Lost’s Doug Hutchison, 51, Marries 16-Year-Old Aspiring Pop Singer

By: Josh Wolford - June 20, 2011

There are two sure things about the internet. First, it loves a good piece of gossip. And second, the community holds no punches. When a 51 year-old actor marries a 16-year-old with some questionable music on YouTube, you can be assured that the internet community will jump on it like hungry jackals on a piece of meat.

The 51-year-old actor in question is Doug Hutchison. He may well be best known for his role as the disgustingly wormy Percy Wetmore from The Green Mile. Recently, he starred as the Dharma Initiative’s Horace Goodspeed in Lost. But his best role (according to me and other sci-fi nerds I’m sure) was Eugene Tooms in The X-Files.

The sixteen-year-old girl in question is Courtney Stodden, a model and former Miss Ocean Shores Teen USA contestant. Her official site lists her as recording artist and gives a link to her YouTube Channel. There we find a few videos of her tracks “We Are America,” “Don’t Put It On Me” and “Car Candy.” It’s also made clear that Courtney “writes, composes, and records all of her own music.”

Some people are calling her an aspiring country singer, but after giving “Don’t Put It On Me” a listen, I wouldn’t describe it as country. Take a listen yourself –

This writer will refrain from judgment. Here are the most recent comments on YouTube –

Remember what I said about the internet? Sheesh. The Twitterverse is none-too-kinder about the news. The two most common reactions seem to be disgust at the age difference and uncertainty about the bride’s age. Some of the best tweets make reference to Hutchinson’s roles on Lost and The X-Files

Big ups to Doug Hutchison for topping the ick factor of Eugene Tooms and marrying a 16 year old! 1 hour ago via Twitter for Mac · powered by @socialditto

… and you thought Benjamin Linus was the creepiest guy on the island…
http://t.co/NFG1PBL 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Starring in BATMAN & ROBIN is no longer the worst thing Doug Hutchison has done with his life: http://bit.ly/l0R63v 2 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

And these Twitter users (among many others) question the fact that Stodden in really 16 –

51 year-old actor from The Green Mile/X-Files marries a 16 year-old that looks like she’s 56 http://bit.ly/l2Bl9d 54 minutes ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

No way this girl, Courtney Stodden, is 16, #WhatTypeOfNonsense 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

The girl admittedly looks a little older than 16. But it could just be the makeup or the tanning – who knows? See for yourself what all the buzz is about –

The couple told E! earlier today that they were “aware that their vast age difference is extremely controversial.”

“But we’re very much in love and want to get the message out there that true love can be ageless.”

Her parents did in fact sign off on the wedding. Although the age difference is pretty substantial (if she’s actually 16), it is legal. What if, and let’s be optimistic here for a second, they actually do love each other? Couldn’t there be worse things in the world that two people who care about each other getting married? I mean, the internet was a tad less derisive about Hef’s almost marriage to a woman 60 years his junior.

Okay, who am I kidding – it’s pretty strange. And it kind of reeks of a publicity stunt, am I right?

There is one thing we can say with certainty. The internet definitely does not approve of the union.

[All Images From Courtney Stodden’s site]
Josh Wolford

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  • Kate

    Those parents are so irresponsible (to say the least) to let their 16 year old child date, let alone marry, a “mature man”. He just made being a pedophile legal for himself.

    • Kate’s An Idiot

      What’s wrong with 16 year olds dating? Are you even a parent? The irresponsible thing to do, would be to keep your children in the dark about these types of social activities. Yes, the age difference here is ridiculous, but to stop a 16 year old from dating altogether? Get a clue.

      • You Can’t Read

        She obviously wasn’t talking about her dating in general. If you actually read it, the end of the sentence said “a ‘mature man’. Read stuff correctly before you’re a dick.

        • rose

          Im sorry but what is this !!!! she can not and will not be a country singer she’s crap lol

      • Anon.

        I believe she actually meant that it was irresponsible for them to let her date a man 35 years her senior never mind do something as permanent as marry him. Next time you accuse someone of being an idiot it would be best to actually read what they say so that you “have a clue”.

      • girlwhoagreeswithsickened

        Sorry mate, the only idiot here is you.

        • unlimited

          howdy! This story shows just one thing very clear, that some people pay too much attention on other people private lifes. The business and the reasons for marrage or any circumstances huge or tiny, the matter is belongs to their own life. If they fail together they will fail, but if they are successful together there are more practical reasons to looking at this. Sadly the majority thinks about yadda yadda, but if you look at the man being 51 that means if they have a kid by the time the kid reaches 20 Doug Hutchison is 71.. In the mans point of view at that age, will want someone to carry his name and a wife to look after it’s called family life. So if the woman agrees and they are leagally bound, as people did as far as 100years ago and earlier. Today people search for headines and gossip, because they have a yadda yadda nose too long in other people affairs. One day ask their kid gonna grow to 50, everyone who complained about his dad’s and mom’s affairs will not be their to comment.

        • pandora

          i dont see why everyones complaining
          get over it
          if shes a gold digger then hes an idiot etcetc
          its there live not yours.

    • ohmygosh

      Firstly i think she is a terrible singer so i wont be expecting to see her music hitting any charts..more like a brick wall.. Secondly, for a 16 year old to now be married to a 51 year old makes me wonder… Either they have only recently met and got wed or she has been dating him since she was younger than 16 which in my books wether u sleep with the girl or not, its still being a pedophile…

      • Alan

        I dont think you can accuse any man that fancies her as being a paedophile. She doesn’t look like a child, far from it

    • Mike

      She did this to try and jump start her career. He did this so he could legally f**k a 16 year old. End of.

    • dj

      Doug stole the show in the “green mile” now he’s stealing the show with the gorgeous young lady, yumm! The Oscar goes to D. Hutchison:) ya mon~

    • Fred Thomas

      I recall at 16, I graduated from high school and joined the Army. I stayed in the Army until I was 22. I was honorably discharged and decided to go to college. I wonder who the hell advanced the idea that one must be 21 to do anything. (Except of course, to die in combat.) If the 16 year old asked my opinion, it would be negative, however, no one asked me, and if that is what makes her happy, its none of my damn business – nor is it yours.

  • sickened

    1. This is beyond disturbing and I honestly believe that the FBI and the local police need to do an investigation into their relationship; and I hope one of these news outlets reporting on this story, make sure that the authorities are contacted, if they haven’t been already. I have questions like everyone else reading this story; what state were they married? Did one of her parents give her legal consent to marry this old man or was their legal consent forged? Were her parents paid or received some type of compensation (I doubt this, but it must be asked, as no sane parent would do this to/for their 16 year old daughter)? Are her parents mentally capable of signing their consent for her marriage? 2. Because, again, I can’t imagine any sane parent allowing this, let allow signing their consent for this disgusting man-child relationship. Did the couple have sex before they were married–what age was she, when they had ANY type of sexual relations? If so, this IS ILLEGAL and should be investigated and prosecuted…perhaps get a warrant for her medical records and see if she was on birth control or research credit card records to see if condoms were purchased from either of them. I would also look at his past relationships…has he dated children before? Does he have mental problems (besides the obvious)? Has he had sex with other children? 3. Rather he is married to a child or not, isn’t it STILL considered statutory rape—because she is not mentally developed enough to consent to this type of relationship? Now, like someone else mentioned…if he takes (or has taken) any type of photos or videos of her in a sexual nature, isn’t this considered pedophilia? This sickens and disturbs me, beyond words and I think this guy needs to be investigated and charged with multiple crimes against a child…now it’s up to the police to actually do their jobs and protect our children and public in general, from creeps like these.

    • Jess

      100% Agree with you…….. absolutely DISGUSTING.

    • @sickened

      I completely agree, you have made some really good points there. I the police definitely need to look into this. This marriage shouldn’t have been allowed to happen

    • http://www.irish-poems.com irishpoetry

      I feel so really really saddened by this. This poor girl is little more than a child. It makes me wonder how on earth did she get to this state and her only now 16 years of age. When my kids were 16 years of age they were still playing rounders and skipping and hadn’t even worn one indecent dress or top and hadn’t even dated a boy. So sad, makes me wonder what kind of mother she has, to have let her get to this state. This girl still has so much growing up and learning to do. She has learned all the wrong things.

    • Rita

      “Her parents did in fact sign off on the wedding.”

  • Lexxi Menethil

    I really fucking love Doug, but I can’t understand this. Not the fact that she’s 16, but the fact that he’s gone for a blonde bimbo like her–the ultimate disgrace upon society. I’m 15, though, maybe I have a chance once she fucks off. Haha.
    In all seriousness, let them get on with it–it definitely won’t last though. I’m disappointed in him. He’s intelligent, and she blatantly isn’t, need I say more? Please, Doug! Get real, find someone with at least 1 brain cell.

    • girlwhoagreeswithsickened

      are you serious? you really don’t agree with the marriage, JUST BECAUSE SHE’S A DUMB BLONDE?? And why would you even think about going out with such a perv?

  • George D

    you go boy

  • http://www.webinitaly.org fabio

    I blame money and somehow the law of the country where something like this is legal.

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  • ruth

    Where do I start? First she can not sing!!! Even Britney had a voice at hr age she is so teched up you know what she sounds like. What kind of mother lets thier 16year daughter do such a slutty video? Virgin my ass. Thats what she is claiming she was on her wedding night!

  • http://webpronews angel

    ewwwww gross what the hell could they have in common where the hell is her mom and dad…this is just morally reprehensible WOW makes me ill i used to like him as a actor but now he isn’t nothing short of a pedophile…and dear i’ve heard cats f&^ck with more better vocals then u have sorry

  • halie

    Is this some sort of sick joke?

  • Deloris

    Can you say SICK, SICK, SICK… I can assure you that it;s all for money. It won’t last long. How could someone that old marry someone that young and expect to spend the rest of their lives together. I mean come on, he was in his thirties when she was born. That’ s like sleeping with your babysitter.

  • Deloris

    Oh yea, you cannot categorize LOVE with LUST. It’s not the same thing.

  • http://www.overahundred.com Edward Cullen, 110 years old

    Wow, there sure are a lot of pedophiles on here giving us that tired “love is ageless” virago. Or “It’s their life, not ours” mantra. These are pedophiles who are trying to promote their own lifestyles through this 51 year old man and 16 year old girl.

    I should know! I’m 110 years old and I have a 17 year old wife. You can see us get married & kiss in the upcoming film Breaking Dawn.

    • Paul Bustion

      This man is not a pedophile. Pedophiles want to have sex with children below 14. 16 year olds have adult bodies and largely adult minds, at least in the case of women. And most countries including most states in the USA, set the age limit for sexual consent at 16.

  • http://www.wix.com/cjames_1/timeknowsfilms Corey

    I’m in the film business and all men like Hef and this guy do is abuse the power they have. I mean really what kind of “REAL” woman would want Hugh Hefner? I mean what is he like 100 years old. The fact is they want their money and they use this to their advantage. I mean if Hugh wasn’t who he is and there are a bunch of hot chicks walking by do you really think they’d give him a second glance? Not to point out the obvious but this chick wants in the entertainment business bad and that’s why she married this guy and that’s why her greedy parents agreed to it. She’s underage isn’t she? If I married somebody that age I’d be behind bars, why isn’t this guy? And checked out the site dateyounggirls.com, that site should be closed down as well. For gold diggers and Assholes who also abuse their power because they have money. This world is pathetic, where have our morals gone?

  • Courtney

    Prime example of the pedophiles leaving comment on this site. She may have a body of a adult but it was enhance. Truly most teenage girl have the body of a mature adult but if you have or had a teenage daughter would you want any grown man to have any sexual thought are action towards her. I would hopefully think that you would view it differently.

    • Paul B

      Pedophile means adults and teenagers who are sexually attracted to prepubescent children. It doesn’t apply here.

  • Paul B

    What I’m saying is its a very specific term

  • johnwwwatson

    Doug has as much right to be miserable as anyone else regardless of how old she is.
    Most of these comments are jealous or ignorant. With all the concerns of the world right now who cares if a 16-year-old is marrying someone 51 years old look at the history of this planet look at the history of biology what determines a woman’s adulthood is her menstruation not her maturity. Get a life get over it let them live their life. PS I’m a 51-year-old male if there are any 16-year-old females with a parental consent who would like to get married.

  • Daniel

    I don’t believe she IS 16. The video looks older than that. I think it is just a publicity stunt. And guess what? It worked!

  • Claudia

    it’s disgusting…
    a girl should be virgin at least until 17 years old..
    this man is a pork

  • Wise words

    Obviously she likes money and he has money. He can help her with her ambitions also. It is an agreement that they have. He is not a pedo because she is fully physically developed. Pedophiles like underdeveloped. I doubt if either of them think the marriage will last.
    Some over protective dads will be against such a marriage because they feel possessive and don’t want another male taking over. Many middle aged woman hate the idea of losing a husband to a younger woman. Some young men don’t like it because they don’t like to lose out to an older man.
    Overcome your prejudices people.