Laura Bush: Gay Marriage Ad Must Drop Her Image

    February 22, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Earlier this week, the Respect for Marriage coalition, a pro-gay-marriage partnership between dozens of organizations (such as the AFL-CIO and the ACLU) committed to ending the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), released a short ad titled “Leadership.” The ad featured heavy american symbolism, such as the multiple U.S. flags and a family picnic. The ad also featured quotes that seem to support gay marriage from political figures such as former U.S. General Colin Powell, former Vice President Dick Cheney, President Obama, and former First Lady Laura Bush.

Though all of the clips shown in the ad are from public appearances, it seems that not everyone is happy having their words used to promote marriage equality.

Laura Bush has requested that the organization remove her image and words from the ad. The Dallas Morning News has quoted a Bush family spokesperson as saying that Bush “did not approve of her inclusion in this advertisement.”

The coalition has responded quickly to Bush’s request, and issued a statement to Politico stating their disappointment that she did not want her words in the ad. The organization has instead released a new ad that depicts a former Marine Corporal and his wife speaking about their support for gay marriage, and how their thoughts were shaped by learning the Marine’s brother is gay.

  • Larry

    Respect for Marriage coalition, too bad they don’t have respect for Laura Bushs rights. Why is it that ONLY the Queers have rights? Rights are for everyone not just Queers.

    • sid cooper

      Laura bush was removed from the campaign ad. How were her rights not respected and why are you so full of hate?

  • Jon

    It doesn’t matter how many “high ranking” officials support Gay marriage, according to “God’s Word”, it’s a sin. What is happening to America? America was built on “In God We Trust”. It will always be a sin before God! Ali! Jehovah!etc. “Choose You This Day Who You Will Serve.” Eternal Life is Real! Heaven and Hell are real!God is real.

    • sid cooper

      You seriously need to read up on your american history. Heres a fun challenge, in what year did “in god we trust” appear on ANYTHING?

  • Bobby

    God is love, and if two men or two women are in love, so be it. If you have a problem with it, that just means your life is that meaningless that you have to worry about other people to have something to do. Public opinion is changing rapidly on the issue, just as it did in the late 60’s on interracial marriage. Laura Bush asked to be removed, and was. Case closed.

  • Ron71

    I think they should be allowed to be married.I am not a homophobe.