Microsoft Tablet: Company Unveils Surface, Twitter Responds

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The Microsoft tablet is now a reality. After several days of endless pundit speculation, Microsoft's super-secret announcement has arrived in the form of Surface, a 10.6-inch, Windows 8-optimized tablet that comes complete with full HD, USB 3.0 support, a plethora of Windows apps, and access to Xbox Live. The device, which is encased in a magnesium shell, is a little over 9mm thick and weighs less than two pounds. It even comes with a magnetic cover/keyboard hybrid and a little credit card-thin kickstand built into the back. As far as tablet's go, the thing is pretty sweet.

When the device hits retail shelves, consumers will be able to choose between two models: Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT. If you're not fond of one, perhaps the other will do the trick. As if choosing a color wasn't difficult enough. For those who require further information on the subject, take a look at the official Microsoft spec sheet (PDF).

Since the event's impromptu announcement last week, a number of different theories surrounding Microsoft's latest endeavor have made the rounds. Hopeful individuals foolishly believed that it would be the Xbox 720, while others felt it was probably related to the company's investment in a Barnes & Noble venture known only as "Newco". However, when B&N stated they weren't presenting anything at Microsoft's shindig, speculation turned towards a potential "iPad killer" that utilized the Windows 8 operating system.

Of course, this sort of announcement wouldn't be complete without a little feedback from the Twitter community. Below you can find a wide array of posts regarding the Microsoft Surface. As you can imagine, some people seem to love the idea, while others can't help but hate it. Take a quick stroll through the posts embedded below.

For even more information on the subject, take a look at Drew Bowling's coverage of the event. The guy is seriously on top of things.

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