Lea Michele Talks Cory Monteith One Year Later

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Lea Michele is remembering Cory Monteith today--the one-year anniversary of her boyfriend and former Glee costar's untimely death. Monteith died from a heroin overdose in a Vancouver hotel room last July. The two had been dating for more than a year. Even though the actress and singer has started to move on, she will forever hold dear her treasured memories of time spent with Cory Monteith.

Lea and Cory starred opposite each other on Glee--she in her role as Rachel Berry and Cory as Finn Hudson--and were at one point a romantic couple on the show as well as in person.

Earlier on Sunday Lea Michele posted a touching tribute to Cory Monteith in the form of a tweet. It includes a photo of the young actor with a backdrop of a beautiful beach sunset.

Lea's message was retweeted by former Glee costar Chris Colfer and thousands of followers and fans.

Several other Glee cast members also tweeted their tributes to Cory Monteith on Sunday.

Matthew Morrison had the following to say.

Dot-Marie Jones posted two tweets.

Amber Patrice Riley shared the following message.

Jenna Ushkowitz posted a photo on Instagram in memory of Cory. Her caption reads, "365 days since you've gone and not a day passes we don't remember your smiling face. We miss you buddy. Thanks to everyone for your love and support today while we remember our quarterback."

Among the more poignant messages--sent via Twitter--came from Glee's creator Ryan Murphy. Simple and understated, it spoke volumes.

While Cory Monteith's family members and Lea Michele are no doubt feeling a much deeper level of grief over his passing a year ago, it's plain to see that his costars are still feeling his loss, too. Perhaps after this first year of mourning many will find some closure in the aftermath of Cory's tragic passing.

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