Miami Cannibal Attack: Face-Eater Identified

Attacker had a criminal record

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The man who attacked a homeless individual in Miami on Sunday and cannibalized his face has now been identified as 31-year old Rudy Eugene.

Eugene was found nude and attacking another man on a causeway; a bystander flagged down police, who were amazed and sickened when they discovered Eugene eating parts of the victim’s face. The victim has not been identified but was in critical condition when the story went to press and was missing his lips, an eye and one ear.


The story garnered huge headlines when it broke over Memorial Day weekend, prompting theories of a zombie apocalypse and speculation on drug use. Police say they think Eugene was high on “bath salts”, which is exactly what it sounds like and is now being used to create the effects of LSD. One of the effects of the drug is internal heat, which raises the temperature to a dangerous level and makes the user feel like their organs are baking, which is reportedly what caused Eugene to take his clothes off. In the surveillance still above, the victim appears to be naked as well, but officials haven’t commented on why.

Officials believe Eugene found the homeless man lying on the causeway and saw easy prey and, for reasons unknown, attacked. When police told him to cease his actions and he refused, they shot at him; officials say they got in at least half a dozen shots before he went down growling, flesh still dangling from his mouth.

Several cases of bath salts-related violence have been reported in the area, according to officials, and it almost always involves almost super-human strength in which the user attacks with their jaws. The drug can cause heavy psychosis and a state of delirium.

Dr. Adams of Jackson Memorial Hospital says he’s seen similar cases, although none to this extreme.

“I took care of a 150 pound individual who you would have thought he was 250 pounds,” Dr. Adams said. “It took six security officers to restrain the individual.”

Eugene’s ex-wife has said that he was very violent towards her during their marriage and has a record, varying from petty theft to drug-related charges. He had recently been evicted from his home and was reportedly angry about it.

No word yet on the victim’s condition, although a picture is making its way around the internet that allegedly shows the extensive damage done to his face. He is said to be in critical condition; an update will be made as soon as WebProNews receives one.

Miami Cannibal Attack: Face-Eater Identified
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  • Anthony

    World War Z

  • Jerry

    Take a bite out of crime!

  • scott baker

    im a gay man and i see nothing wrong with eating a person..if their ok with it. yuuuuuuum

  • http://www.webpronews.com/miami-cannibal-attack-face-eater-identified-2012-05 Anthony

    Wow, people in this world are crazy! I thought I’ve seen it all by watching the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs beat a homeless man to death with a hammer, but this story is arguably worse than that. What would make someone eat another person’s face? That’s inhumane. If I’ve learned a few things from reading this article and similar articles, it would be that I should take MMA cla**es, make the 2nd amendment the most important amendment in my life, and watch everyone closely.

  • Jack

    Was it light or dark meat? What wine would go with the meal?

  • Luluthug

    I think Pcp was the culpret because that s*** makes people get naked, gives them super strength and provokes strange behavior like eating people’s faces n makes you hallucinate..they dont want to alarm people on how much pcp is bein smoked in the u.s these days.

  • HL

    Judging from the the photo displayed of the news reporter, Amanda Crum, I would speculate that Ms. Crum is no stranger to delighting on human body parts..?

  • Professor Wrath

    I believe this is the first incident of an infection in which makes the host crave flesh of the same being. Otherwise makes the host a cannibal. Whether the host is conscious during the attack or completely brain dead, we do not know. If you come in contact with one of the infected, due to the extreme contagion, please notify your nearest hospital, seclude yourself from others and wait for treatment. May your gods be with you and most importantly, when this infection spreads remember that The only thing that can redeem mankind is cooperation.

  • http://yahoo.com Evelyn Bennett

    Just another sick person in the world. Only now there is one less freak to be worried about. My question is what has this country came to? Cannot even be safe in your own home anymore. And yes I am sure the homeless guy considered the over pa** his home.

    • http://hotmail.com Evelyn Bennett

      just realized typos in my first comment. sorry to all the word police out there
      But it is still a scary world to live in now

  • MiMi

    A girl at my school says that this means that zombies are real. PLEASE. This is just called drunken cannibalism.

  • blank

    What cracks me up is all of you are complaining about how they related this guys sick weird trip we all know that the news and everybody else gets drugs wrong I mean come on alcohol is still legal when it has clearly caused more deaths than pot which is still illegal in most states and by the feds his actions related more torwards pcp I think but who cares he ate two peoples face.

    P.s. to the people who cant read NO he didnt cook it!!

  • http://www.webpronews.com/miami-cannibal-attack-face-eater-identified-2012-05 Tom

    If I was one of those cops, I would’ve aimed and shot that S.O.B in his head. The system has got to start eliminating people like this guy from the face of this earth immediatley before someone else is in that same predicament.

  • lo

    This article makes me hungry.

  • susie

    The article does say the victim appears naked but officials have not commented on why…. It also says doing bath saltz creates internal heat and makes your organs feel like they are baking…. I wouldn’t know, never done that crap…. Does not sound like a fun time to me!!

  • Sherriff

    closely monitor the victim in the coming days. if he turns, we’re all screwed.

  • The Timiuswyle

    I have done my share of drugs including LSD and cocaine and although neither of them caused me to be aggresive I have seen people respond in hostile and violent ways when they have taken too much of either of these drugs.


    is that Ron Artest he went off the deep end pissed because they lost to OKC.

  • http://yahoo Dan

    Your all a bunch of a-holes……IDIOTS

  • Sue

    I hope the man will be alright. Who knows? Maybe this will lead to something positive for him.

  • crystal geng

    Jesus Christ is coming SOON!!!!SO SOON!!! You’d better be ready.
    God Bless

  • crusty

    lsd is for pussies,,, do the hard shit and get back to me darling

  • Del

    Drugs were definitely involved, it sounds more like PCP to me..either that or he mixed the wrong kidn of drugs. Drugs affect people differently, I have seen people get violent on bad acid (LSD), but who knows, this guy has some serious mental problems.

  • http://yahoo indy mak

    This is what happens in a society that lets people beleive that they have a mental deficiency. They fool themselves into thinking that deviant behavior will get them more attention and drug therapy. I mean, look at his mug shot, you can see it on his face.

    This should be a wake up call for everyone.

  • Kayla

    Everyone keeps commenting about how the article supposedly doesnt state anything about the victim being naked… Hey guys, learn how to read before you comment :P Just sayin.

  • Bam

    Zombie apocalypse is here man

  • baa

    Who gives a shit about drugs? He was a fracking Zombie!

  • mistykh@yahoo.com

    This man clearly had an evil spirit (demon) that had overtook his body, In the bible the demon possesed man also ran naked, that’s one of the first things demon possesion causes someone to do is remove their clothing..the growling, as the cops said he did is also a sign of possession, i’m sure he abused drugs also, but that didn’t cause the man to violently eat another human being, only Satan could do that!

  • richyz01

    maybe they were queer and he ate the wrong end, ha ha as high as he was.

  • Aldstan

    I vote for demon possession as the culprit.

  • Lisa

    Sounds like a drug that probably came out of Jamaica…voodoo practice? Makes the most sense… this is sick! Im glad I don’t live in Florida anymore, but it still is a concern. How long until others think this is “cool” and try it because they want the effect of “super human” strength????

  • devan

    whats lsd

  • http://chapedward@yahoo.com CE

    Are you sure they weren’t taping an episode of Bizarre foods, I could swear I see Andrew Zimmerman’s bald held glistening in the sunlight.

    On the other hand, I am not ruling out the zombie apocalypse theory.
    Not trying to stereotype ( well maybe I am ) but this is white guy crime. When another race starts doing this crap, watch out. ” The walking dead” will just be reformatted into a reality show.

    Disclaimer: The statements in this blog, are completely based on Non factual stereotypes and/or lack of proper investigative reporting.

  • CapitalistNature

    And they said Zombies aren’t real…The infection is spreading!!! LOL.

  • Queen

    what’s wrong with all of u? we are talking about cannibalism here…it’s not funny though. Arrrrrrrrghhhhhhh

  • http://yahoo nathan

    A lot and I mean A lot of nonsense comments,from drugs addicts,frustrated lovers,people who dont seem to like aliens and of course grammatic freaks,so excuse my english Im also an alien(from mars)why dont people stick to the point ? its easy,we all used to watch, “eating people movies”,so this is nothing new !

  • Hooker

    the reporter on the right is freakin smoking..

  • JJGh

    The Obama economy…4 more yrs of Obama and expect a lot of this wierdness and homelessness….hey new agers, we are not entering a new age of Aquarius…we are skyrocketing to Armageddon

  • http://www.lovelygoodbye.com Brandon

    Sh*t is crazy!! smh..while your reading this comment..go check out my band and like us on fb :D www.facebook.com/lovelygoodbye

  • Navyofficer1227

    …and all this time I thought only Miami’s pro basketball team were the only weirdos there…

  • http://yahoo South Chicago Bob

    2012 my friends.”the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT”!The Mayans and several other ancient civilizations predicted it.The beginning of the End!Get ready to defend yourself and survive.I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more bizarre and horrific news in the near future.God bless us all.

  • Bluechristy

    Bath salts ??????
    that is very strange

  • keith

    mike tyson just joking

  • keith

    sounds like mike tyson strikes again just joking

  • Bluechristy

    Honestly Bath salts ? What are in these salts ? Usually soaking in salt water will pull out poison from the body .
    I do not under stand how bath salts could cause this
    I just do not understand the mechanics of it I guess.
    Does any one know how this could have happened using bath salts ?

  • mystic merlyn

    I believe that the victim and the cannibal were both naked for whatever reason for you can see the image of two nude bodies.
    The freak who was eating the ‘homeless’ victim’s face was on something
    and that may have been a new type of LSD with something else injested.

    So next time you watch : “Night of the Living Dead” or “Dawn of the Dead” You can say “WOW” so that is what a Miami Cannibal Zombie looks like and they are real!!!

  • http://yahoo michael

    Lets face it…the man was tired of eating the same old thing and wanted a change and got it.Its the kind of meal that you could really sink your teeth in and it won’t bite back

  • eric

    I just took a bath in bathsalt and felt so relaxed, nowhere near aggressive.

  • Cass

    There is NO way that this was caused by using LSD…anyone who thinks that doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Maybe LSD combined with a whole hell of a lot of other things, plus a mental condition….maybe then…just maybe…

  • Kyta

    Anyone on here that is sayin LSD is okay is just fuckin stupid…da only safe drug is “WEED” you have never n da history heard anyone o.d. from it…so yall just fighting a losing battle yes life is a learning process but everything is not okay…

  • nyanimal

    i’ve dropped my share of acid,but it never caused me to act like that.

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