Linda Blair Uses Her Fame To Help Animals


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A lot of celebrities use their fame to raise money and awareness for certain causes and charities. Linda Blair, who is known for her 1973 role in The Exorcist, recently talked about her favorite cause, helping animals.

Blair was interviewed by WISH TV at the Indianapolis Humane Society and shared her excitement and the joy she experiences from helping animals. She also explained why it is so important to help animals and to control the pet population so that innocent animals don't end up in shelters or rescues.

“What happened really in the last 17 years is that the pet overpopulation became so overwhelming,” Blair told the TV station.

Linda has done work across the country to help animals, and runs one of the biggest animal shelters in the country, with over 100 dogs. It was after Hurricane Katrina that she started doing even more, though.

“Because I had taken responsibility for so many of the animals down there,” said Blair, whose shelter is part of the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation. “And I bought a property.”

Blair said that she believes her fame does help her raise awareness and that her role in the film is something she is very proud of and honored to have received.

She went on to say that she has always loved animals and although she enjoyed making films, there came a point when she was ready to try something else.

“I feel really lucky that I was part of such an enormous and impactful film and can do something positive and help America to make this a better place,” said Linda.

“On the weekends I would go home and see my animals, I wanted to be a veterinarian,” she continued. “I was saving my money for vet school. I haven’t changed much.”

“I worked until I was about 24, and then the whole film business changed,” she added.

Blair said that she is happy to be able to use her fame to help animals and that she is content with the way her life is going.