Likester Idol Predicts American Idol Results

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And then there were three.

Want to know who's going to stay and who's going to go on tonight's American Idol results show? Likester is giving you their predictions, announced today at 3 pm EST.

Likester thinks that Haley Reinhart is going to get the boot tonight, meaning that the final two will be Scott McCreery and Lauren Alaina. Here's what Likester says about Haley:

Despite the author of this post personally liking her, we think her time as come. It's been a great run, Hayley, I hope the numbers are lying! Best of luck tonight.

The startup uses Facebook likes to analyze trends in pages, show users their 'like" statistics as well as those of their friends, and to see what pages are popular in any given geographic area.

Likester has been running the service called "Likester Idol" where they use fluctuations in Facebook likes of Idol contestants in order to predict the outcome. Likester analyzes Facebook likes before and after contestants' performances on Idol and from that they can see how many new fans were gained by the performance. Using that data from the Wednesday night's performances, they attempt to predict Thursday night's results show.

So how have they done? Pretty well, as of late. However, they did miss a prediction last week, as they predicted the elimination of Lauren Alaina and the safety of James Durbin. Durbin was the one ultimately eliminated.

They also say that they predict Scott to win the whole season. He has the most likes on Facebook overall at just over 312,000.

WebProNews recently talked to Kevin McCarthy, founder and President of Likester. In that interview, he said that their goal is to "help users understand the things that they're already liking and, potentially, things that they could like."

He added, "I think we've done a really good job of putting the data out there. Our challenge is going to be about surfacing the good stuff for the users, so that they don't have to do all this searching."

Is Likester right? Who do you think will go home? Is it the same as who should go home?

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