Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp Split?

    August 23, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Meg Ryan and John Mellecamp have reportedly split up after more than three years of dating. Sources say Indiana is to blame. And even though that sounds like a catchy title to some future song lyrics–and may well be–it’s likely the absolute truth.

“It was the distance,” one source reports. “She lives in New York and he resides in Indiana. It was the long distance that ultimately was the cause.”

John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan started dating right before he filed for divorce from his wife of eighteen years, Elaine Irwin Mellencamp. Ryan and actor Dennis Quaid divorced following her affair from actor Russell Crowe.

But back to Indiana–where John Mellencamp has planted himself for good. It sounds like it really does play a huge role in his split from Meg Ryan, because he is determined to remain there, while her feet are pretty firmly planted on New York City soil. In fact, Mellencamp said just a few months ago that he was “too sensitive” for that city and its “poor people,” “trash” and “suffering.”

“I’m not leaving Indiana,” the singer said. “I’m going to die here.”

Neither Meg Ryan nor John Mellencamp’s publicists have made a statement about the split.

If you can’t remember the last time Meg Ryan appeared on the big screen, it’s because the last time was 2009. She is known for her work alongside Tom Hanks in films like You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle. She is set to star with Hanks yet again in a film she is also producing. Ithaca will premiere some time in 2015.

John Mellencamp has been hard at work on a musical production that is co-written by Stephen King. Called Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, the production begins touring in November, but Mellencamp isn’t part of the live show.

It sounds like absence didn’t make the heart grow fonder for Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp. In fact, it seemed to show them instead that they weren’t in love enough for one or both of them to make the change that seemed quite necessary to keep their relationship alive.

  • SumTingWong

    Indiana is a good place to be from.

  • janie

    i believe john finally realized what an idiot he was for cheating on his wife and dumping his family for this piece or rag

  • whoopsOhMy

    If “I”m going to live here”, and “so I’m going to live here” is the reason, it wasn’t valued enough to begin with- Love and commitment doesn’t have a place as priority number 1

    So Meg Ryan, now you have the independence of the glitz and attitudes of New Yorkers
    And John M,. you get the calm and not a lot to do unless one does it themselves of Indiana. Slower, more wholesome and real
    Guess priorities and choices were made

  • Donna Hurley

    First off I didn’t even know they were dating. New York and Indiana? Two completely different lifestyles. This is going to be similar to the Bachelor in Iowa finding a wife when all the women are looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

  • canton8385

    I never knew they were together