Middleton And Kardashian: Is A Feud Boiling?

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Kim Kardashian has an odd obsession with the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She’s worn copies of her outfits, announced that when she’s in London she wants to have tea with her, and even sent her some clothes from the new line she shares with her sisters.

But according to some “inside sources“, Kate isn’t all that impressed with the Kardashian clan, and turned away the free clothes, which irritated Kim. But apparently Kate gets free swag sent to her all the time and always sends it back, because the royal family doesn’t endorse any particular brand or designer. However, some think she wouldn’t be caught dead in an outfit Kim designed anyway.

“Kate is hardly going to turn up for an event with the queen in a cheap leopard-print miniskirt or gold sequined jacket!” a source told the National Enquirer.

Kim’s boyfriend, rapper Kanye West, has reportedly met with Prince William and the two struck up a mutual admiration for one another, and now he’s telling Kim to tone down her makeup and clothing to look more like William’s wife, which probably isn’t going over very well.

Of course, everyone loves a good royal feud, so it’s possible this is being blown out of proportion, but the Kardashians are famous for getting what they want, so there may be some bad blood after all now that Kate has dissed their clothing line.


Middleton And Kardashian: Is A Feud Boiling?
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  • http://google Connie

    Remember the crud, under the scum, under the algae, under the filthy germ ridden mud puddle, well that’s Kim’s home, The duchess with all the jewels of the royal family on couldn’t sink as low as that family, so I guess there’s nothing to worry about. The duchess has more class in her little toe than in all of that disgusting scummy family.

    • Kelley

      Connie, I couldn’t have said it any better!! Good for you and thank you!! I’m almost embarrassed that the turkey vultures from the U.S.A. would have the audacity to even think that Kate would associate on ANY level!

  • mike

    Middleton has too much class. Kardashians are just a group of women who walk around half naked showing their bodies and thats all they have. Its sad for them. THey are depreciating assets. with each passing day, their only asset (beauty) fades……

  • sharon rash

    You can send me r freebies anytime!

  • Jessica

    I agree with the posters above, Duchess Kate has way too much class to ever be caught dead in Kardashian “fashion.” I would hope she would never lower her standards to actually socialize with Kardashian trash. Seriously, Kate is one of the only women with celebrity status now days that I would actually want my child to idolize. That is mainly because she is classy, intelligent and beautiful all in one, unlike Kardashian and so many other half-naked celebs.

    • connie

      I am SO on the same wave length with you who state that it’s true, elegant class vs. absolute trash. Kate is a much, much welcome breath of fresh air with her timeless understated elegance. She is indeed the ONLY female on the planet (in the celeb world) I’d want little girls to look up to!!! Such a lovely stunning and very down to earth lady. K is the total opposite end of the spectrum. I do NOT understand why the K are even on tv (thank goodness for the handy remote). The K girls seem to make (I’ll be kind and say) unfortunate choices in clothes and make-up. Sounds like everyone is totally sick of them. (Hint Hint)

  • Leigh Anna

    A classless person, Kim, has no business attempting to befriend the Duchess. She’s repugnant, at best, and I doubt the royal family wants her stench on them…

    • http://yahoo Barbara

      The Kardashians are just another version of Jill Kelley . They want to be “somebody” in the limelight making lots of money and lots of publicity. They can’t dance, sing, act. Amazing how the smell of money brings out pretty low-class losers.

  • http://yahoo kathy

    Good for you kate you have more class in your little finger then she has in her whole body cant stand her or her family

  • bob

    kim pig,kate(the Dutchess)beautiful

  • suan

    Oh Please. Who does Kim think she is ? Go away Karadashians. They think they are american royalty apparently. they are nothing more than armenian trash….

    • sarah

      I agree with Susan, but their Italian and Greek not Armenian. Kim’s outfits are slutty whereas Kate’s are classy. The fact that Kim is pissy that Kate wont wear her line shows how trashy and immature she is.Kim is a spoiled brat who has tantrums when she doesnt get her way, Catherine came from money too but has poise and a maturity that Kim her elder doesnt. If she is smart she would realize that Catherine only wears British designers.

      • Looky

        Actually, they are Armenian. As Kim once said herself, she wants an Armenian man like her father.

        • MP

          That’s going to be quite difficult considering she only dates black men.

      • MP

        No offense, but are you crazy? Don’t ever call them Italian!!!

      • Susan

        You do not watch their show. They tell you all the time they are Armenian. They are not Itallian and Greek. You are mistaken xoxo

      • Laura

        They are Armenian. Her father,(if he IS her father, who knows with that mother), is Armenian, 100%. Kardashian is an Aremenian name. So they are 50% Armenian on their father’s side; 50% trash on their mothers. 😉

  • KK

    Kim looks like a typical fat American next to Kate Middleton

    • http://environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

      No, Kim looks like she escaped from a middle eastern harem and is PRETENDING TO BE American. Stay away Kate before she poisons you with her filthy ways of life

  • ANNE

    I have only seen the Kardashian line of clothes in “Sears” now come on Do you really think The Kardashians really shop at Sears, I think not. There clothes are tacky just like there mother Kris, Kris should start wearing clothes her own age group not her daughters, I hope Bruce Jenner leaves her old saggy ass & takes 50% of there fortune. I dont see the Kardashians helping out the hurricane victms, Do you. There a pathetic family.I bet Kris is friendly with Dina Lohan another skank.

  • http://environmentaladvisement.com gwendolyn

    No, Kim looks like she escaped from a middle eastern harem and is PRETENDING TO BE American. Stay away Kate before she poisons you with her filthy ways of life

  • Laura

    I’m also now wondering about Prince William. He’s met Kanye and ‘admires’ him????? I can’t find anything to admire about Kanye. Kate may need to have a talk with the Prince. She’s way to classy to hang out with either Kanye or Kim; ever!

    • jarrod

      honestly…..who cares?? do people really watch or care about these skanky hoes??? its funny to see how mad people get and how you all hate them

  • jeff johnson

    awesome, I love kate!!! Class verses whore, elegance vs. trash, lady vs tramp. Kate is real and someone girls should seek to emulate, KardASSian is someone men like to screw and leave.

  • Nastasia

    OH COME ON PEOPLE! First of all this is a complete load of crap! Gossip magazines and gossip columnist take one little tiny piece of a story and blow it up way out of proportion. I guarantee %97 of this story is NOT true. One moment Kim could possibly say that she loves Kate Middleton’s style and the next thing people start saying she wants to now imitate her. COME ON! I know you people are a lot smarter than this load of crap. And second of all I dare any of you to make as much money and success as they do. True they may have not become famous for the most noble and honorable things but WHO SAYS THAT HAVE TO! As long as they are not killing and enslaving humans I’m perfectly fine. And third of all the Duchess is all well and smart enough to make these decisions on her own on. Besides if all noble people only met with those who are on the same rank as them then “lower rank” people will never get the chance to see a woman like the duchess herself and possibly dream or aspire to a different life. It’s because women like the Duchess affiliate herself with those who are not like her that we all dream. Think outside the box people.

    • http://Yahoo D.J.

      Totally agree with your comment Nastasia, and any article in a gossip magazine cannot be quoted as being accurate, in fact it probably is in no way a refection of the true situation. They’re fun to read especially those which tell the story of women having babies from contact with aliens – I like those the best, but the ones like this come in a very close second. Good comment, thanks

      • Siobhan

        Well said. The tabs thrive on taking a non-situation and blowing it up into something way out there. I would think that the Duchess is much too busy with her various engagements and charities to be thinking about a “feud” with Kim Kardashian.

    • mot ekralc

      Me thinks you’all are from the same side of the trailer park. Probably wouldn’t know class if it hit you in the face.



  • AlphaMike

    Kate looks better in it… UNTIL THEY TURN AROUND!!!

    • marina

      Kate would still look better, she works out her bum and it’s in proportion to the rest of her body, plus she is tall and svelte, whereas Kim is just short.


    Why should a classy lady like the princess want to be associated in any form with the american tramp? if that was her taste there are less offensive harlots in England. No need to import.

  • Jin

    Two different woman. One is respectable and the other is classless whore!

  • Gail

    Run Kate Run!!!!!! Much of what you hear and read about Kim K. is probably true! When Kate wears that dress, I see TRUE CLASS. When Kim attempts to SQUEESE into the same dress with those ridiculous shoes, her attempts at looking classy miserably fail. I feel sorry for the dress….Kim has ruined its reputation!

  • lefty

    A royal feud brewing? Only in the Kardashian’s minds. No matter what they think (and what title Kourt’s boy toy thinks he bought himself) they’re a royal short. And that Kim would ever imagine that Kate would wear their line of clothing? Way too classy to wear that garbage.

    • fredjonesiii

      True. A real Lordship cannot be purchased, it can only be granted. And to Scott D?! Hilarious.

  • Darrell

    Ducthes, please do not lower yourself to sit at the same table with that trash!!!

  • http://yahoo annie blue

    dream on Kim… Look @yourself in the mirror, your are no where comparision to Kate. I feel sorry for you because you’re famous as being trash,and where as Kate, she famous as being high class, poises and humble. You might not know this, high class doesnt mean your’re rich, I know some people who are poor but they’re very high class. Where rich people like you, are very low class. High class is built from generation to generation. It doest happen over night. Your are nothing but white trash.

    • Tanisha

      I understand Kim is famous for a porno but Kate can’t hold a candle to Kim. Kim is gorgeous with a perfect figure and Kate is too skinny with no curves and just a plain jane. William could have done much better, Harry definitely has better taste in women. I would hardly call Kate humble, when they asked her if she felt lucky to be chosen by William as his wife she replied “no it’s the other way around, he should feel lucky”. Also employees were fired for revealing how Middleton really is, a snob who doesn’t even acknowledge the staff and if she does she is rude to them.

      • Elissa M.

        Judging by you ethnic name, i can see why you would chose an uneducated big assed FAT porn queen who gets peed on on film and has anal and oral sex on film for the whole word to see. Rather than a slim highly educated BEAUTIFUL normal sized small butt polite elegant sophisticated and classy woman as a opposed to a classes fat whore pon “star.” Says a lot about you and your character “Tanisha.” BTW, how is your half-sister Shanneqquia doing? Were you two raised by your grandma or one of your many “aunties”? LOL! It’s ok honey, maybe you can marry a rapper or basketball player someday.

      • Elissa M.

        Judging by you ethnic name, i can see why you would chose an uneducated big assed FAT porn queen who gets peed on on film and has anal and oral sex on film for the whole word to see. Rather than a slim highly educated BEAUTIFUL normal sized small butt polite elegant sophisticated and classy woman as a opposed to a classes fat whore pon “star.” Says a lot about you and your character “Tanisha.” BTW, how is your half-sister Shanneqquia doing? Were you two raised by your grandma or one of your many “aunties”? LOL! It’s ok honey, maybe you can marry a rapper or basketball player someday.

  • Irma Trevino

    What a joke, I mean what a joke Kim is. She is no where near royalty and never will be. I guess trash mom Kris forgot tell her 3 daughters, trash doesn’t mix with royalty. Kate I hope your laughing your ass off and so is everyone else.

  • Phil McKann

    Kate, you’re a class act. Don’t let that pig anywhere near you.

  • John

    Why would anyone wanna be anywhere near that $kank. Talk about the biggest waste of space. That whole kardashian family flat out disgusts me. Just a bunch of talentless pigs. What they ever did to become popular is beyond me.

    • fredjonesiii

      It’s called a sex tape. That’s why she’s famous. And Kris Kardashian’s deceased husband defended O.J. Simpson in his trial.

  • jj

    hahahha did she send a fat suit so Kate can fill out the Kardashian Kut areas

    • howard

      could not have said it any better

  • anthony

    You cannot make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.

  • Kristen

    I would refuse clothes from Kartrashian too, she’s skanky. Kate is a classy woman and Kim thinks she looks classy by wearing clothes Kate has worn but she just looks like a hooker who is trying to hard.

    • Sue

      Kim looks awful in that red dress. As for the shoes? Platform shoes went out with Disco music in the early 70’s.

  • isabella

    Kate is pure class and Kim is pure trash. Now Kim wants to befriend royalty. I bet is to improve her image. It is known to all that all the Kim is famous for is a sex tape placed on Youtube, because she has no talent for anything else. Kate please, please stay away from her, you are too far above her to step down that low.

  • Mya

    This is a totally fake picture of KIm (surprise surprise) because they cut off 90% of her tree stumps on the lower half. DISGUSTING! Kim never stops promoting herself as someone she will never be. PATHETIC!

  • Hope Johnson

    It’s comical to even visualize Kate with that joke. There is no comparison. I am so sure Kate will drop everything to have TEA with her. Is she insane, on top of being stupid? Oh well….guess it goes without saying. She can have a feud, but it will be all by herself.

    • margie

      I agree Hope, Kate wouldn’t be seen with her! Not her sort of people, I’m sure she thinks sending her clothes is insulting and cheap!

  • Jackie

    I agree with you whole heartedly! Kate always looks like a lady and well put together. Kim, well let’s just say she probably doesn’t know the meaning of dressing like a lady. As far as wearing the same dress, Kate’s fits well. Kim needs to go up a size or 2 because she looks like a porker. She looks like she’s put on alot of weight lately but it hasn’t registered that her size has gone up too! Plus, if she wants to immitate Kate, she needs to bring the hem down. She needs to learn the difference between looking like a lady instead of trashy.

    • melissa kirby

      she does look like a stuffed sauage

    • Rachel

      She would not be noticed if she dressed like a lady. Tight, sheer skirts (Kim) and nipple baring blouses (Klohe) and televised trysts with an ex-lover (Mama K) are thier stock and trade. They have no class, no talent. Shock and trash is all they have to offer. One day all the nip, tuck, pad and suck places will be used up. I’m a senior but I sure hope I live long enough to witness their downfall. In no way are they anything near Kate and I hope she continues to ignore them.

  • Deanna

    One is a trashy medai-whore and the other a true lady. Just look at Kim (the trashy one). She had to take a dress similar to Kate’s and “skan-it-up”, wearing too tight, too short (for the style) and of course the hooker shoes.



    There may be a “fued” brewing but only in kims plastic empty head.

    I agree, that pic is a photoshopped commercial shot meant to impress Kate and mislead anyone who sees it into believeing kim is svelte like Kate. All kim knows is how to deceive & manipulate and she belongs in jail with the rest of her family.

    • Rachel

      You are right Scott! When there is not an “event” in their on lives they make things up. So hungry are they for attention Mama Kris is even jealous and resentful of Honey Boo Boo. Pitiful.

  • Rachel

    Every one of the Kardashians have a “need for greed”. They probably think class is a schoolroom.

  • Blonde

    Who the beans does Kim Kardashian think she is??, how dare she try to ruin the beautiful looks and person of Kate Middleton. Kim Kardashian is TRASH….!! and a SKANK…..did anyone see her in the sheer skirt??, with a G-string ??? OMG KARDASHIAN….GROW UP….

  • Flint


  • melissa kirby

    come on kim! kate is English class, where you my dear are American TRASH… i would NEVER wear your line.. I would sooner sport a hefty bag in public than the booty rags you call clothing! go do what your good at…. spending daddys money…. and PLEASE dont try to think…America has enough problems!

    • Erin

      Excuse me? It sounds to me like you are insulting America in that comment. While my country has some problems, respect it. Almost all of us (with the exception of a few, whom we do not approve of) respect your country. Leave the ethnicity out of it.

    • margie


  • ethel

    lol….how funny for kim kadashian to want to be friends with kate middleton…does kate look like thrash??…maybe kardashian should get her SHIT together and dress normal and be a real person

  • cynth

    Thank you, Kate.

  • Sandee

    Hello comment line;, OMG I just read the ‘liner’ that Kim Kardashian wants to have tea with Kate Middleton…ARE YOU CRAZY KIM KARDASHIAN???, WHO??? in the right mind would want to have tea with you??, also heard Bruce Jenner may divorce Kris Kardashian-Jenner YOU GO BRUCE!!…get away from the crazy family. I also seen Kim in this SKANKY SHEER SUPER TIGHT SHIRT….WOW….!!!she has a HUGH ASS!!! and how can you wear a THONG??? you ASS ate it…KIM KISS OFF

  • Ruthie

    Ok…what??? Kim Kardashian got famous with the help of a porn video…She has been famous for being trash..I applaud Kate Middleton for her classy way of handling the situation….Maybe Kanye is realizing that class is way better than trash…

  • Ethel

    I agree 100 percent with comment from Melissa Kirby and the comment from Scott Disck…well he is a Fuck job too

  • Tim

    Kate is to class what kim is to skank…Stay away from Kate, you wh0re….

  • kat

    i don’t think it’s right to judge someone you don’t personally know. i don’t think there’s anything wrong about showing interests in having tea with the dutchess. i am sure any person would want that. what’s wrong about inviting her and sending her clothes? she has the prerogative to turn it down as in this case. isn’t kate still human like all of us are? i don’t get why everyone wildly reacted about the clothes that were sent to her or an interest to have tea with her. i am not siding with kim kardashian. i am not a fan of hers but the comments here are biased and unfair. also, you all seem to have forgotten that kate is still a human being like all of you.

  • Jane LaFey

    I would never trash Ms. Kardashian because I know very little about her–except that those shoes she’s wearing in the picture make her feet look like horses’ hooves. It’s too bad that there is such a class system, but British royalty doesn’t mix well with common people, and in spite of her beauty and money, Ms. Kardashian is common.

  • http://NA e iackson

    The British have a real jewel. “Tradition.” God save the Queen. My best wishes to Queen Elizabeth & Phillip. Some of the young people don’t know statesmenship. The parade of ships was ingenious. Thank you BBC for airing the Jubile.
    Your friend b

  • margie

    No surprize here! Kate Middleton has more class, in her little toe, than Kim could ever have in her entire body!! Kims style is so far away from Kate, Nothing in common here, forget it Kim, don’t hold your breath,for the tea either, surely to her, your a big joke!

  • Michele

    How did she fit in that dress?

  • Mothernature

    Kim…..money doesn’t buy class
    Kate……I am so glad you didn’t lower yourself to her standards. It would be much more interesting a conversation having tea with me.

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