Michael Vick Claims That He Will Be An NFL Starter In 2014


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Well if he did not convey the message clearly enough already, Michael Vick continues to assert the message that nothing is going to stop him from giving up on playing in the NFL.

He has been setback by time spent in jail, injuries, and plenty of criticism from fans and other players, but the 13 year NFL veteran is claiming to be able to come back and be a starter in the 2014 season.

However, with the success of Nick Foles at quarterback, he will not be playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, and will look to join a different team.

Michael Vick has spent several seasons throughout his lengthy career with both the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles. He was injured in the beginning of the 2013 season, making way for Nick Foles to become a starter and star player in the place of Vick.

When asked if he would be as starter in week 1 of of the 2014 season, Michael Vick didn't hesitate for a second and said "Absolutely. I don't see no other way." He continued to talk about how excited he is to play in the 2014 and that is what is important to him right now.

His options of starting in the NFL are limited, but after a disappointing rookie season for Geno Smith, he could be an option to play for the New York Jets. The Texans are also aching for a new quarterback, and if they were to sign Vick, it would allow them to draft a position other than quarterback, and a player such as JadaVeon Clowney could fit in nicely with J.J. Watt and the Texans defense.

As a veteran quarterback at the age of 33, Michael Vick could be a viable option for a team in need of a fix at the quarterback position, but given his history, it is not likely that a team would want to think about signing him on for a long term contract.

Does Michael Vick still have a future with the NFL? Who should he play for?.

If he is not able to make it as a starter for a different team, he may have the option of returning to the Eagles as a backup with the penitential to start, but it does not seem like that is something that Michael Vick would want.

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