Look Upon This Penis-Shaped Church and See That It Is Good

    October 30, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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In Dixon, Illinois, sits a newly-erected church that makes quite the impression when viewed from above.

Redditors spotted the house of worship on Google Maps.




Despite the fact that Apple Maps doesn’t show the phallic house of worship, it’s real. It’s still under construction, and the building you see on Apple Maps is the old version of the church. Back in 2011, the church had to be demolished and rebuilt as part of soil remediation project.

It’s actually a Christian Science church in Dixon (yes, Dixon) that constructed the member-shaped structure. You know what, I’m going to stop with the run-arounds. This church looks like a giant dick and balls. There. I mean, it really does.

According to the church’s Facebook page, it was designed to wrap around a beautiful oak tree so that they didn’t have to remove it. Noble intentions, indeed.

At least they have a good sense of humor about the whole thing, and that is truly commendable.

And they weren’t kidding:


Talk about spiritual growth.


Images via Google Maps, Christian Science Dixon, Facebook

  • Nancy Morris

    Go forth and multiply!

  • http://uzzas.blogspot.com/ uzza

    Anybody who builds around a tree instead of cutting it down is OK in my book.

  • Robin Kirkbride

    You think the architect would have caught this.