Man Shot By Mother-In-Law, Records It All On His iPhone

Your smartphone really is your best witness and ally

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Man Shot By Mother-In-Law, Records It All On His iPhone
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It’s unfortunate for wonderful, loving, sane mothers-in-law that some off-balanced nutjobs have to go any perpetuate the whole “crazy mother-in-law” joke. Truly, a shame.

What’s not a shame for 39-year-old Salvatore Miglino of Boca Raton is that his iPhone might just be the key witness in a crime reportedly borne of familial bickering.

According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Miglino went to the home of his estranged mother-in-law, 66-year-old Cheryl Hepner, to pick up his 3-year-old kid for his court-mandated visitation. Apparently, Miglino and Hepner’s daughter are in the midst of a divorce.

After a brief discussion, Hepner allegedly pulled out a .22 caliber Beretta and shot Miglino twice – in the shoulder and the rib cage.

Luckily for Miglino, he had expected some sort of confrontation (although by the sound of his voice, obviously not any involving firearms), so he hit the record button on his iPhone before getting out of his car. The 90-seconds of footage has just been released by investigators and is making the rounds on the internet.

In the video, we don’t get much in the way of visuals. But the audio paints a pretty vivid picture of what happens:

According to the CBS local affiliate in Miami, operators received two distinct 911 calls – one from Hepner and one from Miglino. As you would expect, one doesn’t exactly corroborate the other:

Hepner: I tried to grab the gun and shoot. I don’t know.
911: Did you guys scuffle for the gun?
Hepner: Yes he had me down on the floor on the ground outside.
911: Did he pull the gun on you or did you pull it on him?
Hepner: No he pulled the gun on me and he’s got it and he drove away.


Miglino: Oh my God. I’m shot.
911: Ok
MIglino: I took the gun away from her. I have it.
911: Where are you shot?
Miglino: On my shoulder and on my side. I can’t believe she shot me!

The Broward Sheriff’s Office says that the gun jammed, and that’s probably the only reason that Miglino is alive. Hepner has been charged with attempted first-degree murder.

“The victim knew that something wasn’t right,” a BSO spokesman said. “He knew that there would possibly be a confrontation, he had the foresight to hit record on his iPhone. Thank goodness he did.”

[Via The Smoking Gun]
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Man Shot By Mother-In-Law, Records It All On His iPhone
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  • http://www.selidbe-pakovanje.com/ Selidbe

    creepy ..

  • http://techydude.weebly.com/ billy haleys

    With the technology we have right now, it’s not even impossible that we could lessen crimes just with the help of our own small gadgets like an iphone. If i’m not mistaken, some authorities(eg. police) now use these kind of techs.

  • Pat

    There are more people out there just like this. Our new neighbor (we have been there for 30 years) has called 911 hundreds of times with false reports since March 2009. Finally in January we locked our doors and left that neighborhood when violence continued. I expected to get shot coming in from work on any given day. Been in jail TWICE with her false calls. So far been unable to get legal justice. Can’t imagine how this can go on in this great land.

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