Michelle Beadle and AJ Lee: What’s the Real Scoop?

    December 16, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Michelle Beadle of Access Hollywood fame unwittingly (?) became part of an altercation with WWE’s Divas Champion AJ Lee. The scenario took place back stage prior to a Tribute to the Troops event in Pierce County, Washington. It seems Beadle spoke to CM Punk–Lee’s real life boyfriend–prior to the event, and that caused Lee to react in her rather outlandish WWE persona.

Lee is now in trouble for reportedly “causing a scene” backstage in reaction to Michelle Beadle’s remarks. She is said to have gone off on Beadle like a crazy person.

So what did Michelle Beadle say that is causing such a fuss? It seems she addressed her old friend, using the endearing term “f*ck face.” She explains what happened via Twitter.

That’s certainly not the same Michelle Beadle persona Access Hollywood fans are accustomed to seeing–but she clearly had on her sports reporting hat Wednesday night. Some media reports claim the entire thing was staged. Beadle hasn’t addressed that rumor.

Is AJ Lee in big trouble now that she went off on Michelle Beadle? Was the whole thing contrived–and if so, why?

Has Michelle Beadle ever struck you as the kind of person to address someone as ‘F*ck face?’ Isn’t it fun to see what often lies just underneath those sweet television smiles?

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  • Thomas

    This is just publicity to get more mainstream attention. Celebrities from outside the WWE love getting involved in WWE storylines and then say it wasn’t part of any storyline it was real because it happen backstage or in public. AJ plays a heel character and thats how she is going to portray herself even in the locker room, not every WWE superstar or Diva portrays themselves this way but a lot do it in front of the camera or not. It helps blur the lines in an attempt to keep/get people interested.

  • Cannady

    First off, why did you even write this? Second , you obviously have not seen Beadle on sports shows or follow her on twitter or is the last paragraph just a way to throw jabs at people? Because, Beadle has some of the best one liners in the business and yes sometimes they are crude.