Matt Cutts On The SEO Mistakes You’re Making

By: Chris Crum - April 29, 2013

In the latest Webmaster Help video from Google, Matt Cutts discusses the biggest mistakes that a lot of webmasters are making when it comes to SEO.

The top mistake, he says, is not making your site crawlable, which includes not having a domain.

After that, it’s not including the right words on the page. Think about what the user is going to type, and include those words, he says. Going further, also have the things that people would be likely to look for on the page. For example, include your business hours. If you’re a restaurant, inlclude a menu in plain text – not just a PDF.

The third thing is that people are thinking too much about “link building” when they should really just be thinking about creating compelling content and maketing (including things like talking to newspaper reporters).

The fourth thing is the lack of good titles and descriptions. Make sure you include something that makes people actually want to click on the search result, and something that will be helpful, should users bookmark the site. “Something that lets them know you’re going to have the answer they’re looking for – something that makes them understand this is a good resource,” says Cutts.

Finally, the other big mistake is not taking advantage of webmaster resources, including (but not limited to) Google’s own Webmaster Tools. Cutts also suggests following Google’s blogs and webmaster videos, attending search conferences, talking to people online (including in Google’s forums), and even mentions Blekko’s link tool. Basically, just follow the SEO industry.

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  • christopher

    I enjoy this and agree with all this when comes todo it yourself SEO. The thing that kind of surprised me was people are not using web mastery tools.

    With that content marketing really is big must, for me it about input, building trust, and showing you know what talking about.

    You even do this in link building but in a limited way.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    “…people are thinking too much about “link building” when they should really just be thinking about creating compelling content and maketing ”

    In my experience, when you focus on building great content that helps your audience the links you build/earn are the right kind of links that make the right kind of impact. When you build links for the sake of those links that’s where you run into trouble. Links are still the bread and butter of SEO but they can’t wholly run your program.

  • Bret Peterson

    Sorry but I have to disagree with a lot of this. This is the same stuff that Matt Cutts has been saying for a long time but search results tell a different story. If you’re doing SEO clients want to see result. Yes, searchers want to see quality content but getting it in front of the general public for a client is our job and until things change, SEO and link building are the way to do that.

  • Danny

    I think a balanced approach of great content and a modest amount of link building, would be better off…

    Yes, great content gains links, though, without first having attained decent ranking, that great content may just gather dust…

    So, some back linking would be wise..

  • David Etherington

    I’m going for the minimum content, maximum conversion option with my site from now on , your never going to beat the system. Time to start building sites for people not robots. Rankings and traffic are great but do they pay the bills?

  • Gracious Store

    Thanks for this important information for webmasters from Cutts.

  • Gracious Store

    Thanks for this important information for webmasters from Cutts

  • Avish Kumar . R


    I agree with Matt Cutts, But some times in google lots of stuff i will observe like if people search for some product , the out put will give what people mentioned in search box ( Keyword ), and according to that the result will appear, we cant see proper information, why it is like that, can any one say.

    Avish Kumar . R

  • Yiwu

    link building, it seems linking is less important than before..