Las Vegas Hotels Last Minute? They Got That.

    December 29, 2013
    Aleyia Dixon
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You’re just deciding, right now, to go to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve! So what. You can do it.

Las Vegas is very familiar with spur of the moment decisions that Must Be Done (i.e. shotgun weddings), and it doesn’t disappoint for New Year’s Eve. If you want to party with Las Vegas, It Shall Be Done. Here are the hotels offering rooms for under $200 right near The Las Vegas Strip. (The Strip has most of the hotels, clubs and casinos in Las Vegas)

As this is being written, here are the prices of a few good average, 2-star hotels that will serve the purpose. Give it a shot–you might not remember most of your stay anyway, so how bad could it be?

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
The well-known hotel chain likely boasts the best prices for the price, and the best reviews too. The hotel features free WiFi, a gym an airport shuttle and more. See some reviews via Google Hotel Finder:

Arizona Charlie’s Boulder
Arizona Charlie’s Boulder is a hotel, casino and RV Park and promises to be “one of the city’s best values.” The place also features restaurants by the names of Yukon Grille steakhouse, Wild West Buffet and Sourdough Cafe. The casino also features live acts, and the hotel features important amenities such as a bar, room service, airport shuttle an outdoor pool and more. Check out the reviews here:

Blair House Suites
Here’s the warning: This is a pretty cheap hotel. Blair House Suites has also made it on the BedBug Reports website. If you’re willing to rough it for the sake of the bright Vegas lights, make sure you bring bug spray (and a lot of whiskey). On a better note, there is free WiFi, a business center and laundry room and more. Some Reviews:

This choice is yours! Make sure you have a happy New Year’s Eve!

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    Booking last minute for Vegas is the way to go!!!

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