Megan Pettine Tweet And Why People Need To Grow Up

    January 25, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Within a household, it’s not all that unusual that a parent and child support different NFL football teams, and sometimes snarky things are said. That’s just within a household. On Twitter, it gets a bit more hilarious and yes, it’s fun to troll one’s parents.

The case of Megan Pettine is nothing like that, which makes the overblown reaction to a simple tweet that much more embarrassing for all the adults involved.

Pettine’s since deleted tweet to a friend said, “the interview went well and he’s going back for a second! It’s the browns.. but hey still pretty cool.”

First and foremost, Megan Pettine was not interviewing for the Brown’s job. Her father was. It’s not a requirement for her to give a damn outside of the fact that her father has employment and that means food on the table. If he does a wonderful job and the Browns have a hype-worthy season, maybe it may inspire her (and millions of other NFL fans who think the Browns are crap) to see the team in a more pleasant light.

Secondly: “She was mortified. [She] called me hysterically crying one day after it happened.”

Why should she be mortified? If she was allegedly a fan of his former team, the Baltimore Ravens, the Cleveland Browns will seem like a logical step down. Both in terms of quality and color scheme.

What’s even more mortifying? That a bunch of grown men would feel the need to shame a teenage girl to tears over an opinion that is none of their business and has no reflection on her father’s own opinion and the professionalism he’d bring to the job.

And lastly…We’re talking about the Cleveland Browns. Pettine didn’t say that she hated the Browns. She didn’t say they were terrible and that they’d always be terrible. But plenty of people have inferred worse about Browns and thus far have been proven RIGHT. So then, are we really going to place the onus of optimism on Megan Pettine, and expect her to talk up a team that has not proven itself worthy of being talked up?

So many people need to get over themselves. If Mike Pettine’s biggest challenge is getting Cleveland to accept him or the team to get behind him over a stupid tweet, it’s safe to say the Browns have bigger problems and will remain a laughing stock of a team.

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  • JL

    Oh Please. Megan Pettine is a 19 year old woman. She is not a girl. For her to cry about this is absolutely crazy. She needs to grow up. This "reporter" needs to stop ranting about a non-issue. There are 12 year olds fighting in wars in other countries. I myself have seen 14 year olds kill people. But some privileged spoiled brat woman gets her feelings hurt and this is news? The girl and this reporter needs to grow up.

    • @JL

      This is America. People here are clueless. The ignorance in America is truly astounding. Their teenagers look like they are in their mid twenties and are doing everything adults are doing, but they still call them children.

  • jkw

    Yes, Megan Pettine is a 19 year old woman – old enough to know that tweets can go viral. Context is also important – she is tweeting from Maryland which has the team that was the original Browns. She is old enough to know that history: or if she does not know that history, she has not paid attention to her father's career. Her tweet was insensitive to that history.