“Listen Linda” Cupcake Boy Gets Surprise from Ellen

    March 20, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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As adorable or annoying as you think the “Listen Linda” cupcake boy is, he sure has made an impression online with over 4 million video views on YouTube.

Last week 3-year old Matthew Beltran, or Mateo as he is called, argued with his mother (whom he called by her first name) about cupcakes he thought he should have. His mother videotaped the debate. The video went viral.

Then on Tuesday, Mateo and his mother, Linda, gained more publicity when they appeared on the Ellen show.

“I just thought that was the most adorable thing ever,” Ellen said as the two sat down to speak to her. “… but it wasn’t adorable. Don’t argue with your mother.”

“He’s definitely always had something to say,” Linda told Ellen. “If he’s not arguing about shoes, he’s arguing about cupcakes.”

Ellen did address Mateo calling his mother by her first name, but “Linda honey” quickly said that while she is usually “mommy,” he uses she and her husband’s first names in debate.

“When he’s serious and he really wants to get his point across, then we become Linda and Kenneth,” she said.

Linda also talked about how bizarre it is to become such a sensation so quickly with people actually approaching her at the airport.

“There were two people standing in line [at the airport] watching the video,” she said. “It’s fame in an instant. It’s crazy.”

At the end of the interview – during which Mateo remained surprisingly silent – Ellen wheeled out a whole display full of superhero cupcakes for Mateo, who then seemed to wake up out of his shock, especially after seeing the cut-out of himself amid the superheroes pictures.

Ellen also gave mom a weekend spa retreat – which she probably needs after all that debate – but that wasn’t he end.

Linda and her family of four live with her parents while her husband works and goes to school to receive his Bachelor’s degree. That’s all Ellen needed to know.

To Linda’s shock, Ellen then brought out a (big) check from Shutterfly for $10,000 to help Linda, Mateo, and the whole family.

Ellen’s last words on the show before her good-bye: “Be kind to one another.”

The Contreras family is surely feeling that kindness this week.

Image via YouTube

  • WinonahJans93

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  • WinonahJans93

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    • Obnoxio

      It’s called internet porn.

  • Guest

    So, let me understand this more… A little boy is disrespectful, and he gets rewarded by Ellen??? This sends a horrible message… Why is it that a celebrity thinks that thier opinion is the only opinion that matters…?? Shame on this monther who would let thier child get away with this!!

  • Kenny Hansen

    So, let me get this right.. A little boy is disrespectful in every way amd he gets rewarded by Ellen??? A celebrity thinks its cute that he disrespected his mother and its ok??? Shame on this mother for letting it happen and making herself look like a hypocrite by allowing her child to be on this show and be rewarded for being disrespectful….

    • juveda

      chill this kid is adorable…..this kid is pleading he’s case for a cupcake …this is tame considering the things I hear / see a stores kids hitting and crying and acting a pure fool and parents do nothing. Or go on dr. Phil, kids slamming doors , disrespecting the home, calling parents out of there name. Spare me u are reading to much into this. You plead your case if you want something..

    • Felipe

      he’s a 3 year old kid who wanted a cupcake and made an adorable case for it. Relax

      • Kenny Hansen

        Ok, when he gets older and has more disrespect, he will point out the cute video and say “you thought it was cute then…”