Liam Hemsworth Can't Forget About Miley Cyrus


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Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus seemed to be the perfect couple. That is, until Miley started to spiral out of control and began twerking on everyone and putting her tongue on everything.

After a few of Miley's crazy antics, Liam decided that he just couldn't deal with it and the two parted ways.

The breakup was a public one but was not particularly nasty and it was easy to see that the two stars had just realized that they were too different to stay together.

Liam claims that they are still great friends and that their relationship was something that he enjoyed. He said that there was instant chemistry between the two and that they still have a close connection even though they are no longer romantically involved.

Liam was recently overheard talking about Miley and his relationship with her while at dinner with some of his friends.

A source that overheard the conversation said, “Liam kept raving about how amazing she was, how much they clicked and understood everything about each other. He also said they bought a lot of furniture but he had to leave it behind when they broke up and he got his new place, which was furnished.”

Liam and Miley were engaged and living together in an apartment before they broke up. While they hadn't started planning a wedding, it was clear that the couple had planned to be together for a long time.

When they did break up, many of their close friends were not surprised and said that they did not expect the couple to ever really get married or to stay together for long.

While Liam may have thought his relationship with Miley was perfect, those on the outside looking in could tell that it was headed for disaster long before the break up.

Both Miley and Liam have since moved on and Miley hasn't said much about Liam or the breakup. It is not clear if she feels the same way about the relationship as Liam, but she doesn't seem to be regretful of her time with him.

What did you think of Liam and Miley as a couple?

Image via Wikimedia Commons