Mark Zuckerberg is Trending on Twitter

    May 18, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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What did you expect? Mark Zuckerberg is the toast of planet Earth right now, as his multi-billion dollar IPO, Facebook, officially hits NASDAQ. Most of it is updates on Mark Zuckerberg’s current wealth, which is growing by the minute as his shares climb on the exchange. This is to be expected considering the initial high demand of Facebook stock. Eventually it will level out, and Zuckerberg will only be left with a few billion. Poor guy.

How much is Mark Zuckerberg worth right now? Follow our Wealth-o-Meter in real time: http://t.co/07XGsy7E $FB
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Mark Zuckerberg is now worth $21.583 billion dollars. Has increased worth by nearly 2.5 billion dollars over past 5 minutes
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Mark Zuckerberg could now buy Kellogg’s, Heinz or Yahoo in entirety (via @carlquintanilla)
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«@jonacuff Can you even begin to fathom the amount of hoodies Mark Zuckerberg is going to be able to buy today?»
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Mark Zuckerberg is now worth 21 billion of my checking accounts.
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If there is no announcement today that Mark Zuckerberg agrees to buy the country of Greece, I’ll be disappointed.
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I’m going to hit up Mark Zuckerberg for a no interest loan. I’m for sure the 1st person to think to ask him, right?
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If Mark Zuckerberg wants to be as diabolical as Aaron Sorkin portrayed him, he should buy all rights to “The Social Network” in next window
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RT @NorthAndrew: Mark Zuckerberg now worth more than Afghanistan: $21bn to $18bn
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Seems hard to believe that @Facebook could be worth that much–be careful if you invest. And Mark Zuckerberg–get a pre-nup.
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Doesn’t Mark Zuckerberg remind you of Julius Caesar? http://t.co/IVZ7gKBI
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BREAKING NEWS.. Mark Zuckerberg is really rich.
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Now that is some real breaking news.