Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson to Ring in 2014

    December 24, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kristen Stewart and her Twilight costar and former flame Robert Pattinson will reportedly ring in the New Year together. The two will likely spend the holiday on the Isle of Wight. Plans to spend Christmas together didn’t pan out. Rob is in London with his family, and they don’t take kindly to Kristen Stewart since her dalliances with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders more than a year ago. Her fling with Sanders is the reason she and Robert Pattinson split up.

“Kristen has decided that she won’t spend Christmas with Rob in London because she knows he will be with his family and she doesn’t feel welcome by them, even though Rob invited her. If she goes to visit Rob in England, it will be after Christmas,” a source claims. “She really wants to go to the Isle of Wight with Rob, and it’s a possibility they may celebrate the new year there, like they have in the past. This is how she wants to bring in the new year – in a pub, drinking beers, laughing, listening to music with Rob.”

Rob and Kristen have been seeing each other off and on for a couple of months. Every time the two meet, the media notes a new bounce in Kristen’s step and a smile on her otherwise serious face. Twilight fans–known as Twihards–would love to see the two back together permanently. They no doubt dream of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan (their Twilight personas) one day finding their happily ever after.

Kristen Stewart has been busy working on an indie film called Anesthesia. She recently wrapped filming two additional movies–Camp X-Ray and Sils Maria.

Robert Pattinson will begin filming Queen of the Desert just after the New Year. He recently wrapped filming Maps to the Stars and The Rover. He and Kristen Stewart starred in every one of the Twilight Saga films.

It will definitely be interesting to learn if Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson ring in the New Year together on the Isle of Wight. The two are one of the most rumor-riddled not-quite-a-couple couples around. When the paparazzi get an inch on one of them, they take at least ten miles.

Twihards will be eagerly awaiting word on their beloved Edward and Bella. Hopefully the news will be good!

Image via Wikimedia

  • Karen

    PLEASE, Mr and Mrs Pattinson!

    Give the poor girl a BREAK. I mean, look at how young they both were when they started these movies in the first place.

    I don’t care WHAT she did. Look at their faces and body language whenever the two are together. You can’t hide true love like that. You just can’t.

    • @Karen

      True love doesn’t cheat on another person. At what point in life do you say to yourself, I really love that man but I am going to cheat on him? When you love someone, you look at them and you can’t possibly ever think about hurting that person in any way because you love them.

      At the end of the day though, who cares. All of Hollywood is BS. Always has been and always will be.

      • Cat Woman

        I guess you’ve never made a mistake in your entire life. Well lady, get over yourself and your more holy than righteous BS. These two young people ARE IN LOVE, and if you cannot see that, then you’ve never been in a loving relationship. Sounds like somebody cheated on you and now you’re bitter. Merry Christmas anyway….hope you can find it in your heart to forgive for the season.

        • Tony

          looks like cat woman brought out her claws on this one 😀

        • Empowerat63

          Catwoman, pray you never see the day that someone you love and thought they loved you the same way cheats on you. @karen is right! If you truly loves someone will not cheat on them! My Ex-husband did 38 years ago. No, I was not happy about it but I had 3 little boys to raise and one of them born with major disability and I had to focus on them (cheated while I was pregnant. Society has become too lapse in their moral! My lawyer wanted me to get a separation but I told him,”I didn’t want Nobody who didn’t me”. 38 years later found a wonder man who has the morals same as me.

    • Anne

      Eh, put yourself in his parent’s shoes for a moment. Sure, your son is an adult and sure, he seems to still be pulled into her gravity, but she hurt him…so while you can possibly forgive that, you surely would NOT want to spend a family holiday with the bitch that broke your son’s heart. As a parent, I surely would not. It is going to take time, so why not give Mr. & Mrs. Pattinson a break here and if it is meant to be, then they will find a way to get past their sons hurt and humiliation at the hands of Kristen Stewart. True love, however, doesn’t cheat. No matter how you paint it.

      • Karen

        Rob’s a big boy. He’s an adult. If his parents can’t respect HIS wishes, they are the ones who will pay in the end. My in-laws were constantly telling my husband to stay away from me. I’m not the one who cheated, but my husband got so tired of defending me to them he left THEM.

        They lost their son because of how they continued to treat me.

      • Big Chris

        True love shouldn’t cheat. But we are all human, and temptation happens. What she did was wrong, regardless of age, but she also has realized maybe that he really is who she wants and should be with for life. On the flip side, yes he’s been hurt by her, but some people are able to get past a transgression like that and find it in their heart to forgive. He may never forget though…so that’s something they’d have to work on together for life. My mom hated my wife when I was first dating her, but she knows my wife makes me happy and is now happy with her. My wife made some life changes to make it easier on my mom and myself. But if I’d have told you that they’d be this close today 10 years ago, you’d tell me I was nuts. I am not a Stewart fan at all, or Rob for that matter, though I have a friend who is one of her best friends. But let them work on it or not. The future will show us that they made the right decision or not.

      • Twimom and friend

        First of all,people need to quit referring to them longingly as Edward and Bella.They are Rob and Kris and when everyone keeps them in those characters I think people tend to expect them to overcome ANY obstacle.Too much pressure on them to stay the characters everyone has fallen in love w/them as.As for the whole dislike of the parents toward Kris.My parents told me before I married. If you and your husband argue,don’t go running to (us)about it because if it’s something bad,YOU may forgive but WE may not or as easily.This situation,of course,was different as it was high-profile.Richard and Claire are going to be upset as was just written because their son did get hurt badly.That’s where it is a private family matter as it would be any of us parents w/our own children.Outside of the family situation,friends were upset,too.As friends and those who care,we can voice opinions to a degree but know that it may not be entirely over no matter how much you wish for it or feel it should be.Not our choice or decision.So,for those of you who are Rob fans,it’s best not to badger Kris to death on a social site(FB) because it hurts him,too.For Rob and Kristen fans,be happy if you feel this is a reconciliation but don’t expect too much too fast or be surprised by any turn of events.Main thing would be to step back and look at them as they are,regardless of celebrity-normal people.They have problems as everyone else.They deserve privacy as we all do.Think of how annoying it can be simply argueing w/your spouse and having your children outside the door,hovering and being nosey!Yep!That’s the paps!I get the whole curiosity thing as a fan but seeing the whole other side of it opens your eyes,trust me!Some paps go way too far where privacy is concerned.So,I think that even with how everybody feels one way or the other,it’s wasted air and time because even close friends can’t make his choices.He’s a big boy and it’s opened his eyes and he’s not going into anything blind.Learning experience for all.

      • rbs

        LOL!well his parents better get over it soon because in a few month those two will become parents themselves and congrats to them..

  • Crystal

    She better not hurt him this time around, the silly Biatch.

    • Cat Woman

      Hey you… You sound like a BIG FAN of Robert BUT remember, he doesn’t even know that you exist BUT he knows that Kristin exists and that he does love her. Get over it already!!!!

      • Hello Kitty

        Well Cat Lady…neither Kristen nor Rob know you either. So who really needs to “get over it”?

  • Bob Palmer

    Run Robert Run

    • Cat Woman

      Yes Robert….run, run, run into the arms of the woman you love. Never mind this guy.

  • Mori

    Once a cheat always a cheat. Of course he’s kind of being stupid by continuing to see her,”on and off”. He deserves what he gets, (hey if he’s going to stick his hand in the fire, he IS going to get burned and it IS going to hurt. I don’ty get it, he is a handsome, talented young man, can’t he find anyone better than this plain, wooden girl.

  • http://Yahoo Randie


  • Karen

    I have been around for a very long time. SO many people do not know the difference between true LOVE and LUST. Kristen was SO young, for God’s sake and has, I’m sure, MANY people around her talking about sex-sex-sex. I imagine in Hollyweird it’s VERY tough to get away from that. Poor kid has no real GUIDANCE in her life.

    She’s quite fortunate to have fallen in love with someone who is forgiving.

    May God be with both of them and the heck with everybody else. I hope they both retire from Hollywood and enjoy the rest of their lives.

    • pamm

      Like you, I’ve been around for a very long time. Body language is everything and I truly believe like you, she was ‘younger’ and just got caught up and that’s that. Kissing is not intercourse…and Hollywood they (the paps) thrive on breaking everyone up there! I swear even though the stars know their life isn’t private those dam paps make everything out of really nothing. Cheating is a very heavy word, sometimes taking a situation out of context…no she shouldn’t of met him, kissed him and all that and i know the trust is hard to rebuild BUT to love someone deeply, you have to learn how to trust again, it was a mistake, thank God, and why is she getting the all dam blame anyway? He WAS a fricken married man for christsakes why is she getting ALL the bad rap? I’m 62 and made my share of mistakes young AND old, but I also have learned to just get over it and sole search my heart. And my family NEVER EVER made my decision (again young AND old) who I could be with. Love is love….

      • Karen

        Hey Pamm,

        I’m just a few years younger than you. Life on the outside
        of Hollywood is tough enough. I can only imagine how much
        tougher it is on these kids growing up in the “business”.

        I’m rooting for these two kids.

        Rob and Kristen…you’ll probably never see this, but I’m praying for the two of you.

  • Yolanda Noyola

    Who hasn’t made a mistake for which you regret and wish you could take back? Stop throwing stones! Let these young people decide for themselves what is best for them. Friends that try to tell you who to love and who not to love are not your friends. I know it is difficult to see your child hurt but that is called life. It would be so nice if all outside influences would stop determining what is best for them. The quesstion is, Do they love each other enough to stay together or not?

  • margie

    he needs to listen to his family…

  • Ladyelf

    All I can say is “You go you two!” I hope they do get back together, there is something magic about them together, like Liz and Richard.

    • Caroline

      Ladyelf, Liz and Richard, married and divorced, remember. Don’t curse these two with that.

  • Bella

    I hope and pray that Rob and Kristin will work through this and if it is meant to be they will have a stronger relationship in the long run! Mistakes do happen and she was young. Everything is blown up when Hollywood Paps are involved. In my heart, I believe they belong together. :)

  • Fred

    All I saw in those pictures was some dry humping. Hardly a reason to end Rupert Sanders marriage or Kristen’s relationship with her boyfriend. If there was something more to it enlighten me. It seemed harmless enough. If your relationship with your partner is so fragile that touching another human being ends it, you are set to fail. I think she is human, like the rest of us.

    • Lynn

      Fred, dry humping is no big deal? How would you feel if you caught your committed girlfriend being dryhumped by another man whom she worked with? Seeing her back her a** into his erection so they could both feel it better??

      Then you saw them move to the front seat of her car, saw her lean against the closed door and splay her legs enough so this other man could maneuver and have his lips and fingers roam more freely?

      No big deal?

      Let’s say they were having this affair and you knew nothing about it. She came home after this tryst, you thinking her mussed hair and flushed face was from the gym workout she had been at before this clandescent meet-up. She greets you with a big kiss and warm hug and asks how your day was. She tells you about her afternoon at the gym. You have dinner together and romantically agree to go to bed early that night…

      Few days later 50+ pictures of her hook-up are plastered everywhere, for you, your friends, your family and for the world to see and endlessly dissect. You look at the pictures and realize those were the same workout clothes, including your hat, that she wore when she returned home, embraced you and lied to you and later shed onto the floor before climbing into bed with you.

      How would you feel? No big deal, huh? Your trust in her fidelity still intact?

  • sheesh

    It was a publicity stunt that went terribly wrong. ((The cheating scandal))Hope theyr fired the publicist!

  • michel

    cheating is par-for-the-course with celebs. i’m pretty sure the all time winner in that category is tiger woods.
    they strike me as good hearted people and need to make a errors in life in order to learn from them.
    the vast majority of the people i grew up with are divorced because relationships are tough to maintain.
    i wish them the best in the new year.

  • Caroline

    Every negative person here has to also remember that these two are not even married. So what cheating was there. She had an affair with a married man, she was young and impressionable. But her and Rob are not married, yet. Just wish them wisdom to get passed the paparazzi.

  • http://yahoo.com Cherry

    they look good together no matter what. and how i really wish they will be together again and until forever. i like them both so much!!

  • Glorimae

    I wish the best for Kristen and Robert, wish them peace, happiness, and love.
    Good luck to the both of them, I am their fan and will always will be.
    I love them both and care what happens to them, I wish/hope they do or are together.
    Call me hopelessly romantic. Because we all have made bad decision/mistakes so don’t be so judgmental of Kristen the girl made a mistake and has paid her price many time over so leave the poor girl alone, please give her a break and leave her in peace let her be happy. Even if that’s means being with Robert then so be it.
    And If Robert does reconciles with Kristen then let be, and that makes him and Kristen happy then let them be happy, just wishing them peace, happiness, and love so I wish the best of luck, love from their fan their true fan love always their fan.