Michigan Doctor Body Identified: Accident or Murder?

    April 9, 2014
    Galen Velonis
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A body found in an Indiana lake has been identified as that of Michigan doctor Teleka Patrick, who had been missing since December. There still remains no clear answer as to what happened to the doctor.

Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller told the Associated Press that “There were no indications of any trauma, other than a possible, accidental drowning. Short of anything big, this investigation will be closed. … I do believe it’s as solved as it’s going to get.”

Patrick disappeared after attempting to check into a hotel in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The hotel turned the thirty year old doctor away for not having proper identification or money. It was unclear why she was trying to rent a hotel in the city where she lived. Jim Carlin, a private investigator told Reuters that “the whole thing has been very, very dubious”.

After Patrick disappeared in December, Carlin had suspected she had been murdered. The private investigator was hired by the family, who had high hopes she was still alive. “They absolutely know that God is going to return their daughter,” he told the Detroit Free Press. Patrick’s ex-husband, Ismael Calderon, was also interviewed by the Free Press, adding that she suffered delusions and paranoia. He believed “some criminally minded predator took advantage of her on the side of the road”.

Prior to disappearing, gospel singer Marvin Sapp had filed for a protection order against Teleka Patrick. She had moved to Michigan to join Sapp’s church and began referring to him as her husband. Sapp claimed to have “over 400 page(s) of correspondence from her” according to the Detroit Free Press. It is unknown whether her stalking attempts were related to her disappearance.

Patrick was a resident of Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine in Kalamazoo. The university stated that they were “saddened by the news”.

Image via ABC News, YouTube

  • Carolyn

    If she was like the average black person, she did not know how to swim, so she may have been thrown into that water ! I hope it wasn’t by Sapp ! Hmph ! She was beautiful, and probably could have gotten any man she wanted, not a ” sap ” !

    • peter

      MURDER, post on your Facebook we got to do something.I am just a Dad and I have a daughter.

      • Carolyn

        I do not mess with Facebook or Twitter ! Nor that Instagram either ! I bet Anthony Weiner wishes that he had never heard of Twitter. Heehee. It ruined his promising political career !

  • Real Talk

    I have been following this story since the beginning. The police dogs lost her scent at the start of the highway from where her car was found. SOMEONE apparently had to drive her away from that location. I am sorry but this was no accident. And investigators have the nerve to say the case is closed…WOW..What a splendid justice system we have folks. So sad…I feel Sorry for Teleka and her family, I feel that they were failed.

    • peter


      • peter

        She was killed.CHECK Grand Rapids Church

  • anonimo

    Well, she was looking for an hotel, that means that she has problems at home and she was in danger and afraid.

    The police should investigate her bank accounts, and any secure insurance under her name, and her ex-husband banks accounts too.