Michael Vick Faces Protesters At Comedy Event; Can He Ever Redeem Himself?

By: Val Powell - July 13, 2014

New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick went back to his hometown on Saturday in Newport News, Virginia for a football camp. A crowd of people gathered to welcome the 34-year-old athlete.

James Johnson, a club director who has known Vick since he was a kid said, “I used to tell Mike even when things are going bad, the people down home, they still in your corner. There might be some days where you get booed, but you won’t get booed by nobody down here.”

Vick was incarcerated for more than 500 days for running a dogfighting ring and lying about it. He was released in 2009. Since then, he has been trying to redeem himself. He helped build a football field in a Philadelphia neighborhood, and launched Christmas and Thanksgiving food drives. He also participates in anti-dog fighting campaigns.

Michael Vick tries to explain his fascination with dogs

Though dog fighting is in the football player’s past, some are still protesting. One of the protesters, Rhonda Spataro said, “Michael Vick didn’t just fight dogs. He tortured, drowned, electrocuted, and beat them to death.”

On Saturday, there were two groups outside The Strand Theatre where the Michael Vick Comedy Explosion took place. On one side were the protesters, and on the other were Vick’s supporters who organized a “Forgiveness Rally”.

Michael Vick’s protesters and supporters

Bo Spataro, a protester, said that he’s not yet ready to forgive Vick. “I’ve seen nothing from him that shows a deal of remorse. I know he might’ve went to jail and paid some fines, but it doesn’t look like he’s sorry for anything other than getting caught,” he said.

Comedian Robert Powell defended the football star and said that his dog fighting days are over and all the bad things that happened are in the past. “It’s time to let it go,” he said.

Amidst all the controversy, Vick has accepted that his career will never be only about football. Many people still hate him for his past, and there is even a petition seeking to ban him from the Jets training camp.

“How can I try to win over everybody in this world? Even if I didn’t go through what I went through, some people probably still wouldn’t like me for whatever reason,” said Vick.

Despite Vick’s past, he’s still seen as a hero by many. Little boys were chanting his name over and over on Saturday, and his fans approached him to sign their jerseys and shirts.

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  • Rickey Tatum

    If you cant forgive, you not in god

    • John Clancy

      I don’t forgive evil and God doesn’t either.

      • Milton Wax

        Obviously you don’t know who God truly is if you believe that,so take the time to find out who He really is Mr.Clancy…I’ll leave this for you if you care to know God’s stance on forgiveness. Acts:10:43 Of Him all the prophets bear witness that through His name everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins.”

        • John Clancy

          Evil is the antithesis of God. It is represented by Satan who will be brought low in the end. Vick has shown no evidence of being anything but evil and far from being a believer. You’re either very confused or just stupid Wax.

          • Milton Wax

            I understand completely that evil and God doesn’t mix,but do you truly understand the reason why Jesus gave his life?And for what and for whom? God’s sacrifice makes it possible for all of us to be forgiven for the sin nature thats in our bodies.We must confess He is Lord and Savior and believe it in our hearts and repent for our wrongs.I hope Vick has taken these steps already,as well as anyone reading this.I’ve never seen anything where Vick is proclaiming a life of evil doing and being a follower of satan.Only thing I’ve seen was he made a terrible mistake,something we’ve all done or will do some point in life.He’s human just like You and Me.I think its very ungodly to judge his life and label him a menace forever for the mistakes he’s made. We ALL fall short of the glory of God,even YOU Mr.Clancy,in case you forgot about the skeletons laying in your closet. Again I ask you….take the time to find out what God really is about,and maybe You’ll see exactly how loving and forgiving He really is,because The Creator knows no one walking this Earth can ever be sinless like him. Good evening Mr.Clancy

          • John Clancy

            Your eschatology is basically sound. But none of us have any idea what is in Vick’s heart since to my knowledge, he has not publicly made any pronouncements concerning his faith if indeed he has any. Do you think that monster was a Christian during those five years that he was routinely strangling, drowning, electrocuting, and beating to death all those dogs? Has he mentioned a conversion of faith while imprisoned? Has he dedicated his life to adequately recompense for the wickedness that ruled him? Not that I’ve seen. What I can see is that he’s taking choreographed steps to bring fools like you back into his fold so that he can once again amass large amounts of money. Those dogs were God’s creatures blessed at creation and given the same promise as man following the Great Flood. Man was made dominant not just for their own sustenance but also to steward God’s animals for their welfare. Considering the extremes of his criminal and spiritual crimes, which may mirror skeletons laying in your closet Wax but not in mine, Vick should join a monastery if he truly wants to seek forgiveness for his soul. His recompense should be as extreme as the actions of his lousy, stinking life. I’ve not heard him say he’s accepted Christ nor have I seen evidence of a genuine desire for forgiveness from God. As for judgement, Christians must always use discernment to judge the godly from the ungodly apart from your Sunday School scripture cherrypicking. If you want to tip toe through the tulips when it comes to Christ’s expectations for His beloved children, I suggest you review Matt 10: 34 -39 and ensure that your eyes are as perceptive concerning salvation as they are blind concerning the blackard Vick. God will love His non believing, unrepentent children while consigning them to Hell as certainly as He will grant the sanctified a life with Him in eternity. Should I be judged worthy by God, I hope to see the victims of Vick’s evil in paradise. But because I can differentiate heat from light, I’d be damned shocked to find Vick there.

          • Milton Wax

            John,you’re exactly right about none of us knows what is in Vick’s heart and mind since its not possible to do so.That’s my point,why judge him before the Almighty does? When did God give you that right to send a man to hell before he does? Yeah we’re suppose to be observant of others while on this earth,offer a better way to those who we knowingly see doing wrong,but to condemn someone to hell as if we already know who’s names are written or going to be in the book of life is flat out wrong! You made the comment about him being a Christian while killing animals…I don’t know,maybe he was,maybe he wasn’t,but being a Christian doesn’t mean you will never sin again,That’s a lie! When we accept God as our Savior,His Holy Spirit is there to remind us and to be an outlet when satan is tempting,trying to wedge his way in our life.How can we as Christians or believers in God truly understand and appreciate his salvation and forgiveness if we never fall once we accept his gift? Were you or anyone else there when he was imprisoned? Are the cameras rolling when he’s at home on his knees praying IF that’s what he’s doing,asking for forgiveness? NO! Vick doesn’t have to sell me anything for me to be in his corner.He can say he’s a follower on camera and actually be the wolf in sheep clothing,but thats the thing Mr.Clancy,You or Me will never know,which is one of the reasons we shouldn’t judge.I understand the discernment we suppose to have,but to pick people apart and call them every ungodly name under the sun because of mistakes is not right.He has served his time,not by what you feel is right,but by those who were appointed. Like I said before hopefully he’s asked forgiveness,but that’s between him and the relationship he has with God,none of our business. I’ll stop here though because you’ve called me a “fool”,”stupid”,and I’m just to “confused” to carry on with someone who’s living a life that will never need to be forgiven for sins.You stand for what you believe is right as well as I. Thank you for the feedback.God Bless

          • John Clancy

            I see your heart Wax and I apologize for my comments about you. There are so many people attempting to distort the core of Christ’s message for political and social agendas that I occasionally respond too impulsively and harshly. I ask your forgiveness. I’m not able to send Vick anywhere, you know that. I don’t think I said I could. But his actions were so vile and evil as to be beyond normal description. He brutalized, tortured, and killed those dogs by his own hands for five years without remorse. Those are God’s creatures Wax that are loved by the Father. Don’t you think in five years he might have had just a glimmer of conscience or remorse. To me, Vick has the pathology and profile of a serial killer. I haven’t walked in his shoes but I’m telling you that not one fiber of my being would have allowed me to do what he did. I would sooner end my own life. Remember Wax, those dogs are innocents. They know no concept of evil or sin as does man. Yet they give man unconditional love like perhaps only their Maker would. Had Vick hesitated in torturing one of those dogs for a moment, it may well have licked his face. I’m not saying that a man can’t accept Christ with a truly contrite heart and seek and receive His forgiveness right up until his last breath. I’m saying that I see no genuine fruit on that vine with Vick. He appears to be doing just what he must to regain that which has been most important to him which is fame and money. If, God forbid, you found yourself committing such horrid acts in your life, what would you do Wax if you truly sought redemption. Would you simply feel vindicated by serving out the penalty assigned by society, avoid repeating your past mistakes, and jump right back into the fame game. Or might you spend precious free time in reflection and submission before your God. I believe you’re a fine man and a Godly one as well Wax. We’re not far apart at all in our thinking.

          • Milton Wax

            Apology accepted Mr.Clancy…no hard feelings.I appreciate that,even though we may disagree on something,its good to see we can be civil towards each other.I can see that animal cruelty is something you’re totally against and are definitely passionate about their well being,rightfully so because they are God’s creations,innocent, and didn’t asked to be used for someone’s sick enjoyment & entertainment.He’ll have to answer for it when that time comes,that’s why I pray he’s made his peace.As for his character,like I said,who knows,but it wouldn’t totally shock me if your hunch is true.Fame and money has corrupted many,even televangelist are out here using lost souls to feed their greed but thats another story for another day.If it was me in Vick situation,First I’d ask for the Lord’s forgiveness,repent,then I would do or go wherever the Lord directs Me.My jail time would be the reminder to never involve myself or to be around friends who partake in such acts.I would also involve Myself in organizations that deal with animal cruelty and not just cut a check to some kennel,but be physically active in the mission to stop things like dog fighting,because too many times I see things where someone would just donate money to a charity.In My opinion it shows more when you’re present and hands on.Take ownership for My wrong doing,issue a public apology,after that move on with My life however the Lord has it.If that involves me going back to using My God giving talent,playing football that’s what it will be,because you can’t put a time limit on when people will heal and change their view about you or a price tag on death.No matter what,some folks are just going to be unhappy. That shouldn’t stop me from continuing to do the thing I worked so hard for,especially if I made My peace with the one who decides where I will spend eternity. Thank you again John,I believe you’re a fine,Godly man too.I apologize for My remarks as well. I’ve learned a few through this conversation,and I’m thankful you’ve taken the time to talk to me.Take good care of yourself and God Bless!

          • John Clancy

            Be well sir and God bless.


    ITS OVER!! he did it did his time, these people need to get a life

  • regaltwo .

    I like dogs way more than people, so as far as I’m concerned this b@$t@#t can fry in hell.

    • tom

      Do you eat meat?

      • Guest


  • tee-y

    He did his time, get a life. If you can’ forgive then what that say about you. He is not the only one been cruel to animals, but you choose him because of who he is. People are getting tired of this, move on.

  • Geemoresus

    To those who still hate Vick think about the time when you ask for someone forgiveness. We all screw up some time or another in life.You have to forgive.Its about GOD.People are for given all day long.By GOD and there is no one higher then him in any walk of life.So protester give it up and give vick a chance to seek GOD and get his forgiveness.You are wasting your life on something that is a part of life forgive someone when they do wrong.WOW try it you can do this.I love dogs more then some people but I love GOD more and he said for give thy brother.Lets keep it moving.

    • John

      Mistake is a 1 time thing he did this for over 5 years multiple times. This was not a mistake it was someone who is a POS hurting animals and a life choice and showing their true selves. 21 months for gambling is not paying for his 5 years of abusing-fighting-killing dogs.

    • John Clancy

      This was no “screw up”. It was psychopathic. I keep hoping Vick will be laid out on the field like a thin layer of asphalt. But forgiveness? Maybe future generations. He should join a monestary and disappear.

    • cooki2581

      when someone tortures and kills a family member of yours, turn to god to forgive them.

  • Tracy Shelton

    People make mistakes but what he did was pure evil.

    • tom

      Do you eat tortured meat?

      • tracy

        No I don’t. Disappointed? I have a huge issue with any sort of animal torture- nothing is more telling of human character then those who abuse a creature that can’t defend itself and those who defend people like poor Michael Vick.

      • Julianna

        Not even the same category. What he did was horrifically evil and he knows it.. but Karma’s a bitch! And as long as he walks this earth there will be people who despise him and will never forgive him. EVER.! As far as tortured meat goes I don’t eat meat either.

  • tom

    Do all of the people protesting Vick, eat meat?
    Do they complain about animal rights with the dead grease of ribs dripping down their triple chins?
    Just wondering.
    If dogs tasted like cows, they would be on every dinner table in the country.
    Hypocrites all.

    • John

      So by your standards if Jefferey Dahmer said he thought human flesh tasted like cows to him we should have just said well then he is cool let him do 21 months and let him back out on the streets.

    • Julianna

      Tom, I do not eat meat. TVM — and MV is a sick bastard and that old Karma bus will follow him the rest of his life — always. In my journey I do not wish harm on anyone but know that what you give is what you get!

  • John

    He never did time for what he did to the dogs. Yahoo and those posting he did are wrong. Read the actual charges and prosecution. Nothing around the dog Fighting, abuse, or killing. Vick and three other principals were convicted of federal offense conspiracy charges and imprisoned. He has not done his time for what he did to those dogs.

    • Julianna

      You are correct. He should have done time for each dog he electrocuted, killed, slammed to the ground.. but that old Karma bus is rolling– and I am a firm believer in that. And in my feeling he has never shown true regret or remorse.

  • cooki2581

    He’s as forgivable as Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy. Only Vick’s victims were dogs instead of human. He heard the dogs cry in pain, scream, saw them cower, pee themselves in fear. He tortured and killed the dogs who didn’t win fights for him. Anyone who can cause this cruelty is a psychopath that doesn’t deserve forgiveness. Also, on a recorded interview, the reporter asked him if he could do anything different in his life, what would it be. He said “nothing”. The reporter asked a few more times, leading him to say he would change what he did the the dogs, and instead, his final answer was “I’d get less jail time”. Does this sound like a man who has changed?

    • Julianna

      He is a very sick man hidden by a professional uniform and millions of $$$$… sick, sick, sick. As my father would say ” I wouldn’t walk across the road to piss on him if he were on fire”…

  • cooki2581


    The scars on Lucus’ face are the reason he shouldn’t be forgiven. Him, along with almost all of the other Bad Newz Kennel dogs suffered from Babesia, a parasite that cannot be killed. They transmitted that through fighting. A lifelong present Vick gave his dogs. I haven’t heard of Vick donating any of his millions to the families who adopted his dogs to fight this parasite when it flares. Things like THAT show forgiveness. Not court mandated appearances and community service.

  • Scotty Monte

    MICHAEL VICK launches his clothing line “V7″. The photo shows what Michael Vick did to dogs that were not to expectations for DOG FIGHTING…death by hanging, drowning, strangulation, gun shot, electrocution and other methods. YET HE IS ADORED by the public and has well over a million fb fans. People that commit such HEINOUS CRIMES should not be celebrated by the public.
    BOYCOTT “V7″

  • Scotty Monte

    I have read all your high and mighty comments about forgiveness. Fine forgive Michael Vick for his heinous crimes of torturing dogs to death for years by hanging, drowning, strangulation, gun shot, electrocution and other methods and pay homage to him by bowing down to him as a god and give him all your praise and money to support him in his great transformation of doing all in his power to fight against the crimes he has committed himself…….since, he is now devoting his life and money to the fighting against these same atrocities of dogs being torchered in America and has gone as far as taking his cause to China……Ohhhhhhhhhhh, wait I must be dreaming instead he is taking his “comedy” show on the road and it has nothing to do with devoting his life to nothing but, “himself”……..Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, and while we are at it don’t forgive Pete Rose either no what he did was just soooooooooooooooo, terrible…..soooooooo, wrong he definitely does not deserve to be inducted hall of fame or anything else for that matter. But, give the fame and fortune to Michael Vick……and the rest of the convicted felons that have paid their debt to society but are not famous can never live down their past crimes and get a decent job to support their families because they are not worthy like Michael Vick who paid for his crimes ………you people are blind!!………With forgiveness there is works ….where are the works??