Lauryn Hill’s Ex To Marry Supermodel: Twitter Reacts

    May 16, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Songstress Lauryn Hill (formerly of The Fugees) has had a rough road when it comes to relationships, and because of her celebrity status they always seem to get blown up to become very public, despite her best efforts to keep her private life just that.

Her ex-boyfriend and father of her five children, Rohan Marley–son of Bob Marley–is about to marry Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana, and the news is spreading like wildfire. It’s reported that Marley will marry Fontana in Ethiopia.

Hill and Rohan certainly had their share of ups and downs over the course of their courtship; in 2002 she recorded an “Unplugged” version of several of her songs for MTV and had an infamous breakdown during the set, in which tears streamed down her face as she sang “I Gotta Find Peace Of Mind”. The lyrics seem to say a lot about the singer’s thought processes.

My personal favorite Hill song:

Her fans had a lot to say about the news of Marley’s upcoming nuptials on Twitter.

Man poor Lauryn Hill she gave us the Miseducation, went through personal heartbreak,& now he is marrying another woman! (Ex-Factor playing)
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Rohan Marley is the reason Lauryn Hill aint been able to sing a song without crying since 1999.
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Lauryn Hill put her career on hold for 14yrs & had 5 kids by Rohan Marley..He just got engaged to someone he met less than year ago.
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It could all be so simple, but you’d rather make it hard!! Loving you is like a battle, & we both end up with scars!!! -lauryn Hill
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I’m gonna buy Lauryn Hill the finest box of Bic pens so she can channel that anger into an album
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  • Awake

    I have learned that if we stay out of the bedroom it is much easier to walk away when it isn’t right. That’s God’s plan and it works.

    • Whatever

      So if she didn’t have sex with him ever over the course of 14 years, then this would have been easier for her. If that’s “god’s plan” then that isn’t very realistic.

      • san

        No awake is right. Sex connects you on a sprital and emotional level. And if it doesnt than something is wrong. If she hadnt have had sex she probably would have left him a long time ago. After a few emotionall abusive encounters with my ex, I slowed down our sexual encounters. After a while I could clearly make the decision to leave. Sex is a bond. If it isnt consider yourself cold.

        • http://x.com Troll

          Oh snap then I better close that window then.

        • marcia


      • Thai

        No…I she would have stayed out of the bed with him, she would have allowed (not very long) the person to show his true self (which I beleived he did). Therefore, if she would have had to walk away, it would have been easy. She got into bed with him and when the real him showed up; she was too in love (lust) to walk away and stayed longer and gave more then she should have given in this relationship.

      • Response_to_whatever

        Actually you clearly haven’t understood Gods plan and your response is a worldly one. Commandment 7 is the relevant one here!

    • Here and There

      God knows we’re human beings and we go to the bedroom. For all you know, He plans for two human beings to go to bed for a reason, whether it’s for a lesson or not.

      • Anonymous

        Only ( emphasis ononly) for married people.
        God clearly states his stance against fornication and adultery.
        He knows everything and knows what’s best for all.

        • A_King_and_a_Priest

          You hit the nail on the head. It is clear in the Bible. Once a man and a woman “get it on” they are spiritually connected and spiritually married just like Adam and Eve. They form a soul tie! They become one flesh and their good & bad spirits mix & transfer. Why do you think when you split from a relationship you forever feel connected to your ex? Gods plan is for them to remain together. When one of them goes else where that is breaking Gods law! Then more spiritual transfer & contamination takes place. This not only brings great pain & suffering to individual(s), but also brings great loss to the innocent children. It impacts a whole generation. That is no structure to raise a family let alone 5 kids!

    • marcia


  • http://yahoo kristy

    Well thats what you get when you are stupid….

  • http://google Cecelia

    Lauren darling wake up we know it hurts like hell but you need to pray and put your trust in jah and you’ll see everything’s gonna be alright.Love always and we miss your sweet voice.

  • bria

    When she got with him he was in a relationship with a woman,not sure if they were married but he was definitely in relationship with another woman when he and Lauryn got together. Bottom line she should have made sure he was over & done with that situation before she jumped in head first the way she did. Had all those kids without the benefit of marriage is rediculous & foolish for any woman do. Hopefully they will be civil for the sake of the children. What goes around comes around, words to live by.

  • jhk0704

    If you wanted him to stay around Lauren then maybe you should not have become pregnant by another man….Just a though

    • jennifer

      Okay, for one, marriage is easy to break now a days, and it wouldn’t have mattered. You dont have to sex with someone to fall in love. Yes, worrisome for the children, but stupid bible thumpers need to wake up and smell the reality. Science has proven chemistry and bond and connection start before sex. That is how people decide they are in love and form the relationship that eventually leads to marriage. Marriage is a sheet of paper which entitles the man to tax breaks…..Logically it means nothing else. If you are married… you decided to get the extra money. If you believe you are spiritually bonded with someone, it does not mean you need to go say a bunch of words in a building, get a pretty diamond ring, wear the big poofy dress, and put up with annoying relatives! Get a GRIP PEOPLE!!!

  • freda mack

    man, i would have stopped at my first child with this ‘don’t wanna commit’fool! sometimes you just have to step back, and ask yourself – ok, what is going on here? either you want to be with me – marriage and all – or not, so which is it? so til you find yourself and i and your child in your life – not just now or two years from now – then you ‘betta-put-a-ring-on!’ nuff said.

  • http://twitter Darlene Fant

    Everyone talking junk must have never made a mistake or never did anything foolish in the name of love. We cant help who we fall in love with. As for the children they are well taken care of and beautiful. Lauryn Hill will be fine. She has a great support system and many who love her. Pray for her because in this life we will all have troubles. One day it will be your turn. Watch what you say God hears!!!

    • lovelygena

      I couldn’t have said it better!!!

  • Jack dawson

    god isnt real.

    • kathy ballentine

      If you think God is not real I feel so sorry for you

    • marcia


      • jennifer

        I feel sorry for you believing in imaginary ghosts and spending your day off in a building full of sweaty stinky people, who usually are terrible singers, have bad attitudes in general anyway, and judge others based on personal beliefs!!! RIDICULOUS. Grow up, I stopped believing in imaginary friends years ago….. science has provided us with enough education you should go to school.

  • Carlton

    Im a novice at this but I have never seen any other performance that made the music so powerfully personal and emotional such as this. She took it all off and at the end she was just there naked with her emotions.

  • M. Cain

    Why is she crying? She had another man’s baby.

    • Kayla

      If he would have married her before or after child one then should would have never had a child by someone else. It’s natural to want to be loved…she just chose a not so great person. Hopefully she can rise up and be restored.

  • Lily

    Rohan Marley is a known ass that only lives off his daddy’s name.

  • Lele

    Well as we all know by the current divorce rates that marriage does not mean a lifetime unfortunatley. The answer to this is to never give “more” of yourself to anybody else. Love yourself first and let a man compliment you. It’s ok to love someone it just feels good when someone loves you back. If they dont at least you love yourself first. Oh judge not for ye will be judged. Peace.

  • http://webpronews soozy

    Funny you all got so much t’ings to seh…marriage is just a thing to hold people in bondage, she doesn’t need marriage…she is blessed with five kids, who will always love her and will take care of her, in her old age…there is nothing like your own children, especially when you can afford to have them live comfortably..we ALL miss her soulful, passionate voice and talent, but she’ll be back..love AND happiness, sadness and rage, all make an artist make beautiful music..we don’t know wha’ ‘appen in their lives, but she will bounce back, and she will continue to be a beautiful performer..as for him, he can gwan with his life, he has no talent and he’s allowed to have his life, the way him want, also…

    • lisa

      Best comment made
      Thanks Soozy

  • Gods_whurds

    Have you seen the girl he’s about to marry? Shes so fine! worth leaving stubborn L. Hill and the 5 rugrats. Happily ever after for him is leaving the Devil and the 5 minions in the review mirror, shot them a grand every month and make love to your sweet childless non racist way better built new wife. that’s not me.. thats Gods whurds.. World peace and God bless yall :)

    • lexxy

      How would you know if the model is racist or not? Do you know her personally? And why would you say that are you implying that Lauren is? Why because she embraces her beauty and dosent fry her hair and bleach her skin. You must fear that. SHE DOSENT CARE TO APPEAL TO A EUROCENTRIC IDEA OF BEAUTY. As for the modl shes just skinny and pale not a real beauty. Kim K and J-Lo look better.

    • Leah

      Rohans fiancee actually has two children by two different men. Look it up!

      • jennifer

        I am sorry, but Kim Kardashian is nothing compared to real people, she is a leach on society and furthermore,her personality makes her ugly….. and have you seen the caboose she carts around? please, a fat guy would look the same in a skin tight dress wearing a gurtle. LOL

  • Ed

    Why would ANY woman who knows the views of Rastafarian men toward women marry one??? Especially when, like Ms. Hill, they deeply need and desire EXCLUSIVE & MONOGAMOUS relationships???

  • Baia2012

    Poor Lauryn Hill but really she should have taken her own advice that she wrote in “That Thing”. She had a hot career and could have had more hits but all these years she had to deal with him. I say don’t have sex before marriage. The guy will never marry you. And definitely don’t have children because then you just gave him everything he wanted without having to make the commitment of marriage. I hope she makes better choices and has better luck in her next relationship.

  • IC

    I went to highschool with that D-bag, he was one then and he is still one now.

  • Faith

    Has Lauryn commented about anything? For all we know Lauryn might not even be thinking about Rohan. “She used to love him, but now she don’t”, hopefully…..



    • Rosalyn

      Robin that is very hurtful. What do you mean the Black woman is not worth the ring anymore? Just because those celebrities you mentioned are not with Black women does not mean that Black women are not worth marrying.

    • Jerry K

      The whole world started with one man and one woman so your issue of black and white is foolish and racist! Love has no color.

    • cee


  • cee

    She has lost her mind…What do you expect….Bob Marley’s son..Duh..Love my Jamaican Men…But they LOVE WOMEN…SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN HIM TO MARRY YA…SORRY LAUREN…GET IT TOGETHER AND KEEP IT MOVING…FIND GOD…HE WILL SHOW YOU THE WAY BACK TO YOU!!!!!!

  • Kim

    Why do people keep saying poor Lauryn Hill??? She knew how Rohan was before she started spittin out all these babies, but decided to invest in him anyway. Women always think if they keep having babies to keep the man but as you can see it ALWAYS backfires BIGTIME! When anybody holds their significant other higher than GOD they outcome is usually not good. I keep hearing she is on suicide watch and if she is then she is one selfish mofo, because now kids are into this equation.

    • jennifer

      Every man loves women. The white boy next to you in the theatre loves women too. Its a choice they make and usually its a bad one. Doesn’t matter the race. People say oh, its culture. .. its the same on both ends seen it a million times. Never trust a penis… married or not! They still screw it up. All you can do is hope, spend their money, and have a back up!

    • Ann

      I agree to a point. She made a very big mistake having all those kids from him,now she will struggle to raise them.He had no intentions on marrying her. Lots of prayers to you lauryn be strong!

  • Niecy

    What do you expect from Bob Marley’s son for what I know that his not Rita Marley’s son and the turn your lights down low song was for Damian’s mother (who wasnt his wife). It is wrong that he left Lauren with five children but she had a baby by another man so she shouldn’t be stressing over him but it would be wrong if he abandon his children for this woman and her children

  • http://yahoo Denise Harris

    any time a man and a woman have sex, they are bonded, if she never had sex with him, this would of never happened. she would of left him along time ago after the abuse. it would of been alot easier, it is best to go God’s way and you wont have a problem when your season is over with that person. Most people dont read the Bible and that causes confusion for them. most people find a reason to get into bed and put God in their mess, they dont have a personal relationship with the Lord. READ you BIBLE and stay out the bed until marriage.

  • http://Yahoo.com Tracy

    Congrats!!! ”
    Always believe in Love”

    • jennifer

      SO men and women do not fall in love or have a bond, or relationship or committment before marriage. WOW ! I am so glad you bible thumpers clarified that for me. Because I can leave my fiance now with no pain whatsoever and no feelings… so much better. WHERE IS YOUR COMMON SENSE?????? Married or not, this would still have happened, and you can bet your sweet bible ass, he will do it to this lady too!!! MARRIED OR NOT!! I know… its has happened to plenty of bible thumping idiots I know. LOL

  • Christine Harrison

    After reading all of the comments, I must admit the beauty of this lesson was found in the many who commented about waiting until you are married before having sex and children.

    I applaud those who have taken that advice and encourage those to incorporate it into their respective lives. As one who knows first hand the ‘backfire’ of not waiting…its refreshing to see the difference of doing it God’s way and the awesome reward He gave as a result – a wonderful husband that loves the Lord as much as I do. That is my prayer not only for Lauren but the many (both men and women) who desire real love…delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart! (Psalm 37:4)

  • sweet shawn

    I am a HUGE fan of lauryn hill, everybody keep talking about how she had another man baby,they could been broken up for years nobody knows what problems they had, but what I have seen and heard on UNPLUGGED is the pain in her voice those tears weren’t for show, I felt and the people felt that pain and I pray that things get better for them both

  • LaLa

    Isabeli Fontana ugly as hell she is deff no Adriana Lima or Lais Riberio.

  • Mary

    It seems she has been having mental problems for a long, long time. Everybody knows how a rastaman is going to be about women, she knew it too. None of us knows what Rohan has gone through with her! And she had a baby by another man, so she couldn’t have been into him that much! Good luck to Rohan and his fiance.

  • dpique

    NO OFFENSE TO LAURYN HILL,,,,I think she was having such a hard struggle because he is not very attractive to begin with (even when he was younger (just ugly and nasty) he’s a bloddclot that got past the uterus, and he could not offer you anything. He probably did nothing but fill her with negative energy because he himself was a very negative empty individual yes the son of Bob Marley that lived off his fathers fame….I hope now Lauryn Hill can move past this easy with comfort and recognize the ways of the devil (he is not always white, as some of us like to think) Give praises to the Most High for your beautiful family get counseling and get back to healing….

  • dpique

    NO OFFENSE TO LAURYN HILL,,,,I think she was having such a hard struggle because he is not very attractive to begin with (even when he was younger (just ugly and nasty) he’s a bloddclot that got past the uterus, and he could not offer you anything. He probably did nothing but fill her with negative energy because he himself was a very negative empty individual yes the son of Bob Marley that lived off his fathers fame….I hope now Lauryn Hill can move past this easy with comfort and recognize the ways of the devil (he is not always white, as some of us like to think) Give praises to the Most High for your beautiful family get counseling and get back to healing….

  • Cheri

    We could ALL make better choices…But Lauryn is a true talent with a soulful spirit, she can and will continue to love and care for her children, while ANOTHER idiot black man runs away from the responsibility. SO WHAT if the chick is some model? OBVIOUSLY she has issues too if shes twice divorced with 2 babies and 2 daddys, and now she is about to marry a LOSER who is walking away from 5 kids.guess she will pop out a few more before she gets rid of him also…WOW! neither sounds like marriage material,sounds like they deserve each other,it wont last anyway. Everyone is blaming Lauryn, why did HE stick around to father 5 kids leading her on if he didnt want to be there? Just another case of a trifling black man looking for a free ride/gravytrain, and now has found someone more gullible to believe his lies…He’s about to be husband AND baby daddy number 3, yet they both beaming like they won the lotto….IDIOTS! Lauryn has the talent, the love of her children,and the means to take care of them all on her own, she will be just FINE!