Lex Luthor to be Played by Bryan Cranston

    August 27, 2013
    Allie Herald
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Rumors have recently been spilled suggesting that Bryan Cranston will star in the ‘Man of Steel’ movie sequel, coming out soon. He will play Lex Luthor, Superman’s supervillain. There has been a lot of discussion saying that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the new movie and Henry Cavill will return to play Superman.

The movie is a sequel to the first Superman movie. It has been reported that the film will be titled ‘Batman vs. Superman’. Comic Book News said that Bryan Cranston will not only play Lex Luthor in ‘Batman vs. Superman’, but he will also star in at least six different Justice League related movies for the DC Comics franchise.

Cranston currently plays Walter White in the AMC drama series, Breaking Bad. He is the star of the show. The drama revolves around a chemistry teacher who turned into a meth chemist. The fifth and final season of the show is currently taking place.

When the end of series finale takes place at the end of September, it is scheduled that the announcement will then be made by Comic Book News as to wither or not Bryan Cranston will play the role of Lex Luthor in the new Superman movie. He played a very intense character on the show and his experience makes him a great candidate to be apart of the new movie.

The Breaking Bad star has also acted in the movies ‘Argo’ and ‘Drive’, which Ben Affleck had major roles in as well. If they are reunited in the filming of this movie, they will not let us down.

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  • correction

    Walter White was a chemistry teacher turned meth chemist, not dealer. He had people for that.

  • Rick Hunter

    Even this announcement can’t get me over the fact that they’re choosing Ben “F***ing” Affleck to be the new Batman. This movie is already trash. Who are they going to cast as Wonder Woman, Lindsay Lohan? What a joke this has turned out to be.

  • Bernard

    Rick ur stupid you know your dumb ass is still bout to watch this shit when everybody says its awsome

  • RJ McBride

    Wow, it’s just a movie dude. Get a life and keep calm.

  • erik

    Ben Affleck as Batman, and Malcom;s dad a lex luthor, brian is a good actor but an old lex luthor? might as well have his hideout in a nursing home, this movie is gonna suck.

    • aj-15

      dude… have you not seen Breaking Bad?

  • Dan Johnson

    idk why everyone is freaking out about Ben Affleck playing Batman. His last few movies have been awesome. He has changed a lot since daredevil. and im sure snyder and nolan picked him for a reason

    • Alex

      I have seen Affleck’s Dare Devil quite a few times, and even own a copy on standard dvd, And do NOT agree with the ultra-negative buzz from certain individuals in regards to it. I reckon that I shall NEVER be a follower of trends and all other assorted rubbish!