Marco Rubio’s Daughter Home From Hospital

    October 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Senator Marco Rubio’s 12-year old daughter, Amanda, was rushed to the hospital on Saturday after a golf cart she was riding in was involved in a collision. She was taken to Miami Children’s Hospital and treated for a concussion, but was later released when her condition improved.

Rubio was travelling with Mitt Romney on his bus when he was informed of the news, and the group quickly pulled over so that Rubio could join a police escort in order to be joined with his family.

“She is recuperating from a concussion,” a rep for the Rubio family said in a statement. “Her condition has stabilized and should improve in the coming days. “Her prognosis is good and she is expected to make a full recovery. Senator and Mrs. Rubio are grateful for the many messages of support and prayers for their daughter and grateful to the Miami Dade Fire Department and the staff at the Pediatric Trauma Center at Miami Children’s Hospital for their excellent care.”

Amanda is the eldest of the Rubio’s four children.

  • american-american

    Oh, poor baby. If only all of our kids could have ‘accidents’ at country clubs where Daddy is a member……. Good example of your tax dollars at work, not only do we pay for her family membership, we pay for her hospital bills too. This is as bad as Santorum who doesn’t believe any children but his own deserve a million dollars in healthcare because that’s what his disabled daughter has cost us. You and I can’t afford this and it’s something nobody but these congressional welfare recipients and their 1% corporate welfare recipient get. Another elitist…. suck it up Rubio!

    • a sympathetic human being

      wow…. could you at least show some sympathy when a child gets hurt? this is a story beyond politics…. please act civilized