Lone Ranger: Critics Holding Nothing Back

    July 3, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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“The Lone Ranger”, which opens today, has already gotten some pretty negative reviews from critics, who say it’s not so much that the film is bad; it’s that it doesn’t really understand what sort of beast it is.

From the get-go–pretty much as soon as those pictures emerged of Johnny Depp’s costume, not to mention the fact that Depp is playing Tonto–many were skeptical of the plot. Taking an old televised western and bringing it to the big screen is tricky enough without bringing in all the trappings of a big-budget summer action flick, and many critics are saying that Gore Verbinski fell short.

According to The Wrap, “The Lone Ranger feels schizophrenic, a state of affairs that would be forgivable if it delivered as a post-modern comedy or as an exciting Western or even as an exhilaratingly brainless piece of summer entertainment. It is a drag as an action movie, it’s not funny in its attempts at self-parody, and it feels like a Western made by people working off a checklist of tropes without ever really understanding the genre. [Director Gore] Verbinski and his writers have taken a promising idea and put a silver bullet in its head.”

Variety says, “No longer simply the sidekick, Tonto gets top billing in Disney’s extravagant but exhausting reboot, whose vaguely revisionist origin story partners a heavily face-painted Johnny Depp with the blandly handsome Armie Hammer. Directed by “Pirates of the Caribbean’s” Gore Verbinski, this over-the-top oater delivers all the energy and spectacle audiences have come to expect from a Jerry Bruckheimer production, but sucks out the fun in the process, ensuring sizable returns but denying the novelty value required to support an equivalent franchise.”

Of course, there are a few people online who say they thoroughly enjoyed the film, but they seem to be in the minority at this point.

  • Gail

    Saw the LR this afternoon. First off, they filmed it in Arizona, I live in Texas and have never seen red bluffs pictured in the movie. If you are going to characterize Texas, you better get it right! The rest of it was interesting, merely because I had no idea where it was going. It was not the traditional story for sure, but it wasn’t a better version either. I won’t say much more, as don’t want to provide a spoiler, but Johnny Depp makes this not so hot movie bearable. My husband enjoyed it I think because he wanted to feel like a boy again, and feel the excitement and admiration he had as a boy. There is stuff in this that is not kid friendly, some brutality that is not appropriate, so beware parents.

    • Herbert L. Kirk

      I wouldn’t want to live in Texas! Such a humid place. People are coming to Southwest bacause of the Dry Weather and they love the place. Lots of Mideastern are coming to live here, and we have lots of mix culture. Gallup, New Mexico.

  • Herbert L. Kirk

    Love it! I don’t care what people say about the movie but they are the ones that are so negative. The landscape is just neat! It will lots of money for a long time to come.