Marg Helgenberger Back with 'Intelligence'

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Marg Helgenberger returns to television in a new CBS drama costarring Lost's Josh Holloway.

The drama, which premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m., centers on Holloway, who plays a high-tech intelligence operative named Gabriel.

Helgenberger plays Lillian Strand, head of a top-secret US government agency in charge of cyber security. She is tasked with the mission of protecting and supervising Gabriel who is capable of mentally infiltrating enemy strongholds thanks to a nano computer chip implanted in his brain. The problem is he could be hacked or infected with a computer virus.

The show highlights moral issues associated with our high-tech way of life.

"I love the questions it's bringing up because they're questions we face every day," said Holloway. "What's the relationship between our humanity and technology? Do we need a gadget to communicate now? If you're a teenager, the answer is 'yes.' It's changing the way we relate to the world and how patient or impatient we are with information."

The 55-year-old actress left CSI in 2012 to explore other acting opportunities, especially on the stage.

“Certainly I adored the cast, crew and writers,” she says. “It wasn’t that I was needing to get out of that situation. But creatively, I felt like I needed to switch it up. I didn’t think about going back into [another TV] series until later because I was really hoping to find a play.”

The redheaded beauty, who's as well known for her own intelligence as the character she plays, eventually was drawn back to television with the challenging role of Lillian Strand in 'Intelligence'.

“I have a fair amount of dialogue, and sometimes, it’s not the easiest stuff. There’s a lot of ‘spy speak’ and terminology and acronyms. I’m not bored on this show, not at all.”

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