Likeapage: A Fun Way To Figure Out Your Favorite Things (And Share Them)

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There's a Facebook page for just about everything. There's a new site called Likeapage, which taps into that to let you rate just about everything that has a Facebook page in a fun way: matchups.

>>Visit Like a Page.

It's fairly straight forward. You pick, which brand/person/entity you like best out of the two presented to you, and go on to the next matchup. Your lists of favorites are built as you go along. You can do this across a variety of categories, such as Actor/Director, Politicians, Athletes, Media Organizations, Movies, TV Shows, Games, Books, Food/Beverage, and others.

It's pretty addicting, and fun to share specific matchups on Facebook, as they are often times humorous, or simply tough choices that you may wish to call upon your friends to help you make. Sometimes, you may just want to share a notable choice or your list of favorites.

Let's say I've been messing around in the food/beverages category, and I want my Facebook friends to know how much a dislike fruit-flavored beers - so much in fact, that I would go so far as to rate Cream of Wheat over Bud Light Lime. I may deem that a good matchup to share:

Share your Likeapage choice

Or if you want to keep it in the beer realm, perhaps the matchup you'd be more likely to share would be Bud Light vs. Miller Light. You get the idea. Now, consider all of the possibilities. Obama vs. Palin, Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers, Farmville vs. Cityville, Farmville vs. Call of Duty, Pizza Hut vs. Dominos, Doritos vs. Carrots, Stephen King vs. J.K. Rowling, The Beatles vs. Lady Gaga, The Beatles vs. Peanut Butter.

The point is, the possibilities are endless, and it's pretty fun to put into perspective just how much you like certain things. Sometimes the matchups are no-brainers (though that doesn't mean others you share your decisions with will agree. Get ready for some heated debates).

Which would you choose on Likeapage

Matchup on Likepage

Other times, you're going to have to stop and think for a minute: "What do I really like better: Metallica or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?"

Each list of favorites is separated by category, and there is a list of favorites across all categories.

Be warned. Likeapage is pretty addictive. Not only is it fun to just keep going through the matchups, it kind of becomes a quest to build your list to reflect how you actually feel, making it something of a game.

Content Discovery and Adding Relevance to Your Facebook Feed

Each time a matchup is presented, it is also easy to "like" either Facebook Page involved right from Likeapage. So as you come across pages for things that you like, you can easily like them on Facebook and add their content to your actual Facebook news feed. That means adding more relevant content to your everyday Facebook experience based on things you really do like, even if it hadn't previously occurred to you to "like" them on Facebook. That can benefit you long after you've stopped messing around with LIkepage.

Check it out at There is also a Facebook app for Likeapage, so you can play right from within Facebook itself.

Note: Likeapage was created by the games and apps division of iEntry, which also publishes WebProNews.

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