Miesha Tate: No Handshake For Cupcake

By: Ashley Olds - December 29, 2013

Well, the MGM Grand Garden Arena UFC fight might be over; but the war waged on between Miescha Tate and Ronda Rousey right after. The latter declined the offer of a sportsmanlike gesture from the former Saturday following the fight. After Rousey had won the Bantamweight Title, she proceeded to promptly ignore Tate’s outstretched hand.

And Rousey’s not sorry ‘bout it either.

In an interview with Fox Sports 1, Rousey referred to her tiff with Tate saying, “My family is my kids on the show, my coaches and my actual family. There’s a lot of things that went on between me and her … I understand that’s a part of the game. But, once you cross that line, I can’t shake the hand of someone who spits on my back.”

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion “Rowdy” Rousey was, of course, speaking about the ongoing sh*t talk she and Tate have been sharing outside the ring. Some of the recent commentary Tate had made was regarding Rousey’s high level of attention and fan following being less about hard work and more attributable to her “being in the right place at the right time”. Rousey went on to say, “I respect her as a fighter — she did an amazing job tonight. It’s just that a handshake means something to me and she hasn’t earned that from me. You really can’t take back what she’s done until she actually formally apologizes to me and my team.”

“Cupcake” Tate wasn’t so sweet on speaking with the press about said drama after her loss:

However, the 27 year old UFC fighter was quick to hop online and optimistically let her fans know she appreciated the support.

Tate indeed has everything to be ebullient about, despite this recent loss. As a popular 27 year old former Strikeforce champion with a strong following and a bright future, it’s doubtful that Miesha Tate will let her future be held back by anything – be it a disarming armbar or an acrid passing argument that no one will remember in a few months.

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