Matt Lauer Screamed At, Blamed For Ann Curry’s Departure

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Matt Lauer is getting screamed at, but not the good kind he receives as a co-anchor on Today. He’s reportedly the target of verbal abuse from those who believe he’s responsible for the departure of Ann Curry from the morning program.

TMZ reports that Lauer is “freaked out” that people are screaming at him across the street on Manhattan. The Today co-anchor is reportedly “miserable” over the “hateful and unfair tirades” that are now being directed at him. Some of things people are saying include “You’re a bad guy” and “You got Ann fired.”

It’s not known exactly what caused Curry to be let go from the show, but there are numerous theories as to why the network finally decided to pull the plug on her career. One theory suggests that ratings took a drastic hit as soon as she started hosting, but another rumor suggests that Lauer demanded that Curry be replaced in his recent negotiations to resign onto the show.

Either way, Curry is no longer with Today, and has been replaced by Savannah Guthrie. She was the co-anchor for Today’s third hour but is now with Lauer during the show’s opening hour. As for Curry herself, she believes she was let go because she was getting a little on in years, and the company wanted somebody younger in the role.


Matt Lauer Screamed At, Blamed For Ann Curry’s Departure
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  • Bill

    I would yell at him too if I saw him. Anne Curry got totally screwed over. She made the show better, I don’t watch it anymore.

  • Shirley Kendall

    We faithfully watched the Today show until Ann was let go, now we watch GMA.
    We liked Ann, whoever decided to let her go did wrong.

  • Scamuel Jones

    Matt Lauer is a scum SOB moron POS! He ought to be fired and verbally abused as well!

  • http://Webpronews Jackie Knight

    NBC sux. They tell only half the truth about an issue, if they even report on it at all. How many people learned anything about “Fast and Furious” and the hundreds of Mexicans and the American Border Patrol being murdered by guns our Attorney General sent over the border? Or how about the slaughter of our ambassador in Bhengazi, Libya? Wonder if NBC reported on our Treasury Secretary not paying his taxes or Obama’s daily “prayers” with the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House. I wish that whole network would finish going bankrupt an go off the air.

  • Barb

    I would like to scream at him too. He is such a louse… I stopped watching the show when Ann left too. It was so unfair… she did a great job!! Get rid of Matt and bring her back.


    • pat

      me too

  • Mary Scholl

    Ann Curry whines and uses a “story telling voice” on every story. Good riddance!!!

    • LaDonna Robertson

      She does NOT whine and never has. Matt is an arss-hole and needs to permanently go away.

  • Brandon

    Idk I don’t really blame Matt, but it was just tateless for that channel to drop Ann. The best they have is hoda and gifford. Look where all the other talent went to, Amy, channel 11, that doll face anchor from dc, channel 11′

  • http://yahoo Carolyn Langston

    I stop watching the show the day Ann left.

    • bonnie

      I stopped watching the day anne left and now watch GMA … great energy, no lauer / guthrie crap

  • john Bloskas

    Ann Curry, who. She was so overated.

  • carl

    matt l. certainly wouldnt be any big loss if he was gone………ann seemed sweet and sincere

  • http://yahoo Rudy Ruybal

    Ann Curry was the best part of the show. She gave the show respect and class. We don’t appreciate the style of Matt. The crew is too young & silly. We want true professionalism. Matt gives the feeling of I’m too good for the common people. Please return the feeling of sensitivity and compassion for America’s daily heros. Are we all controlled by the advertising?

  • http://NBCGoodMorningAmerica Gina

    I think Mat Lauer is an egotistical I’m the best person on TV. He is insulting to all the people he interviews making them feel like idiots, which is what he is. I think that NBC should tone him down on how he talks to people. If not, someone is going to punch him one of these days and he will have it coming for all the people he has treated bad, Who does he think he is? He acts like he is the perfectist person on this earth. Please make him apologize on TV for all the people he has offended, then FIRED.


      I agree,100%

  • JCasteel

    What goes around comes around, Matt. After all the “ambush” interviews you’ve done, misleading news stories you’ve reported, and all the flat out lies you’ve told over the years, payback is a bitch, isn’t it? Hope the rumors r true and you soon hear the words made famous by Donald Trump: YOU’RE FIRED!

  • sjoliva

    I think that Ann should have not been promoted to anchor. She should have stayed as news person. They should have never let Meridith go. Tho she did they should have replaced her with Hoda. Ann talked too fast. She did a great job when she went on assignment. She cares about her story but I think that the anchor job went to her head. Leave Matt alone. He makes the whole show. Savannah is so clueless it’s almost refreshing to see the innocents with her. I think that if Hoda was anchor the show would be fun and funny like when Meridith was there. Get rid of KL all she does is name drop and drink. She’s a drunk!!

  • http://yahoo frederick hubbard

    Well Little MATT, HOWS it FEEL, YOU RUN off a VERY SWEET LADY, is the rumor TRUE, are YOU getting READY to get YOURS ???????????????

  • Lindsey Gilman

    I thought Ann Curry was kinda a dud. So I was not unhappy when she left. I guess it is just her personality. She’s such a downer. She was never up.

    • http://whatdoyoumean????website anne

      R U kidding me ? Ann was always up beat, kind, pretty, & funny, sensitive & smart. Everyone knows that about Ann !
      She is too good for that dumb show. I stopped watching too when sweet heart Ann left.

  • Manny

    He is a flamboyant dick head. Is real bad to see his face or just his name ! From good to the worst ! Good job Matt
    I would love to see you in one of this world trips and never come back ! A wannabee down the drain ! Life justice !

  • celia shockley

    i believe that matt lauer thinks he is it. he is responsible for the departure of ann and meredith. he did not think they were good enough for him. he trys to make them look bad. he needs to go. i switched to good morning america because of matt.

  • Dolores Howe

    I too liked Ann Curry very much. I thought she and Mr. Lauer made a good team. However, I also think that Matt felt that Ann was stealing the show as she looked so young next to him, he became
    phobic. NBC would do better with her on it with a nicer gentleman.

  • JC

    Matt Lauer is such a d-head. I can’t stand the guy. He comes off as the little boy who snuck into the big-time. That has been his game for year. He is pathetic.
    I am wondering why I spent the time to write this.
    FIRE Matt Lauer. He is a BIG waste of time to watch.

  • Mark Leadingham

    I must say that Ann Curry is a beautiful and remarkable lady no matter how old she is. She did a great job on the today show. We all know though that Matt Lauer is the Top dog of the show, so whatever he wants he gets. Good Luck Ann wherever you may go.. Mark


    Retire,your an old face,to many years,time is catching up,suiting up and showing up really is not good enough anymore if your heart truly is not into it anymore.I know I just retired last year,because of this.You can not fight it,once this happens its over,this is part of life.Money can not change some things.

  • Barbara Cooper

    I quit watching the Today show when Ann Curry was let go. I liked her. I think she got a raw deal.

    • tamra

      i 2 hv stopped watching since ann curry left. i think she had pizzazzzzz! loved her wardrobe also. matt needs to get over himself.

  • http://webpronews.com Dave

    they want a young hard belly on there, someone that has sex appeal

  • http://yahoo linda

    Can’t stand Matt either. He is so stuck on himself. He needs to be yelled at on the streets for what he has done to Ann. So now Matt is crying because people are upset with him? Then stop being such an a**. I also stopped watching the Today show. I know a lot of other people who stopped as well. MOVE ON MATT, TIMES UP.

    • gladys


  • fritzman

    i stoped watching the nbc chennels when mat lauer came on the set i went too CBS i don’t get any more b@#%^.

  • Scott

    Mr. Lauer has had his “draw” to female viewers – but never impressed male viewers. Today Show is mainly for women – in it’s timeslot anyway. Since he cut all his hair off a few years ago, to reduce the “sex” symbol image he has turned into a pansy and caters to the female co-hosts for viewer acceptance as it seems, by most accounts? Curry was let go by some young group of mid-mgmt (liberal) execs – with or without Lauer’s input for not being a liberal, NY Jew and for being over 40. She’ll land OK however.

  • Patti Dyer

    Now let Matt go. He’s in love with Matt.
    I’ve gone to Fox and found I love it there.

  • Patti Dyer

    Matts in love with Matt. Make his departure next.
    I turned to Fox and now I see what I’ve been missing.

  • Ann P.

    I switched to CBS so I could watch real news with reporters, instead of the Today Show “airheads.” I really liked Ann Curry because she reported the hard news. She didn’t dress up in some silly costume or banter about silly pop culture just to for a ratings boost like Matt Lauer does. I hear Katie Couris left too because she was tired of having to report all the stupid, bubblegum entertainment stories.

    • http://yahoo.com Donna

      The magic starting falling apart when Katie left, I only watched maybe 1 or 2 times a month after that.I thought Ann was a wonderful person and felt she was doing a great job and feel she will be missed by many. To the people talking about being to old, you must be in your early 30’s well wake up baby and smell the coffee you will be in the same spot before you know it.
      It’s realy sad when corporate America starts chopping the heads when some one developes an illness or starts to show some age. They need to realize and learn to appreciate and care for the people that have built the ratings and popularity of a show or business. It’s not always the show or product but in most cases it’s the relationships and good feelings a great team can bring to the company as well as cause it to fail when weak or unexperianced replacements are put in. I switched to Fox.

  • AMC

    I like Ann Curry and I too stopped watching the Today show when she left. If anyone looks old, it the Matt, I enjoyed hearing Ann and still see her when she does her reporting and she is a Lady with Class…..Oh by the way, I changed to the Morning Joe show….I don’t like Joe either but its better the hearing Matt and Savanah..

  • tom black

    somebody needs to do a Newtown on him

    • Rita Kelly

      The Newtown tragedy should not be used as an example of recourse. That mentality is exactly what is wrong with the cultural and moral environment in the U.S. today. If you really think this comment is justified and that resorting to violence when you have a beef with another person is the right approach, it is really sad. Adam Lanza could not empathize with pain, and distinguish what is right and wrong. The same goes for Tom Black!
      I think the network realized the chemistry was lacking between these two talented co-hosts, and Matt Lauer is not totally to blame. I say switch the channel if you don’t like the show.

  • Wendy Cameron

    Matt Lauer is too old an out of date to be at the show anymore. He is worn out and deserves what people are saying. The networks ought to listen and give him the boot. Too bad they are stuck in a contract with him. If women aren’t young and perfect they are gone, why is Matt, who is clearly past his time,bad hair, and certainly not anything to look at still there. You look old, you act old and you are not someone worth watching. Older is not bad, but if you insist on getting rid of the women, then stop the good old boys and find someone new! Maybe it’s time to graciously find a new day job!

  • Linda

    I had been a long time Today Show fan. I quit watching when Ann Curry left.

  • http://Webpronews P Rowland

    Well it about time They should fire him and bring her back if ratings are important !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    I quit watching that news program all because of them dumping Ann….she was an honest and fantastic reporter…I love her..Matt is a bum….loves himself..
    I watch anything but the TODAY show…

  • http://yahoo Ben

    The show is much better without her.

    • geri

      I AGREE

      • DJ

        Meridith was soooo good on Today. Ann Curry made me very uncomfortable. She seemed to try too hard and I did not like her interview technique at all. I was surprised and happy they let her go. Savannah is no Meridith, but she does have an ease about her. I turn it off now more because I can’t stand the hip hop, rap and boy bands they have on. But that is just because I am of the older generation.

    • http://yahoo David

      you have no class taste!!

  • Ann

    Quit watching the Today show, Ann was wonderful, Matt is an ass.

  • http://FORGETMATT Linda

    When Matt got rid of ANN, I quit TODAY SHOW. He loves himself Ann was an honest reporter…that had a heart for the truth…NO MORE TODAY SHORE FOR ME…

  • http://www.judycampbellart.com Judy Campbell

    For whatever reason Anne Curry was fired, I am so glad she is gone. If I quit watching the show because of those interviews when she was so-o-o-o bleeding heart. Most of the people I knew stopped watching because of her and started up again once she was gone.

    • Melissa

      After 30+ years as a Today show fan, I quit watching when Ann left. I now watch Charlie Rose on CBS along with Oprah’s BFF Gayle King. Wonderful show. Matt needs to go. He’s old and out of touch anymore. Savannah is just too phony and frickin’ perky for me.

  • geri

    Today show and Good Morning America are top drawer. Matt does a great job no matter who is his 2nd in command. Talk about BORING!!! Click onto CBS and see how boring is boring!!!

    • Kate McCarty

      I don’t think anyone can beat Good Morning America, and I don’t care for Matt Lauer. I did like Ann. But GMA has a rhythm that would be hard for anyone to beat. I think Ann was treated horribly, and Matt wasn’t a good sport about their differences.

  • http://yahoo wayne muncher

    i am not sure what happen but it was a quick dission to let her go an the show was much better with on it . an i bet shes not as old as matt so if it could happen. please bring her back. that is if she would take it but i think she would tell them she likes her life like it is.

  • sowhat32

    I don’t watch because of the egotisical ugly creep Matt Lauer. He’s not TV material. He s*cks the big one. I haven’t watched since he began co-hosting. I can’t stand the creep. They need to fire his arse.

    • http://yahoo David


    • http://Yahoo Mavrik

      Mavrik386 Matt is one of the most intelligent hosts of all morning shows. I would love to hang out and shoot the $hit with him anytime. Smart man. Did anyone read how Ann treated the people renovating her Manhatten digs? Read she treats her “help” the same way. NOT Matts fault.

  • judy

    I really think that Ann is a great reporter, but iI did not like her as co anchor.Not sure about Savannah either.I do turn into gma more often now and can’t wait till Robin Roberts gets back.

  • Joy

    Matt, if you were party to Ann leaving the show own-up so I can hate you too. I haven’t stopped watching but do not enjoy the show like I did when Ann was there. Recalling Ann’s last day Matt said she would be at the Olympics. I didn’t see her there. It has been a thrill to see her on the few reports she’s done since leaving Today. It’s like seeing an old friend.

  • http://yahoo David

    dump the whole staff for being a herd of chicken chets!!

    • Shenli


  • http://Yahoo Martie Hawthorne

    I liked Anne Curry…. I get tired of watching all these tv types looking like teenie boppers. I liked Ann Curry for her maturity and her talents as a jounalist and I think Savannah Guthrie cannot compare toAnns abilites. Besides Savannah had a position and also is a legal advisor for which she gets paid handsomely. Anne is a pure Journalist. As for Matt Laur…. he is old and not much fun at all . H needs to be reired. Great loss when they let go of Anne

  • Barb

    I agree 100% with AMC…I quit watching too when they let her go. Matt and Savanah are both boring and dry…She at least had some class and was humble. I think Matt’s head has gotten to big for his britches. Kick both of them to the curb. Al Rooker is the only one left who has any personality.

  • Ron

    I too stopped watching the Today show… My wife likes it but when I come in if it is one I turn it off… Matt is an egotistical idiot in my opinion and his head is like a blimp…. I do believe Ann was better on the show and brought more interest to the news articles and stories… I also believe Matt had something to do with her termination… Savannah is very nice but is lacking what Ann Curry gave to the show…

    • http://google kim


  • Kerry

    I LOVED Ann — and hate Matt (an egotistical jerk) . . . switched to Good Morning America ever since Ann left.

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