Mariah Carey: Wardrobe Malfunction Or Wishful Thinking?

    March 1, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Mariah Carey showed up at a party to celebrate So So Def’s 20th anniversary last weekend, and now the web is buzzing about a possible nip-slip she suffered while presenting a cake to music mogul Jermaine Dupri.

There’s a photo making rounds that censors her left breast as she stands before the assembled party-goers in a cream-colored dress, but there’s an un-pixelated version out there as well, and it’s hard to tell if Mariah actually had a wardrobe malfunction or if she’s just the victim of some people who really wish she had been. At any rate, it’s not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. It’s just a nipple! We’ve all got ’em.

Image: Prince Williams, FilmMagic

Either way, everyone’s talking about it today:

  • shawn emrey

    Isn’t it funny how some who just don’t like an artist in this case make up whatever they can to pretend they have a clue? Mariah doesn’t need to do squat to revive her career. She can if she wants to go back to fulltime work if it is needed or wanted, but at this time of course she is working the Idol thing and franky she is the most experienced of all of them being that she did actually sing…Urban is a vet as well, then we have Dog Randy who knows a little about producing but not able to sing himself, and then we have the inmature clown Niki who needs to grow up. She is inmature and acts like it every week by her little snide remarks, her rolling of the eyes, etc. and her comments to certain contestants is ridiculous. If Idol wants to kill itself then keep her on the show next year. She hasn’t been around long enough or frankly good enough to be a judge in this show. She also needs to be reminded that the Idol audience is not made up of all kids who understand the lines she uses at times. And frankly some of the young ones don’t get it either. So as far as trashing Mariah…oh by the way she is a mom as well…..go ahead if it makes you feel good. She is busy enough right now with all of this stuff but once she decides to go back fulltime in the studio and on the road..if she ever does again..I can assure you that she is far from a has been diva..which by the way..unlike many of those who get called a diva nowdays but haven’t been around long enough or good enough to be so..Mariah is a diva. She is right up there with Cher, Tina, Bette Midler, and just a few others….man…I am getting old remembering all of those…so old that I am having a brain fart right now with the lady who does the Respect song…crap…that ticks me off when you have something on the tip of your tongue and it won’t come out. Oh well, I will remember lately but hopefully you get the point. Oh by the way…I do feel however that the judges have done a poor job picking talent this year, especially on the guys. Too many clowns and not enough talent. Maybe it is because the auditions didn’t have many great ones like the past few years. Idol could be in trouble if they don’t get it together.

    • Jody

      Jackson played in bands with Carlos Santana and Jerry Garcia. In the early 1980s he played on three albums for Jean-Luc Ponty and with the rock band Taxxi. From 1986 to 1987 he was a session musician for the rock group Journey. Jackson played on Journey’s 1986 album Raised on Radio. He moved to Italy in the late 1980s and played on a record by Italian pop star Zucchero. The record, Zucchero and the Randy Jackson Band, was produced by Corrado Rustici who played guitar with Jackson on many albums in the early 1980s. He also played with Billy Cobham.

      In 1985, Keith Richards was asked to provide music for the Whoopi Goldberg comedy vehicle Jumpin’ Jack Flash. Richards assembled an all-star band which included Aretha Franklin on piano and lead vocals and Jackson on bass guitar. This song was the fourth track on Aretha’s 1986 album titled Aretha. Jackson can be seen in the song’s video.

      In the late 1980s, Jackson was still doing sessions. He was notably on the first solo album by famed session guitarist Steve Lukather. Jackson was a featured bass guitarist on five songs on Maze’s 1989 “Silky Soul” album. He also performed on several of Kenny G’s albums.

      Jackson was the bass guitarist on the 1991 self-titled Divinyls album (which features the song “I Touch Myself”) as well as featured bassist on several tracks of Tracy Chapman’s 1992 release, Matters of the Heart. He performed on the singles “Bang Bang Bang”, “Open Arms”, and “Dreaming on a World”. That same year, Jackson also played bass on Bruce Springsteen’s hit “Human Touch.”

      Jackson has recorded, produced, or toured with many well-known artists and bands, ranging from Mariah Carey (he has worked with her throughout her career, been her musical director for a number of her tours; he has formed part of her band during numerous performances including Live 8 in London in 2005) to ‘N Sync, Whitney Houston, (produced) Dionne Farris’ (critically acclaimed debut CD, Wild-Seed Wild-Flower), Céline Dion, Fergie (dating back to her days in Wild Orchid), Stryper,[5] and Madonna (he played some bass on her album “Like a Prayer” although not on the single of the same name).

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      On March 11, 2008, Jackson released an album produced entirely by himself, titled Randy Jackson’s Music Club, Vol. 1. The album’s release was preceded by the single “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” sung by Paula Abdul. In 2009, Randy began working with former Idol finalist Kimberley Locke, producing her 4th album. The lead single, “Strobe Light”, was released March 16, 2010.[6] In February 2010, Jackson participated in We Are the World 25 for Haiti as part of the chorus.[citation needed]

      Jackson is the manager for the Charlotte-based band Paper Tongues. With the help of Jackson, they signed with a major label, A&M/Octone Records. He has also worked as an executive, spending eight years as vice president of artists and repertoire (A&R) at Columbia Records and four years heading A&R at MCA Records.

      Starting back in 2002, Jackson is one of the panel judges on the Fox Network reality television series American Idol, along with Paula Abdul (2002–2009), Simon Cowell (2002–2010), Kara DioGuardi (2009–2010), Ellen DeGeneres (2010), Jennifer Lopez (2011–2012) and Steven Tyler (2011–2012). As a result of Cowell’s departure, Jackson is left as the sole original judge on American Idol. His role was originally going to be reduced to that of a mentor, so the 2013 season will have all new judges,[7] but it was later decided that he will remain as a judge for season 12.[8]

      yeah i would say he is just a little producer too……

    • SLoren

      I so agree….Mariah Carey has paid her dues. She is talented, showing the most consideration, appreciation of the talent on AOL. Keith Urban as well. The comments on “she is a mom” are meant to take away from her, but I believe only add to her as an person and make her even more well rounded as a human being. Why do we make it seem like that would make her less? It’s crazy.

  • Carmen

    This is at all surprising, in fact, I’m surprised that there aren’t a lot more “wardrobe malfunctions” with the clothes that most of these “celebrities” wear.

  • Jason

    Yeah… that is the aolio…the”brownish” part, in this case, pink on the fair skinned breast, aaarrrroouunndd the nipple… at least it seems to be where her aolio should be generally in that area. IF her teedees are alot smaller than she actually wants peiple to think they are. Which there is nothing wrong with a smaller version of a teedee. And I personally do enjoy the every once in a while “slip” to show that these goddess’ actually are human. Maybe hers do hang a little crooked just like my wifes’. But check it out and mooovve on…people…move on. Finny!

  • Butterfly

    this does not surprise me in the least…she always looks like a damn over stuffed sausage in her clothes…sometimes i wonder who dresses her cos i dont think she has a stylist anymore unless its her husband…you know its one thing to be sexy…when you dont fit right in your clothes its not sexy..its you not realizing you should go up a size…bad call on mariah…

  • Wendy

    Isn’t that a bit high and to the right to be a ‘slip’??? I really dont think its what it looks like, people like to make a big thing out of nothing, we all know how the media is!

  • S

    When any woman wears a dress like this it is your job to make sure it is always pulled up to the appropriate position. Mariah was fully aware of the position of her dress and what can happen when you pull your hands up in a dress with no straps……I don’t think this was really an accident. Boobs move up when your hands do – law of nature. Staged?? Most likely…..

  • erica

    I miss the old mariah carey. she changed so much, she use to be my idol. now its like what happened mariah? its like, your married with two kids grow up and keep your clothes on. You shouldnt try to fit into something you can’t keep on. :/

    • Nicee

      Erica you just answered your question. She changed. She has a family. I think her outfit looks hot. Shhh happens! Its life. Whoever uploaded this photo dd it to make money. The more hits it gets the more money they make. So you are paying to view this picture….dummies!

      • ann

        i totally agree with you.

  • Nicee

    Everyone say what you want about Mariah. She is a DIVA. Check how many number one hit she recorded. She is still hottt!!! She’s a MILF. The more you talk or write about or trash her the more she is in the spotlight. People she was at Jermaine Dupri 2oth label anniversary party. I repeat label anniversary party. JD already produced some tracks for her in the past. What other artists or producers were their? I hear a new CD in the works…Duh!!!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/mariah-carey-wardrobe-malfunction-or-wishful-thinking-2013-03 Megan

      Mariah went with a size 6 when a size 8 would have worked better. She still looks beautiful, but needs to keep her arms down.

  • Tim Long

    Incompetent designers! I think Carey should protest, by never wearing clothes again!

  • http://trike-rebuild.orbs.com Larry Campbell

    Marah is my idol! But, too bad those babies didn’t slip ALL the way out. She/they are beautiful. And, no one can sing better than she.

    • Natasha

      Yes she can sing, there’s no reason to try and mimick & dress like a 21 yr old. She’s way to old to try and recap the past..so over her boobs always hanging out, dresses up to her crotch and her extensions too.

  • JCS

    That is the result when you stuff a size 8 body into a size 4 dress.
    Planned or accident ?

    • http://MARIAHCAREY Vera

      Who cares, we all have them,but men obsess about the boobs

  • JR

    A nipple….who cares? The only nipple I care about is the one I’m sucking on not some loud mouth singer.