Lisa Vanderpump’s Husband Sued For Assault

    April 12, 2014
    Daryl Nelson
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Ken Todd, the husband of Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has just been sued by a couple of former workers for assault. The plaintiffs also said Todd falsely accused them of blackmail.

Everything started when brothers Kevin and David Cazaref were hired to do some construction on the P.U.M.P lounge, which is owned by Todd and Vanderpump, but apparently the Real Housewives husband didn’t like the way the two were making demolitions, so he corrected them and offered to show them how to do it correctly.

But things didn’t go too well, because eventually Todd and the Cazarefs got into a heated argument, which escalated into Todd pushing one of the brothers very forcefully.

Afterwards, the alleged victim was offered money from Todd as a peace offering, and a meeting was supposed to take place at the multimillionaire’s bank. But when seeing the Cazarefs, Todd yelled at them and accused both of blackmail, and to make it worse the loud accusation was hurled in front of a lot of people.

And this isn’t the first time Todd has been taken to court over one of his businesses, as both he and his wife were sued by Ryan Carrillo and Andrew Gruver for allegedly stealing their restaurant property.

According to the two men, they had their eye on a specific location for a gay sports bar, but before they could secure it, Todd stole it from them.

But the famed couple said nothing could be further from the truth, and released the following statement:

“We had no prior knowledge of Ryan Carrillo and Andrew Gruver on their claim,” said the couple. “We took the lease in good faith seven months ago and all of our applications and notices have been posted publicly. Any issue will be between them and the property owner.”

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  • Richard Levy

    I love that little midget with his Brit accent. He and his wife are soooooo over the top fake. Its sort of like her face and her boobs- all fake.
    I hope those two put him in jail for assault and battery.

    • JoeMcNamara

      Calling him names and insulting his physical appearance is just one more cheap shot and the best you have?
      One more reason you will always be a loser! Richard, you are pathetic and an embarrassment to your children.

      • fireman

        Joe Mac No Mirror .. What is with you .. reading your other comments .. you are a crazy A$$ hypocrite !!!

  • anne

    Lisa, one of the most beautiful women on the word!!

    • JoeMcNamara

      HELLO she is an old lady regardless of how you try to spin it.

  • anne

    world, sorry

  • JoeMcNamara

    Those two queens need to take a lesson from Queen Todd. He who seals the deal first wins. NO ONE stole anything from them.. They need a lesson in business 101.