Mary Kay Letourneau: Scandalous Ex-Teacher Arrested, Again

    January 6, 2014
    Jasmine Allen
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Mary Kay Letourneau, the schoolteacher arrested in 1997 for sleeping with her sixth grade student, is in trouble yet again.

The fifty-one-year-old was arrested Monday morning in Seattle, Wash., for “failing to appear in court for a suspended driver’s license case.”

According to Julie Murphy, the state’s spokeswoman for King County Adult and Juvenile Detention & Community Corrections, Letourneau was released on a $5,000 bond the same day.

In the late 1990s, Letourneau became one of the most controversial headliners in the news.

Her relationship with Vili Fualaau, who was 12 years old at the time, became one of the most shameful acts in the nation at that time.

At 34, Letourneau found herself attracted to her student, which led to sexual encounters. After the story made its way to court, she was convicted of raping Fualaau and served seven years in prison.

However, she and Fualaau never denied the attraction they had for one another and actually admitted to being in love.

After her release from prison in 2003, they married in 2005 and had two children.

Although there has been many other teacher-student romances or teacher-student rape cases, Letourneau’s trial remains one that will forever be remembered by many.

Letourneau next court date is scheduled for Tuesday, which she plans to attend.

Image via Youtube, Tyrone White 

  • BS

    I find this disgusting. If this would have been a guy and the student a girl, this would not have been such a kind article. The author calls the relationship a student teacher “romance”. If it would have been a guy, the author would have called it child rape and he would have been called a pedophile. The guy would have received decades if not life in prison.

    This country is a bunch of bullshit. Two different standards for men and women. I know a guy in prison who went to meet a woman he thought was 18 from the internet. The girl pursued him for a year and invited him 5 times to meet. It turned out that “she” was actually three different women from three different states over 2,000 miles away from him. All the women were 40 years of old or older. All had mental illnesses. One turned out to be implicated in a fraud scandal in California and her name is all over the LA Times. The three women turned over only chat conversations from the the last month they talked and in only one place did they mention being underage. Well, he got a 30 year sentence and literally never saw a person. In all my life, I never met a “victim” that pursued a person for year and invited their “attacker” FIVE different times to meet. The man is literally sitting in prison and he never even saw a person. Prior to that, he had never had a criminal record. Ever.

    This woman screwed a 12 year old for months and received 7 years and this author dares to call it a “romance”. What is worse yet, is we all see underage girls going after older men. We know it happens every single day. The girls sneak out, wear thongs, wear stilletos, hit on the men, purposely have sex with the men, get drunk with the men and yet we say they don’t know what they are doing. Yet, you walk out of your house right now, go to any club and you will find a ton of underage girls in clubs around this nation. Heck, Kylie Jenner was 15, she posed in a small bikini and the world commented she looks like she is 25. She even got busted in a strip joint in Nevada. How does a 15 year old girl get in a strip joint!! We flat out know women lie and look older. Yet, men are paying the price.

    So damn hypocritical. What is sad is that ALL the women out there that have SONS know the hypocrisy and know that their sons are all in danger. Yet, they say nothing about the hypocrisy. Heck, most women have slept with older men when they were underage. The numbers are staggering when confidential surveys are done.

    • @BS

      It is America. Don’t try to figure it out. I am a teacher and I see the types of girls you are talking about every day. The crazy thing is the parents see their kids dressing sexy and wearing g-strings, but they actually believe they are doing it just for fun. The reality is they leave school, go to their friends house, and then go out looking to hook up with guys much older than them. Then they will come back the next day and brag to their friends about what they did. You are right. They know exactly what they are doing. It is all hypocrisy and I know many men who won’t even go into teaching because they are afraid. I am a woman too, so don’t anyone out there think I am being biased. We are losing a lot of good male teachers. The funny thing is if you go to many countries, if a 16 year old sleeps with an older person, it is no big deal. Lives are not ruined for consensual sex where no one gets hurt. I also agree with what you said. I know when I was young, I purposely went after older men. I knew what I was doing. I wanted to do it. The guy was a good guy and I don’t regret it. He never scarred me for life. I am now happily married have two great kids but I do worry about my son. Men get in trouble so easily nowadays.