Like Google’s Doodles? Meet The Team That Makes Them. [Video]

    August 24, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google’s Doodle team recently went to the Computer History museum, and participated in a lengthy discussion about the art and technology behind the beloved takes on Google’s logo.

The museum has posted the full length session on YouTube, so if you have about an hour and a half to kill, check out what they have to say:

  • http://google fredrick king

    Great to know the people who do this work

  • http://www.discoverlebanon.com William MATAR

    Love you Google!!

  • http://www.hezbollahghanoon.com mohammad

    Content was very interesting

  • http://www.sharanyan.com Sharanyan

    It’s really nice to see the Doodle team here with others.

  • Trish

    Love the doodles, but the guy who wrote the article about the Star Trek doodle has never seen the original Star Trek series. He listed the E character who is clearly Scotty, the beloved Chief Engineer, as an “unkown ensign”.

    I realize the engineers get a regular ribbing on Big Bang Theory, but please issue a correction. Give this wonderful character actor and the field of science he represented so well a break. He inspired so many of the scientists and engineers who designed all the hardware you use today, he deserves his place on the bridge of the Google Doodle.