Mandy Moore Says She Wants To Shave Her Head

    September 28, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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Mandy Moore has recently said that she wants to shave her head. The pop star is certainly not the only one feeling edgy after Miley Cyrus recently did the same thing. Is Moore doing it for the same reasons though? It seems that Miley Cyrus just wanted more attention, as if that were possible, and Britney Spears did the same thing years ago as well, as we all remember.

Mandy Moore, the pop singer and actress has been out of the spotlight for some time now and an act like this one would certainly get her recognized, but is that the way she wants to be known? She said that she has always wanted to cut her hair really short, and might even consider shaving it. In a statement to People Magazine, she mentioned “I’ve always thought about shaving my head too. That’s always intrigued me.” People also reports that she has always considered doing it, but it is just a matter of giving into the impulse for her.

After growing up in Florida, Moore rose to fame after the release of her single, “Candy” in 1999 and then appeared in the hit teen romance film, A Walk To Rememeber shortly after. A Walk To Remember was released in 2002, a film where she played a high school girl dying of cancer, singing and acting alongside Shane West. Her hair has always been one of her defining features, and fans would certainly have mixed feelings if she were to pull off the act.

She is also married to Ryan Adams, a fellow singer, and she was questioned on what he would think as well. Men can sometimes be critical when their girlfriends or wives decide to do something drastic like this to themselves, but upon being questioned on the idea, she said “He would totally be down for that. I think he’d think it’d probably be pretty punk!” According to E Online, Mandy realizes that there is a huge difference between wanting to chop off all your hair and actually getting doing it. She says that she wants to do something drastic and cut it really short, but only time will tell if she really ends up doing it.

For those of you that don’t remember the hit that made her famous, here is the video for her first single, “Candy”

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  • Caligula

    How ’bout her cookie? I’ll help her shave that.

    • Tripodi

      I’d shave it with my tongue

  • terry

    mandy has a beautiful face i think she would look sexy bald.if she doesnt like it she can always grow it back.

    • rebecca smithers

      IT WILL take a while to grow back. I think maybe a anne hathaway look which is short but not so short she looks bald might be a better routE to go . I love mandy moore and she is beautiful so I hope she does not shave her head. Please no !

  • http://Yahoo Steven

    Shave the other area and leave your hair alone on your head.

    Why be another female freak.

    If you need attention…stand in front of a mirror…and look at yourself 24/7.

  • Ada

    Do whatever you want to do, we really don’t need to know about it.

  • Billie

    Having a husband who would have jumped through hoops to have gotten his hair back before dying of cancer, I resent anyone who would shave their own heads because they need the attention. Its one thing if you are naturally bald but Mandy is being ridiculous.

    • Chris

      Sorry for your loss, as most are I am sure. The beauty of being our own person, is we have our own preferences and make our own choices. Shaving your head is hardly a crime against the world, or your husband. Just because the idea touches you personally, doesn’t make it wrong or immoral. Let’s be real…

    • Diana

      I shaved my head in high school, long before any celebrities were doing it for attention. After years of hair dyes, products, and blow drying, I wanted to start from scratch. It grew back healthy, without having to wait years for it to grow out. Maybe you should find out her reason before you “resent” another human being!

  • DON

    Just be you! How ever you dress. Whatever way you cut your hair. The way you talk and act. How ever you do it.(as long as your not tramping around on your husband or infringing on the rights of others). Just be you!

  • doodoo

    stfu . another attention whore