“Mermaids: The Body Found”: Real, Or Movie Marketing Strategy?

    May 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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The ocean harbors many mysterious creatures within its depths, some of which us humans have a hard time imagining. Fish born blind because of the utter darkness they live in, oddly-shaped gelatinous beings with poisonous tentacles, and prey with camouflage technology are just a few that spring to mind. There are most likely things living in the Mariana Trench–waters so deep that so far only one man has successfully navigated to the bottom–that would make a sane person run screaming for the hills after one glance.

Because there’s so much of the Earth’s water supply that hasn’t been navigated yet, it’s easy to imagine that other creatures–mythical ones, even–dwell at the depths of our oceans, and one of the most popular myths is that of the mermaid. A sea siren who appears to lure sailors to their watery deaths, the mermaid has roots in Greek mythology and is often depicted as a beautiful, young, half-nude lady with a shimmering fish tail. However, there are those who believe the mermaid has a much darker origin and isn’t quite as pretty.

A new documentary called “Mermaids: The Body Found” aired on Animal Planet this weekend and explores these myths, as well as never-been-released footage which was allegedly captured on a cell phone and shows a teenage boy prodding a finned-creature on the beach, only to have it rear up and roar at him. While it’s true we don’t know everything about what the sea holds, the footage looks more like a viral marketing campaign for a film than it does anything else. With so many movies out in recent years touting “found footage”, this video would be perfect for the next installment. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Rachel

    While I am sure that the entire episode of “Mermaids: The Body Found” is a work of fiction, I believe that it touches on something that I think the majority of people would agree with; myths and legends have to begin somewhere. While I know that the film did use actual evidence of mysterious sounds that were recorded by various scientists, the remainder of the film, including the scientists that were portrayed as witnesses or participants, were all fake. It did spark conversation about the mythology however, and leaves us with an unanswered question; “How can so many cultures have the same legend, and yet none of them communicated with each other?” There are only so many coincidences that can be only a coincidence before a culmination then makes it circumstantial evidence. So how did the legend begin and what made those mysterious sounds that are factual evidence? Is it an undiscovered species of dolphin? Is it an undiscovered species of something else? The fictional account presented on Animal Planet did leave us with, if nothing else, a great topic for conversation and debate. It think it would be interesting if a true documentary were done about the investigation into the actual recorded evidence that is on record (for real) around the world.

    • Cody

      I believe that part of the show was real such as the sound and testings but the fact that the body came up and hissed at the boy looked a bit unreal. i mean if the mermaid couldve dont that wouldnt it still be flopping aound then or at least moving?

    • kp

      Right on point!

    • Dion

      I soooooooooo agree with you Rachel… Just one thing that I haven’t yet tried… Looking up the supposed scientists on the internet… see if they are in fact real… Hmmmm… what ya think?? diontaylor65atyahoodotcom

  • http://yahoo lynn

    legends and myths start somewhere, so many cultures have different ideas that all involve the same thing, in early history there was no way to communicate, cultures were isolated so how can so many different cultures have myths about the same thing?

  • Mark

    Whether the show is fiction or not…It’s one of the most informative and interesting show on TV after a looooooong looooong time. I enjoyed it and I learned from it.

  • Ashley

    It definitely made me think, and that is never a bad thing. I definitely believe that something like a mermaid exists but I don’t think it looks like what they showed in this documentary. The world may never know!

  • http://yahoo NOAH

    i think its real but im not for sure what they had shown was real but i know for sure there are lots of things in the ocean not found big and small

  • paul

    i think we are arrogant to think that we know everything. anything is possible.

  • tia

    WTF i watched this and all my life i always wanted to be a mermaid im 15 now and that dream is just gone now if i can never watch the little mermaid and feel the same way again EVER.

  • Angeldiva

    Icon Films = Mel Gibson

  • JBrown

    I just watched the show, and I feel that some is true because the government trys to keep alot from the publics eyes, but when you see the phone video, it just makes it look fake. It dosen’t play like it should, because you can see the video switch, (like a seen change). Video phones ( at that time ) should play straight threw. But hay what do I know, maybe they do exsist. You be the judge.

  • michael

    Well this to me as with you all seems like fake images, the real thought is why tell anything now? If its so hush hush that the gov takes everything related then why say something when there is no proof, why not wait till there is proof to show, I belive there are Mermaids, but do I belive that what they showed to be real, no. Maby some day we will know, maby someday humans as a hole will learn to coexist ( or how ever you spell it)

    • http://www.webpronews.com georgianna

      U no wat it is real have u seen the video of those to little boys who say one and recorded it. Fuuk the. Government. There just hiding things from us as a native american we believe this is real…..

  • http://yahoo.com JOE

    I thank they need to catch one and put it in sea world!!ha

    • http://google koolbreeze


  • retards

    did half of u even watch the show to even make such comments?????? A the so called video on the camera phone thats on the internet wasnt even on the show and wasnt even the same video the video was just a tail fin lol….. so id suggest u watch the show fully before making opinions lol

    • Jo

      Yes..i think most of you just watched on the internet. It is a different footage. I think mermaids are real. People are just in doubt b/c we dont see creatures on a daily basis. If they say only 10% of the ocean has been discovered, the other 90% it the possible and unimaginable!

    • Laine

      There were two parts to the show. I guess you didn’t watch the one with the cell phone video because it was definitely on there. I assume you only watched part one.

  • darlene

    I saw the mermaid doc. twice and was so intrigued with it and the way it explained all the points it was trying to cover it was the most interesting documentary I have seen in a long time awesome job. would love more info in and around the making of this.

  • sunset28

    I do believe in mermaids exist, I wish the government stop covering up what out there. the government needs to study the mermaid if they do have 1 so we can learn how to protect our ocean in our planet we need to get real facts on our own history so we can learn how to protect our planet. I believe the government makes up rules rules to separate us as human beings to destroy our nation as people .

  • hope

    I believe mermaids are real. You never know what’s down in the ocean, more money has been put into going into space than into our own oceans and seas. And no one can honestly say they aren’t real unless they have searched every bit of the ocean, which is impossible. The theories that the scientists have came up with about how they came about are very understandable and could be true, the government can very well be hiding this from us. You never know.

    • http://google koolbreeze

      I totaly agree about the money thing and the mermaids but i definetly know the phone video is a HOAX SORRY.

  • kp

    Though the science and anthropology is interesting and fun, and though I do believe an aquatic humanoid is possible, everything in this special is fabricated. They are ALL actors, not just the reinactments. The “government cover up” and the “found footage” are fake. This story never happened. Even some of the historical examples were invented. Dissapointing, discovery channel

    • kp

      The beached whales are real and the “bloop” was real, though

  • Dion

    Well, I literally just watched the show on discovery channel and was so enthralled that I had to get my laptop and confirm. What a trip!! I am a very firm believer in newly discovered species and life on other planets… after further watching the show, and reading/viewing the internet… I’m sorry folks, THIS IS A HOAX… AN ELABORATE HOAX. The people interviewed were trying to be too convincing, the stories are too detailed, too much footage seen that was supposedly confiscated, too much attention to detail, and most of all, especially with a discovery of this scale, My GOD, why wasn’t this all over the national and international news?!?!? Can anyone remember “Alien autopsy?? Looked real, right?? Sorry to blow your high folks… when I see it all mover the news, credible news, and in credible newspapers, with more photos/videos that don’t look like alien autopsy, I just may start to think about the “possibility” that maybe there might be something… gonna take alot more than this to convince. Thanks for allowing me my opinion. Have a good one,

  • Jen

    Mermaids COULD be real… But that “cellphone video” is DEFINATELY a fake! Just look at it! The computer pixels practically spell it out for ya. Also, those songs they sing are creeeeeeepy!

  • Nate

    The documentary sounded credible up to the point of the “real footage” . Does the discovery channel really expect us to believe this sh!t? The CGI on the cell phone footage was just as bad as the rest of reenactments of theory’s they shown. The beach scene was shot Hollywood style, starts with the camera slowly panning up , pauses, video glitches an cuts to dramatic running, they find the body and the video keeps panning back an forth . Ether the video was edited with a high $ program or someone stole a cellphone from the future and brought it back in time to 2003 to catch a video of a mermaid. I believe in mermaids but keep the crap fiction on the SiFi channel , people watch the discovery channel to learn an dabble in reality. Not to waste 2 hours on a hoax. you bastards

  • Mark Shabiz

    Was pumped about this until I saw it. Was a typical hoax. Fake films always have several things in common; 1. Broken/shadowy video footage or parial pictures that are never clear. 2. Big brother blocking exposure of the alleged event.
    Typical BS…did not expect this from the Discovery Channel. I watch the Discovery channel to learn about real things. This B.S. show has truly changed my opinion, the Discovery channel has slowly become a pandering/tabloid type media source.

  • Emily

    Did anyone notice that the birds in the back never moved? I loved the show until that…total fake…cell phones back then didn’t look that good and would only be able to video maybe 30sec. I like some of the other evidence they found but both videos was fake. Really I think it was just a show to get the Navy to stop using their sonars, that’s what it was really all about.

    • http://google koolbreeze

      I did notice the birds and what i also noticed is the “mermaids” eyes they r not eyes its just dark holes and no nose also no teeth. It did have me glued to it till the stuff i notice

      • dJ

        Noticed that you see the shoes runing but not the cell phone swinging back and forth. They wanted one to see the shoes.

  • https://www.facebook.com/rolando.buhayo Rolando Buhayo

    I already felt something fishy (no pun intended) a few minutes into the interviews. They are terrible actors.

    My “Aaaaawww c’mon!!!! moment” though was when they showed the video of a mermaid allegedly being caught in the net of a fishing boat.

    Having said that it was an entertaining show, it had me glued for its entirety. It was amusing.

    But do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that since the “documentary” is fake, mermaids are fake too. I’ve heard about the “aquatic ape hypothesis” back in college and it really had some pretty strong arguments.

  • Dan Souheaver

    So, we are to believe that a scared boy running away from something so scary is going to hold the phone With the camera.on, on his feet for even one moment!

  • ThinkingTwiceAboutThings

    I’m just curious… If the real footage of the boys on the beach is fake. What is up with the anonymous man speaking about the boys video? If he is speaking true fully why would he menchen the boys and the video? When watching the documentary I had second thoughts wether or not mermaids are real. I’m just interested in any thoughts on the anonymous man? Some of the things he had to say may or may not have been creditable… Interesting that he had a date to when the mermaid died in 2007.

  • whisper

    Yes the footage was fake but some of those documented photos of speared shark r real u can look all that up. N those spears themselves come what their from Atlantis. Not to far fetched to believe some humans went to land n others became aquatic

  • whisper

    Yes the footage was fake but some of those documented photos of speared shark r real u can look all that up. N those spears themselves come on what their from Atlantis? Not to far fetched to believe some humans went to land n others became aquatic. When will the government stop hiding so much n be honest to the people. What does the gov fear so much.r they scared they will lose their job. Fuuq the gov.

    • lali

      wow dis sucks

  • eric

    Your tellin me that two teenage boys saw a freakin mermaid and didn’t say anything the whole time?(You hear footsteps and seagulls but not a whispered comment between the two?) That in itself strains belief, much less the cgi mythical creature.

  • Kalista Jeter

    I know mermaids are real. Theres a lot of things people think are fake, but that doesnt mean anything. Mermaids live in the Mariana Trench. How do I know that? I watched the mermaid movie. By the way, if you dont belive in mermaids, then why doesmt the movie mermaids say fantasy? The answer is… mermaids are real.

    • g hoff

      Just because it was in a movie doesn’t make it true. Try seeing a therapist and tell him/her what you posted. I believe but to the extent your putting it they might as well live in atlantis