He was then and still is more qualified than Obama. Ditka has actually managed something before. Obama is the big poser.

    • John

      New Orleans Saints, baby! Great job trading all the teams draft picks for one guy. By the way, how did that all turn out? Ditka has always been as big a poser as Obama. Buddy Ryan and his defense won the Bears Super Bowl.

  • glenn

    And so Hillary would have beat McCain and they would be giving her nothing but grief for being a woman.

  • Jim

    He is a football coach,salesperson and entertainer that’s it. Stop drinking THE DITKA COOL AID. We have enough problems with our so called PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS lets get them strait and then we can move on to sports.

    • Bobkap

      There should not be PROFESSIONAL politicians; the framers never intended our politicians to be professional. They envisioned the people’s representatives to be selected from the common man.

      I would take Da Coach’s experience with actually RUNNING something, over Obama’s community organizing background all day and night. Ditka never would have run for prez, but blocking this moron president from the senate seat may have derailed his horrendous career and disastrous presidency.

      • Rogerson H Gardner

        You mean this??
        Did you think about this before you attempted to make an insightful comment?
        “Da Coach” is now a joke, at least politically, this is pretty apparent. However, after reading your (2) paragraphs of opinions, and thankfully that is all this is, I surmised that not only is RED your favorite color, but that @ 2:13 am in the morning when you sent this wasteful use of your time and sleep, you appear like ‘Da Moron.’
        Get some sleep fellow countryman! Next time, you add your opinion, which I hope is ASAP, think before you write, especially if it is at the tail end of a Saturday night of partying because next time, hopefully soberly, I challenge you to expound on something ‘RED’ like this and then little me, will provide my response back in a fun, FRIENDLY, and educational form of discourse.

    • Jim

      Professional Politicians was meant as a JOKE they all have forgotten they were elected to serve the PEOPLE and not their own causes. Time Magazine Cover was correct the week of October 14th MAJORITY RULE with a red line drawen through it.

  • Nikko

    In the past he said his biggest regret was not letting Walter Payton score in the Super Bowl, but in reality his biggest regret should be only winning 1 Super Bowl with that ’85 team.

  • anne savana

    wow all this time has passed an then suddenly out of the blue you had a brain fart that you should have ran against obama????!!! just keep that great steak house going there mikey and let the big boys keep running the country

  • jon

    some people get stupid as they get older.

  • ilmx34

    I was never sure but now I am, Ditka has been hit in the head too many times. He did not make sense when he spoke as a coach and he now thinks in retrospect he could have successfully run as a politician. Yes, the NFL has a problem with brain damage no doubt about it.

  • Rogerson H Gardner

    ‘Da Coach’ is now ‘Da JOKE!!’
    Thx for winning in ’85-86, but what have you done for us lately??
    Go back to your beef and steak houses, and stay out of politics, please!!

  • ObamaIsAFailedPresident

    Ditka said challenging Obama for Senate. He didn’t mention anything about President. There is no question that politics has become a game of name recognition as many of the same failed politicians get re-elected term after term for example Obama. With the economy in recession, Obama was re-elected to a second term by low-information voters, helped by a lapdog, fawning media, and the registered Republicans who failed to vote. Had many of the voters on the right not decided to sit home on election day, the results would have been different. Never has a President who has accomplished less with a failing economy been re-elected to a second term. To go back even further to Illinois, had actress Jeri Ryan’s divorce filing from her now ex-husband (former state senator in Illinois Jack Ryan and his sex life) become public, causing him to drop out of the race, he would have been re-elected and not Obama. Is it possible Ditka would have won that seat over an unknown Obama after Ryan dropped out? Of course. Ditka is still beloved in Chicago. How could Ditka have done any worse than Obama has. I doubt Ditka would spend more money than any other President, he wouldn’t appear weak by apologizing for America around the world, Ditka would not have Eric Holder to not enforce America’s own laws. Ditka has a business and understands how to create jobs and has signed paychecks, and would not have created the welfare state we have today (paying people not to work).
    Obama is the least transparent President ever, as we don’t know much about his past, his college transcripts are sealed. He hung out (by his own words) with Communists, and America haters like Rev. Wright and bomb planting terrorist Bill Ayers. Obama is claimed to be by so many people on the left, the smartest President
    ever, with not one shred of evidence. If Obama actually loved America then he wouldn’t be trying to Fundamentally trying to change it. His only accomplishment “Obamacare” has already shown that it will fail as it will be cost prohibitive to those young people that are supposed to pay for it. Forcing you to buy health insurance, does not guarantee you health care at a hospital with a real doctor. For Obama to be the smartest President ever, why hasn’t he accomplished anything like creating jobs, getting people off of, instead of welfare, and cutting the size of government and spending. Nothing Obama ever says or does is challenged by the left-wing lamestream media. As name recognition can get you elected and re-elected of course a well loved coach like Ditka could have gotten elected in Illinois. If Michael Jordan ran in Illinois he would most
    likely win too. Obama is the most failed President since Jimmy Carter, yet even Carter probably even likes America more than Obama, and he didn’t dislike Christians, all Republicans, and Veterans like Obama does. Also Obama has much more sympathy for those who hate America (radical islamists) than even Carter. Nearly any non-intellectual average citizen with common sense, would make a better President than Obama, as they won’t have had Barack’s father around to have taught them that all of the world’s oppressed and poor are due to America being the cause as it exploited them so they are poor. Read Obama’s books and he says he took this ideology from his father, and the radical leftists that were his mentors like Rev. Jeremiah Wright who preaches America is evil and that your race and the color of your skin automatically make you oppressed in America. So called intellectuals like Obama think they are so much better and smarter than you that you need them to tell you how to live, and even if you disagree, they will take away your choices so you must do whatever they say. Obama promised you can keep your insurance plan, doctor, and don’t hve to sign up for Obamacare if you so choose. Americans are finding this will not be the case. Obama now believes he alone runs the government, and was elected to impose his will and agenda on Americans while forgetting that the Republicans who were also elected as a check on his power. The house has the duty to challenge
    and not fund bad laws. Had the American people really known what was in the Obamacare bill, they probably would not have elected him. The President’s approval rating is already at only 34%. If he were doing a good and competent job, his approval ratings would surely be higher. So you liberals and intellectuals keep drinking the Obama Kool-Aid that he is succeeding. As history will show the collapse of Obamacare will show Obama’s legacy as one of failure.

    • Rogerson H Gardner

      Nicely written as you have done your research and know your facts, mostly……….
      It is obvious which direction you veer towards and that you despise ObamaCare and have not respected or given any credit to our nation’s president, President Obama. Guess what friend, we are in this together and should be working together as a team, which presently, we are not and for many decades, have failed to implement this successful team-effort in patriotic, advantageous and macro and/or holistic measures! Why? There is a plethora of reasons and I want to enjoy the remainder of my weekend so I will decline to expound on ‘1’ of dozens of formal ratiocinations. Mike Ditka, did not act on running against Obama for the senate seat: (PAST TENSE). Guess what? This was a long time ago and a lot has happened politically since this “Ditka vs. Obama” hypothetical senate race: some hurtful to our country, and everything else he/they/us as a united country have accomplished has paved the way and direction for great leaders to follow. We will get past this SHUTDOWN BS once, the Republicans blink and give in, and this will happen! And Ditka ccan continue to do his thing, whatever it is and hopefully, you my peer and my respected fellow patriot, will enjoy your weekend and open your mind.

    • jacki

      Always believed the Jeri Ryan part!!

    • Benjohnny Dover

      Your rambling idiotic madness is just that – pure crap. You seem to have forgotten the 8 years before that, with the most rampant cronyism in history led by Dick Cheney. Did you forget Bush inherited a BUDGET SURPLUS and left with $8 trillion in debt that was growing almost exponentially because of the 2 wars? Wow… And congress is controlled by … oh yeah! The GOP, so how much power does 1 man, Obama, actually have you stupid idiot. Before you ramble on for pages about nothing sensible, go back and study recent history and facts you blithering idiot.

  • http://WebProNews Rodney Ellefson

    That’s just what we would need- if you disagreed or pissed him off he wouldn’t just threaten to attack your country, he would literally order the military to blow it up!

  • JamesB

    If Mike had become the Senator from Ill. Then Hillary would of become the President in 2008…its that simple.

  • http://yahoo hytie lanken

    Obama would love to have the sports life and success DITKA had. How many missed throws did team Obama have? Ditka knew it was fixed for Obama. Smart not to waste his money, the way Obama wastes ours.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    USA is the laughing stock of the world. Just think, if China had any brains they would demand there money back to launch a full scale attack against us. They can cut off our money funds and attack us, a win win for them to take over america.

    Thank you Bush for starting unfunded war’s.

  • Mike LaScuola

    More proof that the NFL has to do more about concussions…

    • Gordon

      Mike would have beat Obama by a landslide in the senate race. Nobody had even heard of Obama until he was hand picked to run for President because he was a yes man for the party.

  • Tug

    Alone? Ditka alone would have been blown away, but with Buddy on the ticket – he might have stood a chance. Ditka may think he’s a badass, but he lived his life on a field with Officials and a rules book – Chicago politics is about as regulated as it’s gun laws.

  • Bobo

    I wish Da Coach were correct and/or would have ran.. but the reality is this: The boy king would have been placed into the White House regardless of past elections and such. His handlers and the Marxist experiment for America would have made sure of it. The liberty driven citizens must stand up to this tyranny!!

    • John

      Sure, a Marxist who bails out banks and corporations. Quite a few of them in Dreamland.

    • Benjohnny Dover

      I guess Bobo you forgot the 8 years between Clinton – who left a budget surplus – and Obama, who inherited $8 trillion in debt and 2 wars to pay for. The only thing you are good for is proving nobody should ever underestimate the stupidity of the average American.

    • thedoctor

      Bobo, I suggest you look up the words Marxism and tyranny in the dictionary. (It’s that book with all the words in it.) Then perhaps the word hyperbole.

  • tom tom

    Does he regret being an EXTENZE spokesperson?

    But the truth is, it is quite possible he could have beaten Obama for the Illinois Senate. 99% of you never heard of Obama by 2004. But everyone, and most importantly the Illinois voting public, knew who Ditka was.

    Ditka never said he would be president, folks. He was talking about running for the Illinois State Senate Seat. Had he won, Obama would not have been a State Senator or President in 2008.

    Stay calm – and eat a pork chop.

    • dboy

      Does he regret the Levitra commercials. He would the first president to endorse woody pills.

  • Monica B

    He may have beaten Obama for the Senate, but what if he ran against a hurricane name “Ditka”.

  • joe denemark

    Ditka your biggest mistake was being born you are a blitering idiot
    I have been a bear fan since the 40ths and you rank as one of the biggest dunces of all time.You had the best team in the history of football and only won 1 superbowl you would have been a good man in george bushes presidency nothing but a lying sack ofxxxx.

  • John

    “Ditka Regrets Not Running in Kentucky Derby”: Mike Ditka says that not requesting a waiver to run in the 1943 Kentucky Derby was “the biggest regret in my life”. I was barely 4 years old, and could run quite fast for my age”, said Ditka. “I would have beat Count Fleet’s @ss, and after that, the Triple Crown would have been easy pickings”. Count Fleet was not available for comment.

    • John

      Ditka added: ” I mean I was only 3 1/2 in human years. I should have been able to run”.

  • Benjohnny Dover

    Well I always thought he was a bonehead, but now it’s official – DITKA – SHUT THE HELL UP! You don’t even know football, you proved that coaching New Orleans and trading the team away for… RICKY WILLIAMS. Just proved that the 85 Bears were Buddy Ryan’s masterpiece and you were along for the ride.