Lisa Rinna Lip Trouble Discussed on Today

    March 19, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Kathy Lee is vacationing “on the west coast,” according to her Today co-host Hoda Kotb. In her place on Monday, producers slotted in Melrose Place star and Soap Talk host Lisa Rinna.

Rinna is well-known for her roles in Melrose Place and Days of Our Lives. More recently, though, the star has been battling her fellow celebrities on season 13 of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Kotb and Rinna went through the normal small talk about the show and how crazy Omarosa Manigault is, but after that things got interesting. Kotb, seemingly out of the blue, brings up Rinna’s obviously fake lips. What followed wasn’t the normal celebrity brush-off about plastic surgery.

Rinna recalled that she had gotten her lips injected with silicone when she was 24 after seeing the movie Beaches.

“Stupid thing to do,” said Rinna.

She stated that she had all (or nearly all) of the silicone removed in recent years, and that her lips are now what is left after the silicone was removed.

However much grief Rinna has taken in recent years, she still doesn’t regret getting the procedure done. She even pinned her entire career to her silicone-injected lips.

“I never had a career before I had the lips,” said Rinna. “So, my lips have had their own career!”

The lip talk starts at around the 3-minute mark:

(Image courtesy Chrisa Hickey/Wikimedia Commons)

  • http://yahoo Ila

    Omarosa is loud,obnoxious and NEVER shuts up! LaToya didn’t do anything to her and she got fired! Not fair! Omarosa is a bitch and has always been a bitch. You do it her way or the highway! She wouldn’t be my friend by any means. She just needs to shut up once in a while and LISTEN!

  • melanie

    Ive never seen the Apprentice but have seen clips of Omarosa “in action” I just can’t believe that is an accurate representation of how she really is. She was engaged to Michael Clarke Duncan for pete’s sake! Ive seen several interviews with him and you could not find a sweeter more gentle man in the world. I do not see him being engaged to a b****. Hoda is not called a b**** but what on earth was she doing when she asked Lisa about her lips??? That was SO RUDE! Lisa is there to guest host, not be made fun of “hey camera, get a close up of those lips” I’d much rather have lunch with Omarosa than Hoda who was sneaky, snarky and just plain RUDE.

  • tom griffin

    I miss very much Lisa on the Golden Globes red carpet. In fact
    I think they should change the name of the awards show!