Marijuana Tax, Legalization Being Considered in Maine

    March 29, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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A bill in the Maine legislature that would legalize and tax marijuana has gained some considerable support.

According to a report from the Bangor Daily News, the legislation now has 35 co-sponsors.

The bill, LD 1229 or “An Act to Regulate and Tax Marijuana,” would regulate marijuana in the state of Maine the way alcohol is regulated. Having up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and growing up to six plants in a locked area would be legal under the bill. Smoking marijuana in public would still be illegal, and a tax of $50 per ounce would also be imposed. The bill tasks the Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services with licensing retail stores and licensing the cultivation, manufacturing, and testing of marijuana in the state.

Lawmakers are touting the bill as a tax boon for the state, as well as a way to limit government prohibitions. The bill has been assigned to the Maine legislature’s Criminal Justice and Public Safetey Committee – the same committee that shot down a similar bill during last year’s legislative session.

Maine has allowed the medical use of marijuana since 1999.

  • RICK Donahue

    if we made all drugs legal you could make money off them. you would do away with dealers people that steal to get money to buy them.the prison pop. would go down it would be a snowball effect for the gov.addicts just go to the drug store get what the need once a day you just ween them real slow.it would be a win win situtation.think about it

  • Justin

    The voice of the people is the voice of god. Legalize it!

  • http://www.freethingsforbabies.com free diapers

    make it legal!!!! I live in georgia

  • burntouthippie05

    I think they should legelize marijuana in all states. not tax the crap out of it.The tax would be lower.

  • ryan


  • Pelletier

    People are smoking it anyway, so why not benefit from it. A way to tax that only affects users….hmmm that would be a “user” tax what a novel idea.

    • nubwaxer

      i’ll pay the tax if i can buy artisan product grown by small business growers. i’ll boycott big corporations that will muscle their way in to push out the little guys, but i suspect that’s all part of the plan or this idea would not go anywhere. watch and follow the money. i’d also pay a reasonable tax to grow my own.

  • nubwaxer

    one by one surely they all will fall like dominoes as states legalize while the federal government is paralyzed.

  • Malcolm Kyle

    The only people who believe prohibition is working are the ones making a living by enforcing laws in it’s name and those amassing huge fortunes on the black market profits. This situation is wholly unsustainable and as history has shown us, conditions will continue to deteriorate until we finally, just like our forefathers, see sense and revert back to tried and tested methods of regulation. None of these substances, legal or illegal, are ever going to go away but we CAN decide to implement policies that do far more good than harm.

    Prohibition causes massive crime and suffering, causes government/police corruption, causes America to have the highest prison population of any country in the history of the planet, causes Americans to lose all their rights and all their true core-values, causes the waste of trillions in taxpayer dollars, causes wars, violence and death, perpetuates racism, and funds both criminals and terrorists.

    Prohibition is a dangerous “free-for-all” where much of the profits go to the most dangerous elements in society —politicians and terrorists.

    • http://MMMA bobandtorey

      you our so right

  • http://MMMA bobandtorey

    Legalize it! i agree but what make you think that the Cop’s will follow that Law ether because here in Mich we have a medical marihuana law and the courts won’t allow you to tell a jury that you even have a card nor can you even say the words medical marihuana to a jury how fair is that after 4 years now people that are in court are being denied their RIGHTS to tell the truth