Mario Batali Buys 200 Pairs Of Orange Crocs


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Mario Batali is known for his amazing cooking and his top notch restaurants. What many people don't know is that he also has an obsession with orange Crocs. Yes that's right, the big guy likes to be comfortable when he's on his feet all day cooking up those culinary masterpieces.

Batali loves orange Crocs so much that he recently bought 200 pairs of them after he found out the company was discontinuing his favorite and signature orange color. Batali already admitted to owning 30 pairs, but apparently, he wanted to make sure he had a lifetime supply in his closet.

Batali's love for Crocs didn't go unnoticed and the company even named a line of Crocs after him. The Bistro Mario Batali Vent Clogs will not be discontinued, but a company rep did confirm that Batali's favorite color would be.

Batali claims that he chose Crocs as his signature footwear because they are comfortable, but chose the color orange because it is his family's signature color.

“My children started wearing orange and yellow coats so we could identify them in a sea because there is nothing more frightening than not being able to find your children, especially young ones who could easily wander out into the street, or whatever could happen to them in New York City. We could say, “Oh there they are! Orange and yellow right there!”

Batali's children won't have to worry about losing their dad in a crowd, all they will have to do is look down and find his signature orange Crocs. His supply may last long enough for his grandchildren to have that same luxury.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.