Marlins No-Hitter Is For The Record Books


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Everyone is praising Henderson Alvarez for his pitching skills in the game between the Miami Marlins and the Detroit Tigers. The game happened on Sunday at Marlins Park where the final score was 1-0.

Henderson spoke about the thoughts that were racing through his mind while the game was still in progress. "I was thinking ‘God, please give us a run,'" he said.

Henderson Alvarez went on to speak about the reactions of his teammates. "They were pulling on my jersey and choking me, so I took it off," Alvarez explained. This is the first no-hitter of Henderson's professional career since the last no-hitter he pitched was during his little league days back in Venezuela.

The manager for the Marlins, Mike Redmond, said, "That's the beauty of baseball you never know what you're going to see. On the last day of the season, what a treat."

Throwing a no-hitter is an amazing accomplishment; however, throwing a no-hitter on the last day of the regular season is an even more surprising feat. In fact, the last time this was achieved happened in 1984 when Mike Witt pitched.

Mike Redmond was ready to share his enthusiasm with the world and encapsulate his vision of the team. "That's how the Fish roll right there - a walk-off, no-hitter wild pitch. Why not? It ends the season in grand style."

The game pitched by Alvarez will go down in history as the fifth no-hitter for the Miami Marlins. The Marlins have been unable to score a no-hitter since 2006 when Anibal Sanchez pitched the game.

Even the opposing team seemed impressed with Alvarez's skills. The manager for the Tigers, Jim Leyland, said, "The kid (Alvarez) was terrific."

Fans jumped on board by voicing their excitement on Twitter.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]