Michael Moore Praises, Criticizes Obama’s Stance on Gun Control

By: WebProNews Staff - July 26, 2012

Michael Moore, documentary filmmaker and a lightning rod for controversy, is never one to shy away from expressing his opinion, even when it’s grossly unpopular. His 2002 film “Bowling for Columbine” explored America’s history of gun violence, culminating with a tense showdown with NRA president and spokesperson Charlton Heston. Not surprisingly, the recent shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater has hit close to home for the director.

Regarding Obama’s stance on the issue, Moore feels the President is the leader on gun control issues, and even praised his speech following James Holmes’ shooting spree. However, during his recent appearance on “Piers Morgan Tonight”, Moore attempted to turn the tables on the President, asking him what, precisely, he would have done if it were his daughters who had been shot during the midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises”.

“And yet when he brought his own children into it, when he said, ‘You know, my two daughters go to the movies and what if it were them,’ well, I guess if President Obama is watching right now, and I say this with all due respect: What if it were them?” Moore said during the program.

He also added, “What if it were them last Thursday night? Would you stand at the microphone the next day and say I feel your pain and, you know, the existing gun laws, that’s what he said, the existing laws are enough. Is that really what you’d say, Mr. President? I don’t think so.”

Moore also expressed his displeasure with coming onto various television programs to discuss these horrific events, stating that he refuses to “live in a country like this”, and urged others to stand up and declare the same thing.

“I’m not leaving, so therefore what am I going to do? It’s got to change,” he stated.

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  • gun owner

    Great now we have a fat communist film maker that thinks he’s going to rewrite the Constitution of the United States because he wants to use the current document as toilet paper!!! What an idiot!!! This ONE TIME occurrence is an isolated event!!!

    Since pornography is morally wrong, would this overweight pretentious pig be willing to ban all cameras?? Since that is one of HIS tools that he feels is necessary you can bet not!!!

    Watching this pathetic excuse for an American abuse the 1st amendment to bash the entire document that allows him the freedom to do so is flat out laughable!!!

  • James

    Michael Moore is nothing more than a muck raking opportunist. He reminds me a lot of Phil Donoghue who never saw a controversy he didn’t like.

    • MD

      Seems you will in violence.

  • jscottu

    Several of the founders made the point that government should not do things that would be immoral for an individual to do. So I invite Michael Moore, if he believes he has the moral right, to come over to my house and try and disarm me.

  • Jake1

    Micheal Moore Has every right, as a patriot would, to ask the question, Why as Americans do we kill each other at an alarming rate…Why are Americans do we live in fear of each other? When will be more concerned about the lives of others than our own selfishness?….All these gun toting cowards hiding behind the 2nd Amendment, and the gun lobby spending billions to keep politicians in check….Its not gun Control were talking about, its the Mentality that the only way we can solve our problems is through Violence…Weather it is Iraq, Columbine, or all the recent mass murders and gun violence…It is time to clear jails of non violent offenders and fill them for life with anyone who participates in gun violence, and irresponsible gun owners, and to get help for the mentally diseased that are Care System had forgotten

    • MD

      I agree 100%. Wish we had more rational people like you.

    • say waaaaa?

      “All these gun toting cowards hiding behind the 2nd Amendment,”
      trust me man, if we were in a position to where somthing happend and i had my handgun with me, youd beg me to use it to help us.. this guy makes millions of dollars of the deaths of teenagers in “bowling for colombine” and soon hell make millions off the deaths of all these people too.. awesome how you think thats
      %100 ok!

    • FREE American

      When you use the words “gun toting coward” in your communist propaganda. It shows just who the REAL coward is!!!

      The 2nd amendment is NOT the right to own but rather the “protection” of that right from gun grabbing commies like you and the jiggle chin windbag that is going to use the freedom of capitalism to profit from the suffering of the people of Colorado AGAIN!!!

      So therefore I have EVERY RIGHT, AS A PATRIOT WOULD to abide by the 2nd amendment and what it stands for!!!

      By your stance of a “gun free America” YOU are just as guilty of the heinous crimes committed in Colorado as is James Holmes!!! Your mentality of taking guns away from law abiding citizens thinking that it is going to “stop” gun violence just shows that you need to take your meds and hide your head back in the sand!!!

      Leave the freedom to those of us that can handle it Jake1!!! Thanks

  • say waaaaa?

    He makes his movies to make money like every other dirrector, only diffrence is he exploits mostly tragic events and then profits off the deaths of these people, look forward to a movie about the aurora shootings too.. and hell make millions off their deaths.. dudes a chode.

  • right2barearms/wdiscretion

    I agree with Ice T you can kill with anything.I believe in the right to bare arms but the law should have a little discretion on the terms of if the person is mentally ill and have criminal background. Would you want a schitzo Dr operating on you? NO So I dont think a schitzo should own a gun.Or a known drug dealer or robber should not legally own a gun. The problem is not the ownership legally. It is easy access to guns on the internet and off the street.So how do you battle the many ways of getting guns?

    • right2barearms/wdiscretion

      schitzo should not own a gun. sorry about the typo

  • Rick

    I’m not a gun owner. Shot less than five times in my life. Don’t like the things. But I do love freedom, and I know that with freedom comes risk. With the libety to do good, comes the liberty to do evil. We cannot give up our freedom just because a guy with popular hunting guns does a heinous and evil series of actions.

    The choice is freedom vs. control, liberty of thought and movement vs the dictates of politicians and bureaucrats who will tell us what we can own and what we can do with our live and property.

    The world is not safe. It may never be. But we must act from the highest ground of moral standards, and teach our children the same, or be dragged into the ditch of mediocrity.

    • wandangel

      Rick…1 million hoorays for you! I think we do need some control over who is allowed to own guns; however, to completely do away with guns is to surrender our freedom…and along with that freedom are many other freedoms we hold valuable. Just imagine what would have happened (or WOULDN’T have happened) back in 1776 if we had not had guns. Or worse…even before that. The 2 most important reasons for gun ownership are for providing protection and food. Now we know that nowadays only a minority of our population actually go out and kill their own dinner, so that leaves only “for protection” as the most important reason…at least seemingly so. To me the most important reason for gun ownership in the general population is “to represent our fredom”.

      And, just an aside comment to “right2barearms/wdiscretion”: you might wish to correct your username spelling. “Bare” is a definition of “naked” or “nude”…which means your username would be a perfect one for FLOTUS since she loves to “bare” her arms! The correct word is spelled “bear” and means “to carry” or “to have and be entitled to” or “to have and use”.

      • wandangel

        Oops! Sorry for the typo…last word in first paragraph should be “freedom”.

  • fairness

    Obesity kills also! I wonder if he would mind if the government told him what and how much to eat!

    • Drew Jackson

      Well, I agree that the government should encourage people not to eat fatty foods. The enormous – pun intended – number of obesity cases in the US is, quite literally, sickening. So all the Neanderthal Neo Con Republicans who hate government better understand that if people continue to do what they want to do – for example, eat a lot of shit – we will have even higher health care costs and disease in this country. There is a place for government. If we see fit to raise taxes on cigarettes, we should do the same for certain foods that lead to obesity, for example. Or at least promote campaigns like that of Michelle Obama to tell people what not to eat.

      • wandangel

        Yeah…rrriiiighhhttt! Michelle Obama’s promotion to tell people what not to eat! Something that not even SHE is willing to follow! Millions of dollars are being wasted in the school systems because the crap that she wants served in schools is inedible. Even the kids who ask for the food because they’re starving, since many of them can’t afford breakfast, will not eat the food. I think if she is so gung-ho on this “healthy” food, then it should be served to her and her family every day…three times per day…and to all their followers in government as well.

        • Donny

          But since Michelle Obama is the First Lady of America she knows what we and our children need better than WE do!!!

          Being FAT is an American “freedom” just as much as our gun ownership is!!! Micheal Moore knows about THAT freedom more than ANYBODY!!!

          wandangel, you my friend are a Patriot and an American!!!

  • http://michealmoore carey moore

    micheal moore what a piece of work if you dont like ower gun laws which are one the most restriced in the world. we the people have the right to keep and bear arms i dont think you remmber what gave us ower freedom it was the GUN.so why dont you help the people the moms and kids that are staving every day. dont look like you missed any meals and if obamas kids where at that movie thy would have proteced by the secret service and they might have shot the intruder. so why does the president get protected for life and his is wife and kids. yet they want to take ower freedom away thats not right i am a disabled hunter and fishermen im paralized from from the upper chest down i love to hunt and put food on the table for my daughter and four grandkids cant afford to go to big store prices. so if you dont like the usa get the hell out. carey moore….

  • wandangel

    If Michael Moore doesn’t want to live in a country where the right to bear arms is legal…then I suggest he move! There are plenty of us who would love for him to leave…and I have 2 suggestions as to where he should go (at least on the earth!): how about China and North Korea. These are perfect for a man of his ilk. And his friend “O” can move along with him!

  • jonny

    I know that President Obama means well, but poor guy,(metaphorically speaking) the man can’t do anything write. No matter what he propose, it’s going to be a controversy the man is doing his best. I feel that you should have to right to bear armes and protect yourself and family, but in the hands of idiots and retards what do you do.

  • Donny

    No one should have any illusions about what was accomplished (by the ban in 1994). Assault weapons play a part in only a small percentage of crime. The provision was mainly symbolic; its virtue was hoped to be, a stepping stone to broader gun control.

    Yet that ban was lifted in 2004 as it was deemed unconstitutional!!!

    Funniest thing about this whole entire thread is…

    The AR-15 is merely a “TACTICAL RIFLE” due to it’s “semi-automatic” ONLY nature!!! A “genuine assault weapon”, as opposed to the legal definition, is a hand-held, “selective fire” weapon. Which means that it’s capable of firing in either an automatic, or a semiautomatic mode, depending on the position of a selector switch. These kinds of weapons are heavily regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934, and are further regulated in some states. Therefore assault rifles are ALREADY banned in this country!!! So you guys can ALL rest assured that you won…Back in 1934!!! So would you shut your blowhole now??

    • Donny

      Oh I was referring to the last “assault rifle” ban when they took away “Tactical rifles” legality only due to the “pistol grip” feature on any of these weapons that are grouped together as one!!! Funny that we don’t go to the same lengths to group “entire similar races of people together” anymoore??

      This pigs last name says it all…That he can profit from Moore tragedy and flap that blowhole about it to set up his next “inevitable” film!!! Then he will, of course yo fault to himself, make Moore money!!!

  • Proud Canadian

    First of all, you all need to learn to spell. Then you need to educate yourselves as to why there was a second amendment in the first place and third you need to get your heads out of your dumb asses and clue in that as long as you have these knee jerk reactions to people smarter than you, your country is going to continue to slide into the gutter.What if it was your kids?

    • FREE American

      To insult MY spelling?? Your brain must be frozen, eh??

      Unfortunately who’s children were in attendance. As well as those people who were either killed or injured is really an irrelevant part of the issue of gun control. Nor Micheal Moore’s opinion on the matter. He can leave the United States whenever he wants, and good riddance, to the man that will most surely make a profit from another Colorado tragedy!!!

      The real and true issue that allowed this massacre to occur, or rather the REAL blame for this mass murder. Were the people that were around James Holmes, both his friends and neighbors, and most certainly his family!!! Those who most certainly watched his mental health deteriorate, yet did nothing and shuffled him along his way!!! Those who must have heard him mention part of his plans. Or say something that should have raised a “red flag”!!! His actions must surely have changed within some parameter of the last 6 years!!! Yet he he committed this heinous act and innocent people died as a result!!!

      The fact that he was “ignored by those around him” is what caused the deaths on July 20, 2012…NOT the kind of guns he had with him!!! The Governor of Colorado stated himself that, this man was “diabolical” and “intent on hurting people”. James Holmes had hundreds of improvised explosive devices (IED’s) all over his booby-trapped apartment. That showed that could have EASILY taken more lives with much less effort.

      Yet you people that are so “gun illiterate” insist that it was the AR-15 that he had on him. That caused this countries mourning with the people of Aurora Colorado. Because that was his murder weapon of choice. It must be the fact that he could buy that weapon. So you want to say that it was the weapons fault!!! Add to that that anyone else that has or has the money to buy and enjoys shooting one of those “Tactical Rifles” . Well then they will do the same thing in another movie theater because THIS guy did it!!! That’s how rational Micheal Moore, Micheal Bloomberg

      • FREE American

        (page 2)

        and YOU sound!!!

        Do us all a favor here in the U.S. and just stay in Canada and play some hockey!!!

      • John Wayne

        Oh I get it…You think that we are all spelling “bear” wrong!!! Well here ya go you uneducated Canadian:

        vb bears, bearing, bore, borne (mainly tr)
        1. to support or hold up; sustain
        2. to bring or convey to bear gifts
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        5. (also intr) to produce by or as if by natural growth to bear fruit
        6. to tolerate or endure she couldn’t bear him
        7. to admit of; sustain his story does not bear scrutiny
        8. to hold in the conscious mind or in one’s feelings to bear a grudge I’ll bear that idea in mind
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        There ya go you idiot!!!

  • albert

    I’m not an American and don’t wish to be. Outside of USA, Americans are regarded as 1- capitalist wanting to get any money out of people and other countries (exploiting) 2- extreme self-image who like to show off their material things, 3- don’t know much about other countries 4- often behavior towards others 4-obsessed with guns. American movies reflect who they are. They have to get their attitudes right to be respected in the world. Yes, gun should never be allowed in the hands of citizens which would certainly diminish the crimes in USA. One way to influence society is to have no movies with guns, porno or swearing. Can the good Americans have the guts to demand these basic human rights?

    • Tyler

      First off, what country are you from? Because chances are, America has either saved your country in a war or beat your country in a war. Second, making guns illegal will not make anyone safer. The only thing you’re doing is taking them out of the hands of honest, innocent citizens. Criminals will still find ways to get guns, whether they buy them on the black market or make their own. My buddy’s dad is a cop and says that criminals make their own guns all the time.
      If you take guns away from citizens they will have no ways to protect themselves. And lastly, American culture has influenced the whole world so if we want to have a big self image, let us have one. We have done more for the world than your country has