Marli Hamblin, Utah Teen, Dies in Tragic Accident

    August 12, 2014
    Brian Powell
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Every now and again a news story comes along which reminds us of the fragile nature of life. This happens to be one of those moments.

Marli Hamblin, age 15, was listening to her iPod and sunbathing in her driveway this past Friday, theoretically getting the most out of her final days of summer before the beginning of the next school year. Her moment of sun-soaked bliss would not last long, though, as disaster would quickly strike.

“Her sister told me that she had a date. She was going fishing,” stated Tyler Hamblin, Marli’s uncle.

Perhaps it was due to the distraction of a date, or even perhaps the lack of a line-of-sight, which would lead to the accident. Whatever the cause, no one was to blame.

As Marli’s sister was leaving the house for her date, she climbed into the family’s Chevy truck and backed down the driveway. Unbeknownst to her, Marli was still sunbathing.

“The driver wasn’t paying attention, obviously didn’t think there would be anyone in the driveway, and just backed out,” stated Erin Behm, a police spokeswoman.

Marli was quickly airlifted to Ogden Regional Medical Center after having her head run over by the truck. The family asked for thoughts and prayers while doctors attempted to save Marli’s life. Unfortunately, Marli passed away on Sunday.

“They determined there was no brain activity. There was no chance of recovering, so the decision was made to let her pass and return to her Heavenly Father,” explained cousin and LDS bishop Lance Hamblin.

Known for her ever-present optimism and contagious love for life, Marli’s mother, Lisa, believes that Marli’s legacy will continue to live on despite her loss: “She is a miracle to others because we’ve decided that, that is what she would want, is to be a donor and so she’s helping others to be able to live on with their families even though she’s not with us.”

To help pay for their medical pills, friends set-up a donation page at gofundme.com. Thus far, the family has raised nearly $10,000 of the needed $50,000.

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  • TheCorrecter

    Syracuse, Utah not New York.

  • Illinois

    My Thought and Prayers go out to you and your Family came across this today so sad . God Bless you all.

  • carolyn gallaher

    I am sad for this family for many reasons, because I have heard “Brain death” is not true death. Ask Dr. Robert Truog you tube video on “Brain Death.” Many people could survive like Zack Dunlap and countless others. But the medical community seems to rush pronouncement of the false lie of “Brain Death” on the patient. Why should a person who has been critically injured get less than a day or an hour to recover. Most severe injuries can take up to a year to heal. Yet the brain injured gets a little less than a day to recover. I wonder if has anything to do with the fact that the severely brain injured falsely declared “brain dead” is the number one potential supply chain for the organ chain who spouts at the mouth, there is an organ shortage, and demands the OPO’s meet a quota on their supply of organs.

    • Annie

      You have no idea what your talking about.
      Leave this family alone, and you should have read the article before posting.
      The girl had her head run over by the truck.
      There was no saving her. At least her organs can let someone else live.

      Take your quota theory, and sit on it..

      • carolyn gallaher

        It is not a theory go to the UNOS website click on requirements for the local OPO’s. They are mandated to get organs according to a scientific method. Don’t tell me to shut up, you do not know what these patients are going through who are dissected alive hooked up to life support while their organs are being brutally cut out of them. Their heartbeat will rise from 100 beats to two hundred beats when the painful stimuli of the knife is stuck into their chest. It is because their brain is responding to the pain derived from the skeletal muscles that comprise the lower part of the body. It takes the brain to move the skeletal muscles. Just try moving your leg or stomach without you telling your brain to do it. Moving your limbs is a purposely movement executed by you who operates your brain.Tightening your tummy muscles takes you informing your brain to do it. Try tightening your stomach muscles without the use of your brain. You cannot. The organ donor will tightened his stomach before he is cut. In fact they have to give the patient a neuro blocking drug to block the brain from commanding the tummy to tightened in the defense mode. It is harder to cut through tightened muscle versus relaxed muscle. Use your brain, hooked up to life support means you are alive whether you are brain injured or not.

        • Jason

          There are varying degrees of brain dead and/or damage, you can be in a coma state or have complete loss of all central nervous function or even a complete vegetative state…..no where in this article does it indicate to what degree her brain was damaged (as it shouldn’t, we are the public and do not need to hear the details that only close family members must listen too)…. when you are vegetative or have a complete loss of neurological function, it is IMPOSSIBLE for communication between organs and muscle and the brain and in turn you would not feel pain, even if you are intoxicated on alcohol and passed out you can be cut open and your body would not feel pain at that moment….due to the lack of communication…..I highly suggest you read a book on medicine, brain damage and neuroscience before you start making vague and broad claims about how all brain deaths are a conspiracy

          also miss conspiracy theory, if brain damage is being used to feed our organ donation requirements…..then why would brain damage be considered a medical condition since the early 1900’s yet the nation organ transplant act was has only been around since the mid 1980’s?….seems like brain damage is legit since they were diagnosing it before organ donations were even possible….

          • carolyn gallaher

            You tube Dr. Robert Truog on Brain Death, brain death does not live up to its criteria. Go to “Organ Donation Exposed” and look at all the miracles of those who were falsely accused of “Brain Death.” Brain death is a fabricated lie for only one reason, to obtain organs for the government and the wealthy transplant surgeon and all the other people who are in this lousy business of dissecting a live human for their organs.