LeAnn Rimes’ First Husband Talks Affair

    October 11, 2013
    Shana Norris
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In an interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, LeAnn Rimes’ first husband Dean Sheremet said he learned about the singer’s extramarital affair with actor Eddie Cibrian in 2009 when she called to tell Sheremet that US Weekly “may or may not have a picture of me and Eddie kissing.”

At the time Rimes, who married Sheremet in 2002, and Cibrian were costarring in Northern Lights, a Lifetime movie based on a novel by Nora Roberts. Cibrian was married to television personality and former model Brandi Glanville.

Rimes and Cibrian subsequently divorced their respective spouses and were married in April of 2011.

Sheremet, who remarried shortly after Rimes tied the knot with Cibrian, claims to have no hard feelings toward his ex-wife: “I have no animosity toward her. I have nothing but love for her, and I really wish her the best. But we don’t really talk that much. There’s not really a need to. I don’t really know what we would talk about.”

In fact, he appears to have turned lemons into lemonade. When Sheremet and Rimes met, he was her back-up dancer and he served as her manager during their marriage. But now he’s a chef and food blogger, and he said of his experience with Rimes: “it’s the reason that I get to do awesome cooking segments. Whatever it is that gets me in the door is fine.”

Unfortunately, Glanville doesn’t have the same sanguine feelings toward her ex and his new wife. She has engaged Rimes in highly publicized Twitter feuds, and continues to rant about Rimes and her relationship with Cibrian and Glanville’s sons Mason and Jake.

Rimes, who is known to be an avid Twitter user, posted the following update on Friday morning, which some believe alludes to Sheremet’s Access Hollywood interview:

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  • dee

    LeAnn needs to just shut up! She seems to be her own worst enemy! Ever heard of Silence is Golden? #Karma#Boomerang

  • Lauren Kaminski

    I don’t mind him but LeAnn Rimes & Dean I hate!

  • Lauren Kaminski

    I don’t mind him but LeAnn Rimes & Dean I hate!

  • Sick N Tired

    LeAnn is not over it because she keeps trying to rub her ex and her husband’s ex nose in it. She has bragged about it too many times without remorse. LeAnn is the one who had to go to rehab due to abuse of booze and drugs and was so high at some her appearances that she was a total embarrassment to herself. Guilty conscious?? Brandi looks a lot better than LeAnn ever will look, and I don’t blame Brandi for not wanting that laxative abusing drunk around her kids.

    • http://none Innerstrength

      LeAnn is a has-been, IMO. For a celebrity, what has she done lately? I love country music, but didn’t care for her when she did have a few “popular” songs. Her “tweets” are even childish. She is just as guilty as her beau Eddie as far as the cheating is concerned – regardless if she admitted it or not. What goes-around-comes-around LeAnn, AND Eddie.

  • Randy

    Give me a break! Sin in Hollywood really? The only reason this is still an issue is because LeAnn Rimes has admitted her guilt. I admire LeAnn for admitting her responsibility. We are sorry for your suffering, but it is time to get over it Glanville.

    • Kcee

      No kidding. The act of being the martyr is over when you constantly fuel the flames to keep you relevant so you can stay on a reality show. If he had left her for some unknown, we wouldn’t know who that piece of trash is and she certainly wouldn’t appear on a show of any kind.

  • k

    The day that affairs are considered no big deal is a sad day; with STD’s out there-it’s serious. In my opinion, for her to leave Sheremet for squinty eyed Cibrian (kind of similar her in the face which is a little scary). She was better off with Sheremet. Notice how her Cibrian haven’t had any kids yet and you always see pictures of them like in Mexico. Life’s a beach until she shows some wrinkles and Cibrian drops her when she can’t help his career anymore.

  • http://yahoo liz nordlund

    The saddest thing is the children and poor Brandi who has to watch Leann rub it in her face that she is with her sons and ex husband. At this point, who cares about Eddie, the cheating liar. She’s better off without him but to lose any time with her babies to that woman? Tragedy.

  • http://yahoo Shane Allen

    Why would a man give up a ten for a two?

    • Kcee

      It doesn’t matter how hot a woman is. There is always some guy that is tired of her $hit!

  • Lori

    Leanne Rimes is a whore.Not cool of her to use the kids to antagonize Eddies ex.

  • http://none Innerstrength

    Best of luck with your marriage, Sherri. Try to keep Bill on a very short leash, GPS his every move, entertain his friends and family – even if you hate them, cook him gourmet meals while he sits and relaxes with a beer or two, keep his house spotless, engage in his every whim, wash and wax his truck weekly, do ALL of the yard work, take out the trash, zip your lip and keep it “spicy” in the bedroom when the mood strikes HIM, and I’m sure his cheating ways may cease. signed, Bill

    • Karma

      Seriously…you’re hilarious! What a joke.

  • Susie

    How do any of us know what Dean Sheremet and Brandi Glanville were like to live with? Dean and Brandi are playing the injured parties but it takes two people to make a marriage and two people to destroy it. Since no one but the four people involved know the intimate details, live and let live and, for God’s sake, everyone just move on!

  • elise

    why would you marry a cheater? you better think twice about that!

  • Jeanne

    Why is everyone still talking about this? I don’t condone cheating, but obviously it wasn’t just an “affair”. They are married now and obviously happy. What about Angelina and Brad? Angelina did the same thing as LeAnne and yet she’s not being skewered at every turn.

  • chelsea

    ENOUGH ALREADY! This is the land of celebrity! But, guess what? It happens daily among the mundane, as well. GIVE IT THE HELL UP!!!!!
    It is nobody’s business. You’re a write??? then write what is important.

  • http://yahoo SuperX

    Actually – Except for the truck … that’s pretty accurate.

  • Secretative Female

    Who care about this crap. Sick and tired of mess. Brandi needs to move on with her life.